Month: November 2014

Resident at Fabrica

Fabrica offers scholarships to young creatives aged 25 or under. Right now, we are particularly looking for residents in interactive fields: web developers, interaction designers, software engineers, creative coders, hardware hackers, and related.

Designer / Art Director at FIELD

FIELD in London are looking for a versatile and flexible team player to work across all ongoing projects with them: from digital audiovisual experiences to dynamic identities, from sculptural art installations to large media walls.

Technology Gets Personal at FITC Wearables

Last week the prolific Toronto-based tech event organizer FITC hosted a daylong summit on wearable technology. With a lineup bookended by ‘the father of wearable computing’ Steve Mann and Social Body Lab founder Kate Hartman, the invited speakers offered a range of opinions on ‘what’s next for wearables?’ for an audience of curious developers.