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Street Views Patchwork by Julien Levesque

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Created by Julien Levesque, Street Views Patchwork is a website which combines four embedded Google StreetView scenes from different places together to create a coherent landscape scene. It works like a slideshow, but the collage is quickly broken if you try to use it as you would the Streetview. Images match because the vanishing points, the horizon and camera are always filmed from the same height – moving google vehicle.

STREET VIEWS PATCHWORK looks like a panorama redialed. This mural uses a presentation in bands superimposed on the horizontal, landscape pictures from the famous application Google Street View.Fjords, desert, mountainous valley, steep roads … These landscapes recomposed, or rather “composite”, the freeze for a moment and only Internet pictures taken, for example, in Finland, California, Mexico, Australia in Auvergne or the South of France. Continuously updated on a slideshow mode, these pictures make us travel in an imaginary geography as ephemeral. These “scenery flow”, by sequencing a reality where every animal and human figure is absent, completes dematerialize our world. We are faced with fragmentation by this visualization plural.

Try it full screen here | Julien Levesque

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