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The Sound of eBay [WebApp]



The eBay-Generator is an application that translates data from arbitrary eBay useraccounts into little music pieces. A first prototype – using the South American eBay- clone Mercadolibre – was presented in September 2007. Leading on from this first version comes the new eBay-Generator, which produces “songs” on request which are then published at http://www.Sound-of-eBay.com.

The Sound of eBay generates uniques songs by using user-data. You simply enter any ebay username, add your email address and click generate. The site robots collect all kinds of user data such as bough and sold items, emails and other non-sensitive data to the SC3 Supercollider sound generation engine. The software then starts generating a score file which is then transformed into unique but uniform song and presented on the site and ready for download. The site includes many songs available to listen, packaged in 80’s BBS/Teletext porn site format.

The project has been awarded a Special Mention at this years CREAM, International Festival for Arts and Media, Yokohama, Japan

Try it here Sound-of-eBay.com

The Sound of eBay is an UBERMORGEN.COM project

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