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Pow2045 – Generative design meets urban choreography

Created by Berlin based dance media artist Christian Mio Loclair under his new studio Waltz Binaire, Pow2045 is a dance performance that combines generative design with urban choreography, focusing on a personal perspective towards duetts of man and machine.

The project has been premiered at the world famous Bauhaus Dessau and was touring across central america earlier this year. To meet production needs of a touring performance, the team chose VVVV as the programming language that enabled rapid prototyping of visual content, customised to each space where the performance was shown.

For me it was the first time to dance on a stage, which is projected by content i coded. It is a different kind of double pressure. You see your pixels flying by, you literally feel the heat of the gpu and smell upcoming problems in code – while dancing. Hence it is necessary to create a monitor and control environment, which can be controlled and even recovered by an external light technician. VVVV is perfect for this scenario and definitly our way to go for future productions. – Christian Mio Loclair

For Pow2045 the team used 6- 10 cm gauze bandage which is taut from bottom to ground and fixed with tape. The resulting installation is maximal 12m x 6m x 6m, fits in every pocket and costs about 20 Euro per installation. Another economic factor is the build up time, hence the team created an installation with not more then 9 mapped lines of gauze in space. They designed the curve of the mapped lines to melt into the backdrop of the stage and since it was mandatory to create a three dimensional playground with just one projector, the team mapped floor, backdrop and lines with different content all in one field of view.

Tools include VVVV (DX11, Kinect V2 plugin, OSC) and Ableton.

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Choreography and Dance: Raphael Hillebrand and Christian Mio Loclair
Code and Design: Christian Mio Loclair
Music: Johannes Helberger (Kling Klang Klong)
Directing Assistant: Lea Bethke
Costume: Burghard Wildhagen
Technical Direction: Nikola Pieper