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Elliott Kember is a freelance web developer based in Bath, England who builds very exciting and innovative web apps. Most recent works include Hot Potato – quick-fire Twitter fun, Nurph – cranking out some Node.js performance, Simple Auth Twitter – for the coming OAuthpocalypse and CPU Stats for the machines in his new office.

I’ve only come across Elliott’s work few days ago, via the beautiful group task management app called Speckle. Speckle got thumbs up on AppStorm and after trying it for few days, setting up CA tasks, I was very impressed. Now that Sarah is working at CA, having ability to share tasks has become very important. I have tried a number of apps in the past, including Basecamp, Remember the Milk and others but most of them were about spending more time setting up the tasks than actually doing them. Speckle is beautifully simple, appearing almost featureless but once you are in it you realise that all the clever stuff is hidden away making the app feel very intuitive. I can create projects, create lists and tasks to fill them and then split the task into milestones. Moving the tasks around to prioritise is easy with drag and drop and so is inviting another user to your project. I can happily say that for the next few months my “getting things done” setup includes Task Paper for personal and Speckle for group. Projects in Task Paper now include links to group tasks on Speckle so jumping between them is pretty easy. There are many clever little touches in Speckle which alongside, makes Speckle one of my top web-apps.

Other works include Notey – Simple post-it webapp that make perfect start page for your browser,  The Snake Arena – the open-source version of the snake on his page, New Year’s Resolutions – a quick Twitter app, Spunday – fun with CSS3, Filetweet – send files with Twitter, Elliott’s amazing Twitter search thing – find your most common words on Twitter and many more.

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