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483 Lines Second Edition – Kimchi and Chips / ACT Festival 2015

Kimchi and Chips have just released a video of their 483 Lines Second Edition exhibited at the Asian Cultural Centre (ACC) last year and presented during the first edition of ACT Festival curated and co-organised by HOLO/CreativeApplications.Net team.

Two weeks till Gwangju: ACT Festival / November 25-28, South Korea

As the ACT Center in Gwangju, South Korea, and an all-star cast of more than sixty international artists, designers and cultural producers gear up for the inaugural edition of ACT Festival, the details of our four day program have begun to roll out – here are the highlights.

Gray Area Festival – Discussing the Impact of Art and Technology on Culture

In two weeks the inaugural edition of the Gray Area Festival takes place in San Francisco. Fusing a conference, performances, workshops, and an exhibition, the event gathers artists and philanthropists to discuss the impact of art and technology on culture. Several weeks back CAN announced the homeward stretch of Gray Area’s #ReviveTheGrand  fundraising drive, now […]

Fusing Theory and Practice at MUTEK’s Twentieth

HOLO curates a series of critical conversations and hands-on exercises as part of the 20th Edition of MUTEK Monreal, Aug 20-25.

Sensorium Festival 2019: The Augmented Mind and Where to Look For It

From the inventions of computing pioneer Douglas Engelbart to the philosophies of Andy Clark and David Chalmers: curator Philo van Kemenade reveals what inspired the 2019 edition of Bratislava’s Sensorium Festival (June 7-9)

Deep Learning: CAN to co-host Mapping LAB at Mapping Festival 2018

At the upcoming (14th!) edition of Geneva’s Mapping Festival (May 9 – 12), CAN is proud to co-host Mapping LAB – a one-day educational program of 13 workshops run by leading artists, designers, and researchers in our field. Join us!

Interactive Architectural Projection Mapping – Call for Proposals

Quartier des spectacles has posted a call for innovative interactive projection mapping projects and their ponying up up to $10,000 (CAD) funding, expert tutelage to support selected projects’ development, and the opportunity to present finished works near the bustling Saint-Laurent metro station.

Vector Festival 2017 – Call for Submissions

InterAccess’ Vector Festival returns with its fifth edition next summer and its curators have issued their annual call for work in and around the edges of videogame culture.

Laser Letters – Typography meets media interaction at The Basel School of Design

Created at The Basel School of Design by the 1st year Visual Communication students, Laser Letters is a group project resulting from a short 6 day course providing an introduction and overview of topics in the realms of typography and media interaction.

Vector Festival 2016 – Call for Submissions

The Toronto-based Vector Festival is “dedicated to showcasing digital games and creative media practices,” and its curators are seeking submissions of work to be featured in its fourth edition this summer.

Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) at the University of Denver

Calling all tinkerers, digital explorers, techno¬-cultural critics, and visionaries of new worlds — University of Denver has a place for you to grow, experiment, and thrive. Emergent Digital Practices (EDP) brings together art, design, digital tools, culture, and technology studies in a hands-on, collaborative environment.

‘Transcranial’ at Scopitone Festival in Nantes / France (15 Sept ’15)

Taking place at the Scopitone Festival in Nantes / France on the 15th september 2015 (8:15 pm) is the latest iteration of CAN initiated Transcranial, an ambitious, collaborative performance project by Klaus Obermaier, Kyle McDonald and Daito Manabe

Open Call for ‘Creators in Lab’ at ACT Center in Gwangju, South Korea

As part of a major festival collaboration later in the year, CAN is excited to announce the launch of the ‘Creators in Lab’ residency program at the brand new ACT Center in Gwangju, South Korea. Interdisciplinary practitioners take note!

In Theory and in Practice – Audiovisual Performance at MUTEK 2015

CAN reports on MUTEK 2015’s audiovisual performance programming and the ‘HOLO encounters’ live Q&A’s we did with artists Robin Fox and Hiroaki Umeda.

FIBER Festival 2015: Symposium & Workshop vvvv

With The Subterranean theme FIBER Festival has a devised a metaphor to explore the politico-aesthetics of our digital world. In an extensive programme covering two days, the visitor can immersive him or herself in the shadowy world of new aesthetics and interactive forms, created by artists whose toolboxes extend to online communities, dark patterns, data and algorithms.

FIBER Festival 2015 / The Subterranean: Exploring Networked Tools and Matter

On May 15 and 16 FIBER returns with the third edition of FIBER Festival, taking place at A Lab and Radion (Amsterdam), featuring an excellent selection of critical and inspiring art, DJs and live acts.

The Overkill Festival 2015, Enschede, Netherlands / 24-25 Jan 2015

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Letchworth ‘Fire & Fright Festival’ (UK) featuring Loop.pH

onedotzero partnered with Letchworth Garden City Council to deliver a series of events and interventions for the inaugural Letchworth ‘Fire & Fright Festival featuring a new site-specific installation by Loop.pH.

MIRA Live Visual Arts Festival

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CAN at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” (11/12 October 2014)

Later this week CreativeApplications.Net is joining the Moscow-based sound, art and technology community MIGZ for yet another edition of the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” festival taking place between 10th and 14th October.

Character Mirror – Be the character from David OReilly’s ‘The External World’

Oculus Rift experiment by David OReilly allowing you to see your reflection as a virtual character from his multi-award winning short, The External World

Tesseract / HyperCube – An ever-evolving state of shape and space

Tesseract – also known as the HyperCube, is the latest installation by the Paris based collective 1024 Architecture comprised of a 3d sculptural cube equipped with moving light, where the audience is invited to walk in.

Constellaction – Intricate emergent behaviour using autonomous building blocks

Constellaction is an installation by panGenerator which included swarm like intelligent and light responsive tetrahedrons that evolved and branched thanks to the collaborative effort of the audience.

CAN at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” (5/6 October 2013)

Curated in collaboration with the Moscow-based sound, art and technology community MIGZ, we are pleased to announce the Educational Programme for the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” taking place 5th and 6th October at the Red October district.

MovesMapper – Processing sketch for rendering location and activity

Processing sketch by Nicholas Felton for rendering location and activity data from the Moves app for the iOS.

Audio Reactive Mapping with TouchDesigner – Resonate 2013

Three things seem to surround us all the time and in great abundance: data visualization, audio visualization and mapping. The team behind TouchDesigner show you how to do all three things at once.

CLOUDS Interactive Documentary – Exploring creativity through code

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The 16th Japan Media Arts Festival – Call for entries

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Mormor Ingrid – Interactive 3D Drawing by Oculart

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