Call for Submissions: ZKM’s AppArtAward 2017 for iOS and Android

Game Art, Sound Art, ARTivism – enter your iOS or Android app into this year’s ZKM AppArtAward for a chance to win 10,000 EUR in three different categories. Submission deadline: May 7th May 21 (extended)

Nearly ten years since the launch of Apple’s App Store, the adventurous pioneering days of mobile development that beget playful experiments such as PhiLia 01, Eliss, or SpringMesh may seem like distant memories (in fact, two of them are no longer available). Matured into thoroughly commodified platforms, browsing iOS and Android app stores today is like strolling through a mall. But as ZKM, the Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe (DE), reminds us every year: as environments for creative inquiry, phones and tablets are as popular as ever, providing a continuous supply of ‘creative apps’ – if you know where to look. Since 2011, the German media art centre hosts the annual AppArtAward to honour exceptional work on mobile devices and to foster broader conversations around software art, human-machine interaction, digital tools, the “incredible success story of the app phenomenon” (Christiane Riedel, ZKM), and its dissemination to a global audience. For this year’s edition, ZKM added a timely new category: next to game and sound art, the AppArtAward 2017 will recognize “AppARTivism” – creative apps that draw attention to social issues and turn users into citizens.

The AppArtAward 2017 categories:


Game Art

Calling all developers working on innovative, creative, and subversive video games! Games have moved far beyond their entertainment-oriented origins and become an engine for altering perception and driving conversations; this award is for those pushing the envelope and redefining the expressive potential of the medium.

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Sound Art

A category dedicated to apps that transform our relationship with sound, eligible apps are diverse: data can be turned into sound, audiovisual media created, innovative DJ tools crafted. These apps offer intuitive interfaces for processing and mixing sound with touch and gesture. Potentially blending space, time, and movement, they are both playful and poetic.

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This prize is aimed at individuals who use new media and emerging platforms to draw attention to social issues. Where traditional political protests require gathering big crowds, these apps enable everyone to make their voice heard. Providing platforms for expressing solidarity or crafting creative criticism, these apps turn users into citizens.

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→ Submit your iOS or Android apps here until May 7th May 21

Past winners include (top left to right bottom): OscilloScoop (Scott Snibbe), ZYX (JODI), Sablo (Ernst Uys), Borderlands Granular (Chris Carlson), Fields (Rainer Kohlberger), konsonant (Jörg Piringer), Globosome (Fabian Schaub, Thomas Krueger), GeometricMusic (Gaël Bertrand, Gaëtan Libertiaux), Last Clock (Jussi Ängeslevä, Philipp Bosch, Ross Cooper, Danqing Shi), Mobile Phone Orchestra (Andrew Bluff), Sometimes You Die (Philipp Stollenmayer), Raum (Sascha Haus)

ZKM’s AppArtAward was initiated in collaboration with the software-cluster partners CAS Software AG and CyberForum e.V., the biggest regionally active hightech business network in Germany, and was presented for the first time in 2011. Since then, several hundred apps have been submitted from developers from 44 countries. Past winners include JODI (NL), Rainer Kohlberger (AT), Scott Snibbe (US), Ernst Uys (ZA), and Takeshi Mukai (JP).

More info: App Art Award | ZKM project site | ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe


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