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Human Interference Project [WebApp]

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Human Interference Project is a tribute to Jean Tinguely’s Métamatics organized by the Métamatic Research Initiative. The team are creating a collection of hand-drawn mathematical figures governed by a simple set of rules. The repetitive and parameter-restricted character of the drawings draws one one much similar to machine production although in this instance is much about emphasising the human creative expression.

A number of artists were invited to produce a drawing which you can now find on the website. Each drawing was produced by following these five rules:
1. Use a white A4 sheet and a ballpoint pen.
2. Draw a closed shape on the paper.
3. Repeat the shape inside the original shape until there is no space left at its centre. Repeat the shape outside the original shape until it touches one side of the paper. Choose the distance so that you can make at least 50 iterations on the paper.
4. Try to repeat each iteration in exactly the same way.
5. Sign the drawing in its upper right corner in landscape format.

Note the beautiful interference patterns created as you move drawings over one another.

The Human Interference Project forms the basis for the new MRI website, online by May 2011 which will be a communal platform for all material around the artistic and academic research into Tinguely’s Métamatics.

Human Interference Project

/via Luis Blackaller’s blacklog who has also contributed to this project.

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