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MIMPI – Mobile interactive multiparametric image

Created by Moscow based duo Stain, MIMPI (mobile interactive multiparametric image) is an experiment combining abstract generative image and simple multiuser interactivity.

Running on vvvv, the installation allows the public to influence the image by tilting a smartphone connected to the local network. Sound created by Lazyfish is also synthesized in real-time and contributes to the form of the graphics. The audience’s interaction creates an environment that is partway between a game, creation, or contemplation, depending on the participants’ mood and actions.

Visually complex image is a metaphor of virtual structures, which one can affect intuitively easy. Participant’s mind is immersed in the process of influence and perception of emotional feedback. Graphic style hints at futurist aesthetics and has a certain irony along with intention to rethink our attitudes to technology.

Stain was exhibited at “The Fifth Dimension: Singularity” exhibition at MARS centre, Moscow in 2015.

Project Page | Stain

→ see also “Parking” (embedded below) – “realtime light installation and video projection in the unified sound environment” – link

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