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Parhelia [vvvv]


Parhelia by Paul Prudence is a real-time A-V performance piece where sample based mechanical sounds are used orchestrate a family of concentric forms in space. The vvvv scenes suggest the workings of a imaginary machine where its component parts, or ‘gears’ interact with one an another triggering corresponding sounds.

Parhelia uses direct translation of sound to visual material via OSC and MIDI data transmission. Sound design and composition is done in Ableton Live which runs along side VVVV. MIDI & OSC data is sent from Ableton Live’s time-line and processed in VVVV to choreograph the animation in real-time. A midi device is used to control aspects and behaviour of each of the forms during a performance ensuring the each performance is unique. A variety of field recordings, including samples of mechanical devices, form the basis of the sound design.

The patching involved is quite large and modular, so it made sense to create a set of subpatches running from the main control patch. Isolating specific tasks as modules allows them to be re-used and scaled accordingly and used in new work. The image shows the main patch and 15 sub-patches that make up Parhelia layered together on a hi-res sheet. Although none of the subpatches are in themselves are very complex – the way they interact and fit together is. Im quite interested in the aesthetics of patch schematics generated by the contraints of visual programming and will write an article on just that sometime soon. (see below)

More stills of the piece can be found here.

Project Page

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Paul Prudence is an artist and real-time visual performer working with generative/computational systems, audio responsive visual feedback and processed video. He is particularly interested in the ways in which sound, space and form can be synthaesthetically amalgamated. He is a writer, researcher and lecturer in the field of visual music, process art, and computational design.

Paulprudence.com – A blog documenting Paul’s personal projects including artworks, performances & lectures.
Transphormetic.com – A portfolio of recent computational artworks.
dataisnature.com – Blog

The 16 patches that make up Parhelia:

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  • Paul great job!! As a Vj I would love to have this patch