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Qubicle Constructor [Windows]


Qubicle is a standalone Windows software for creating 3D pixel-art. It combines standard 2D image editing tools with a powerfull function-set for editing 3D cube-matrices. We first wrote about it in October last year and have just received an email from the creator, Tim Wesoly, notifying us that Qubicle is now available for download (Public Beta v 9.502)!

What’s included:
Standard Image Editing Tools
The tools used in the Qubicle Constructor are familiar to users of common image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop. The pencil, the eraser, the paintbucket and other well known tools are used to “draw” the model on a 2D canvas or to sculpt it in 3D. It’s easier to learn and use than conventional 3d modelers based on polygonal meshes. And the models you create have a very original look and that retro touch we all love.

Powerfull Function-Sets for Matrix-Editing
In addition to the familiar tools, Qubicle Constructor owns many helpful functions like interpolated scaling, mirroring and texturing.

File exchange with other 3D Applications
Qubicle Constructor can export models as OBJ. OBJ can be imported by most third party 3d applications on the market. It also reads and writes the exchange Format QEF for a seamless transfer of cube models between the Qubicle Constructor and the Qubicle Maya Plugin.

More info + download at

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