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Die With Me – The chat app for when you have less than 5% battery

Created by Dries Depoorter & David Surprenant and presented in collaboration with IDFA Doclab, Die With Me is a chat app available for iOS and Android that you can only use when you have less than 5% battery. It allows you to join a chatroom, and say goodbye to another stranger having also less than 5% battery, and die together on your way to offline peace.

Amsterdam, 20-11-2017, IDFA International Documentary Filmfestival Amsterdam. Photo Nichon Glerum

In 2015 Dries participated in the DocLab Academy program for interactive artists, which is part of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam. Since then, he has premiered different works there and in 2016 gave a talk where he presented the original idea for Die With Me at IDFA’s annual DocLab Interactive Conference. A year later, last november, Dries and David Surprenant had the first beta version ready and launched it offline at a IDFA DocLab live event, where they tested it live with the festival audience. They where surprised how people used the app and they saw people using Die With Me in one of the many night events of IDFA Doclab.

After many rejections (they had to integrate reporting and banning features),  the app was finally accepted in the Apple App Store before the news about Apple’s battery and performance in older devices. Since then they stopped accepting updates for the app – the app was not useful enough. While the app still remains available for download, its future is uncertain.

Created using Swift, xcode, javascript. Available on AppStore / GooglePlay.
Photos: Bieke Depoorter / Magnum Photos

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