SPOOK-I: Surveillance and weaponization of everyday devices

Created by Francesco Tacchini, SPOOK-I is a hypothetical but operative US National Security Agency inspired machine. It mimics two surveillance techniques available to the NSA Tailored Access Operations unit, in order to expose the technology employed by state surveillance for the ‘weaponization of everyday’.


10 Most Memorable Projects of 2014

At CAN we don’t really care for lists. But as we look back as the year winds down, we’re known to make an exception. To keep up with our tradition, we present our most memorable projects of the year.


Nova – Slit-scan as mechanism for growth, decay and transformation

Created by James Alliban, Nova is an experimental study of the slit-scan technique with a particular focus on emphasising its spacial and temporal properties.


Untitled No. 1 – 24 hour news cycle video collage

Untitled No. 1 is a video collage using only images collected from the previous 24 hour news cycle. The entire video was computationally generated using corpus based artistic stylization developed by Parag K. Mital as part of his ongoing research.


Triangular Series – Tetrahedral light forms and the physiological rhythms beneath

Created by Jamie Zigelbaum, Triangular Series is a site-specific lighting installation composed of numerous, truncated tetrahedral forms. Each object has an unique form and senses the other and the physiological rhythms of visitors beneath them.


Cycles – 17 laser projectors visualise audio inside a sphere

Created by COCOLAB from Mexico and commissioned by ARCA, Cycles is an audio visual installation that uses a series of laser projectors to visualise short cycle audio compositions by a collection of A/V artists.


SYNTHESIS – Generative systems for visual instruments

Series of workshops by Ludwig Zeller at the Visual Communication Institute of the Academy of Art and Design in Basel to use generative systems to create visual instruments that mimic the expressivity of electronic music synthesizers.


Visions of America: Amériques – Walt Disney Concert Hall

Visions of America: Amériques is a site-specific architectural video installation, developed to illuminate and enhance the Varèse’s composition and to activate the architecture of Frank Gehry’s Walt Disney Concert Hall.


The Petroglyphomat – Positive vandalism machine by Lorenz Potthast

The Petroglyphomat is a a mobile, computer operated milling machine, that can send messages to a distant future by engraving them into ancient monuments.


Wanderers – Digitally grown 3d printed wearables that could embed living matter

Wanderers is a collaborative project between Neri Oxman + Mediated Matter Group, Christoph Bader & Dominik Kolb to create four digitally grown and 3d printed wearables.


Pathfinder – Generative geometry as a creative impulse

Created by Princemio in collaboration with onformative, the Pathfinder project was created with aim to contribute to the creative processes of choreographic development.


Nigredo – Private experience of altered self-perception

By repurposing biofeedback methods, whole-body vibration and wearable bioacoustic technology, the work aims to unlock latent qualities of the human body through its coupling with the technological system.


Collaborative Self Portraits at ITP

Created by Rosalie Yu & Alon Chitayat, the project aim was to create a series of self portraits that treat the body as a canvas for 3d drawing.


Nothing of This is Ours – Multiplayer game by Alex Myers

Created by Alex Myers, Nothing of This is Ours is game of infinite, surrealistic worlds with creatures, alchemistic symbols, buddhas and other worldly cultural heritages.


Transcranial – Collaborative project by Klaus Obermaier, Daito Manabe and Kyle McDonald

Earlier this year, Resonate festival was the host to Transcranial, a CAN initiated project bringing Klaus Obermaier, Daito Manabe and Kyle McDonald to Belgrade for two weeks to work on a new performance piece, creating a bridge between three festivals in Europe.


Cosmos by Semiconductor – Scientific data made tangible

Created by Semiconductor (Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt), Cosmos is a two metre spherical wooden sculpture that has been formed from scientific data.


Perlin Sphere GLSL to Quarz Composer

Created by Cybero, the following are Quarz Composer video renders of a Perlin Sphere GLSL shader. Originally developed by Inigo Quilez and ported to QC with added audio interactivity , two texture channels, [noise and waveform image] and audio specific calculations and rotations.


Patterns of Harmony (2014) by Gaspar Battha

Patterns of Harmony is an installation comprised of animated fractal of cubes, without containing any physical cubes, rather the reflections and projections of them.


GAD – RC4 / Computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing

RC4 in London researches computational design methodologies for large-scale 3D printing with industrial robots, taking logistical, structural and material constraints as design opportunities to generate non-representational architectural spaces with extreme information density.


LUSTlab – Colouring-in the spatial organization in Schilderswijk

Created by LUSTlab in collaboration with The Mobile City, Binnen de Lijnen is part of an ongoing research project called Public Space – Public Matter from Trancity. Over 100 children took part in colouring the playground which visualised the spatial organization of Schilderswijk’s social life.


Modulares Interface B.A. – Physical controller interface for iPad

Created by Florian Born, Modulares Interface B.A. is a physical interface for iPad comprised of knobs, buttons and sliders to provide precision and haptic feedback when operating a digital interface.


TUNDRA’s Powwow Under the Powerlines & Songs from Inside The Whale

Tundra define themselves as a “collaborative artistic collective” whose members include musicians, sound engineers, programmers and visual artists. Their focus is to create “spaces and experiences by making sound, visuals and emotions work together” in audiovisual performances and interactive installations.


Attachment by David Colombini – Poetic machine to send messages to someone, somewhere

Created by David Colombini at ECAL, Attachment is a poetic machine that allows you to send messages, images, or videos into the air using a biodegradable balloon with intention to rediscover expectation, random and the unexpected uncommon with the current forms of communication.


OccultUs by Simon de Diesbach – Designing for alternate reality

Created by Simon de Diesbach at ECAL with the support from Alain Bellet, Gael Hugo, and Christophe Guignard, OccultUs is an installation that exploits the potential of the Oculus technology by immersing the user in a sensory experience that mixes two distinct realities and simulated.


MIKMA – From human scale to the zero point of space

Created by Nadezda Suvorova, MIKMA an exploration game for iOS that uses computer vision and the sensors embedded in the device to call for new visual perspectives of world around us using scientific imaging.


Surface & Bottom – Immersive space in-between

Created by Iregular, Surface & Bottom is an immersive and reactive space in between two installations created for the Salón de Proyectos Ágape in Bogotá–Colombia, curated by Calos Leal.


Visual Sound Experiments – Transforming suburbia with light and sound

In the recent months Mark Wheeler has been working on a series of visual sound experiments by creating openFrameworks apps that you can ‘play’ visually, generating animations from MIDI data….


Smart Atoms (Spaxels) – Flying building blocks

Developed at the Ars Electronica Futurelab, Spaxels (a portmanteau word from space pixels) are LED-equipped quadcopters. They make up a drone swarm that can “draw” three-dimensional figures in midair.


DWI Modular by Felix Luque – Tessellation of an infinite space

Created by Felix Luque, DWI Modular is a system comprised of 10 rhombic dodecahedrons, geometrical objects part of the family of ‘Space- filling polyhedra’: shapes that can be assembled to generate a tessellation of an infinite space, acting as building blocks for a sculpture generator.


AutocompleteMe – Keep your Chrome browser googling

AutocompleteMe is a Chrome browser extension by Benjamin Gaulon that automatically googles random stuff when Chrome is idle for more than 1 minute so you can watch funny autocomplete suggestions.


The Abovemarine – ‘Small Freedom’ vehicle for José, the betta splendens

Created by Adam Ben-Dror, The Abovemarine is a vehicle that enables José, or any other fish to roam on the land freely


The Air Above – An irregular polyhedron of reflection

The Air Above is a new project by environmental designer Michael Pecirno that explores how public sculpture can find form and purpose entirely from its context.


Beat Blox – Tangible beats by Per Holmquist

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Sharing Faces – Seeing yourself reflected in the image of others

Created by Kyle McDonald, “Sharing Faces” uses a megapixel surveillance camera and custom software to match the face locations of the persons looking at the screen. As the person moves, new images are pulled from the database matching the new location and create a mirror-like image of yourself using the images of others.


Mechanical Pi – In memory of William Shanks

Mechanical Pi – In memory of William Shanks is a computing machine that replaces the repetitive task of writing pi by hand back into a physical, mechanical process.


Project Pixel is calling out to Moving Image Projection Artists

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The Non-Linear Code of Dextro – Observation in Nature

The following is a collection of new generative pieces created by Walter Gorgosilits aka dextro from Austria, one of the pioneers of generative Macromedia Director programming.


Feltron Annual Report 2013

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Breaking the Surface – Responsive ‘ocean’ of acrylic actuators

An abstract representation of this landscape is created from a matrix of 529 acrylic pipes piercing the ceiling between the first and the second floor, creating organic rock-like formations on the first floor reflected as an ocean surface on the second.


Rebus Cumulations – Audiovisual triptych for Soundcloud

Rebus Cumulations combines abstract data visualisation and cinemagraphic still lifes into an alchemy of different artistic languages presented in the three meter installation for Soundcloud HQ in Berlin.


FuelBand Fibers – Visualizing training data with Plask

Fibers is a visualization of Nike FuelBand data from the trainings preceding We Own The Night – Nike Women’s 10K run.


V&A/Elephant & Castle Maker Faire Open Call: the shortlist and a winner!

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Motion Picture 2.0 – A New Recording Technology

In collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the ZKM has organized a competition within the Science Year 2014 – The Digital Society: all those interested are invited to experiment with this new technology developed by the ZKM.


Colors of Noise, Pt. III by Rainer Kohlberger

Powered by the multiply changing, rising and ebbing granular high-frequency, dissolves into a pointillist delirium of colored dots in the latest piece by Rainer Kohlberger


Greg Borenstein – Learning from Science Fiction

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Digital Fabrication Residency

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Di-Dah-Dit – A telepresence device by Camille Morizot

Di-Dah-Dit is a telepresence device that takes the form of two distant objects connected. Two players face each other and manage the progress of a ball balancing on two rails.


Generative Scarves – Procedural algorithm to wearable pattern

Generative Scarves for iOS includes a procedural algorithm commonly used to digitally generate patterns of the natural world, sampled into a bespoke application and used to create unique print for an individual scarf.


Cloud Piano (2014) by David Bowen

Cloud Piano plays the keys of a piano based on the movements and shapes of the clouds. A camera pointed at the sky captures video of the clouds. MaxMSP patch uses the video of the clouds in real-time to drive a robotic device that presses the corresponding keys on the piano.


Rising Colorspace – Drawing robot and an evolving system that overwrites itself

Rising Colorspace is a new installation by the Sonice Development duo comprised of a third ‘systemic robot’ drawing it’s rising movements as bow-like lines onto a shiny metallic wall.


FRAMED* – Canvas for the art of our generation

Every once in a while a project comes along that will change how we think, discuss and produce digital art. Four+ years in development, FRAMED* will not just be a canvas, but a platform and a community hub for the art of our generation.


Icon do better – Exploring emergent property of exchanging symbols

Created by Ed Burton, Icon do better takes on a smart social twist of classic game combined with icon making.



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Kepler’s Dream – Mixing digital aesthetics and the otherworldly

Kepler’s Dream is an aesthetics exploration investigating analog projection in combination with computationally created object which is given a physical shape through 3D printing


Light Barrier – Millions of calibrated light beams create floating phantoms in the air

Light Barrier by Kimchi and Chips creates phantoms of light in the air by crossing millions of calibrated beams, creating floating graphic objects which animate through space.


Smile TV – It works only when you smile

Recent Royal College of Art (RCA) design graduate David Hedberg’s Smile TV turns the medium’s engagement pattern on its head: instead of making you smile at on-screen silliness, you have to “smile to watch”.


Satellite pictures of airports reveal their extreme complexity

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Play the World – Listening to the global soundscape that surrounds us

Play the World invites visitors to perform with a keyboard that finds samples with the same note in near realtime from web radio stations around the world.


Epilog – Interactive Light and Shadow by Schnellebuntebilder

Epilog is a room installation that uses light, sound and haze to create a 25-minute constantly transforming world of moving images and sounds.


Pneumatic Sponge Ball Accelerator at the Tschumi Pavilion

Inspired by CERN’s “Large Hadron Collider”, Niklas Roy creates an installation at the Tschumi Pavilion in Groningen in the Netherlands that contains 1000 black sponge balls, which are sucked through 150m of transparent pneumatic tubes at high speed.


Ninety Six – Inflatable pixels by Nils Völker

Ninety Six is a site specific installation comprised of 96 plastic bags that are selectively inflated and deflated in controlled rhythms, creating wavelike animations across the wall of the gallery.


Future Unfolding – Procedurally generated world, both beautiful and dangerous

Future Unfolding is a new game by Berlin based game studio Spaces of Play. It is a role playing game where each play-through allows you to experience a new and different layout and find your own way to the goal.


Beyond Blood – Emotional attachment and inheritance by algorithm

‘Beyond Blood’ is a project that imagines a legal system where algorithms take over the inheritance process where the deceased has not left a will and the state has to distribute the estates.


Patch of Sky – Lamps that share, in real-time, the sky above us

Created at FABRICA, Patch of Sky is a set of three Internet connected ambient lamps that share, in real-time, the sky above us.


Lunar Surface – Drawing digital mass in physical space

Lunar Surface is the latest in the series of projects by the Kimchi and Chips duo investigating digital light as a semi-material to articulate digital visual mass in physical space.


Computational Fashion Master Class: Call for Participants | Eyebeam

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SUNSET – a first-person videogame thriller by Tale of Tales

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Nimbes – Exploring solitary nature of perception and observation

Nimbes is an audio-visual installation designed for 360º immersive environments exploring boundaries between natural and artificial, and questioning the solitary nature of perception and observation and their relationship to both the cosmic and human scale.


Weird Second-order Loops – Generative individuality and circumstance

Weird Second-order Loops is a series of computer-generated animation loops that never repeat. Each of the loops is centred around a playful and simple cyclical idea that is a procedural reinterpretation of a long existing animation cliché, potentiating it ad infinitum.


Minibuilders – Small Robots x Large Sculptures

Minibuilders is a research project comprised of a family of small-scale construction robots designed to perform diverse tasks, linked to the different phases of construction, finally working together as a family towards the implementation of a single structural outcome.


Infinite Sunset – A digital replacement for the act of watching the sun set

Created by Joseph Gray, Infinite Sunset uses simple graphical elements to visually describe a sunset seascape ever changing in its sameness.


Patatap – Portable animation and sound kit by jonobr1 and Lullatone

Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit for iOS that allows you to play with versatile melodies charged with colourful geometric graphics.


Discovery Wall – Screen made from thousands of iPod Nanos

Created by London-based creative agencies Squint/Opera and Hirsch&Mann, Discovery Wall is a wall-sized installation created from thousands of tiny screens and lenses.


He Liked Thick Word Soup – Software experiment about text, space and time

He Liked Thick Word Soup is the latest experiment in the Chronotext series, a growing collection of software experiments exploring the relation between text, space and time.


H / AlCuTaAu – An ore mined out of technological objects

H / ALCUTAAU is an object created using precious metals and stones mined out of technological objects and transformed back into mineral form.


White Does Not Exist – Synthetic colour by Flavien Théry

Flavien Théry explores the reverse of Newton disc where patterned disc, rotated at high speed, produces an optical illusion of colour.


roBOt Festival – CALL4ROBOT 2014

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Mechanical (Interactive) Cartoon Installation by Eunyoung Park

Eunyoung Park explores the awkwardness of gaze in this installation comprised of Arduino, ultrasonic ping sensors and cardboard.


Hit The Beat – Physical drum machine by Lorenzo Bravi

Hit The Beat is a physical drum machine that can play *anything*, making it possible for everyday objects to become musical instruments.


Emergence – Installation by Cinimod for Heathrow Terminal 2

Commissioned by Caviar House & Prunier for London Heathrow Terminal 2, “Emergence” is a new light installation by London based Cinimod studio.


Make Longer Cables – Short film by students at HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Make Longer Cables is a short film including a custom made five-axis robotic arm that is trying to escape monotony by committing suicide.


Fari – Choreographed array of moving light heads

Created by Andreas Gysin in collaboration with Sidi Vanetti, Fari is a kinetic installation created with an array of moving light heads in a geometric configuration and programmed as a choreography.


PhonoPaper for iOS/Android – Graphical sound generator and writer

Created by Alexander Zolotov, PhonoPaper is a format of graphical representation of the sound (music, human voice, etc.); in other words, it is the 2D audio barcode (by analogy with the QR-code).


Playground NDSM – Interactive photomontage of 7 years at NDSM-warf / Amsterdam

Created by Marc Faasse, Playground NDSM is an interactive photomontage that includes 7 years of photographs taken by Marc and mapped on the googlemaps.


Sablo for iOS – Exploring the nebulous boundary between order and chaos

Created by Ernst Uys, Sablo for iOS lets you explore the boundary between order and chaos using the Abelian Sandpile model (also known as the Bak–Tang–Wiesenfeld model) in theoretical physics.


The Obverse Box – Deru fuses sound, light, and artifact

“The Obverse Box” is a pico projector encased within a CNC-milled block of walnut, a “limited-edition sculptural object” to be released alongside American electronic musician Deru’s forthcoming album “1979”.


Longhand Publishers – Design workstations for collaborative mini publications

In the former building of the Newspaper BN De Stem, the installation created by Tim Knapen & indianen, allows visitors to collaboratively create mini publications.


Oplab by Teenage Engineering and Yuri Suzuki returns

The Oplab musical experiment board allows you to interconnect virtually any electronic musical instruments and music software. It removes the hassle with one box for MIDI and another for CV or a third for USB.


Building an Arduino out of Paper | MAKE

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A Technique for 3D Printing of Soft Interactive Objects

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Adding Lag to Real Life

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How Google’s Self-Driving Car Doesn’t Run You Over

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Le Vent Nous Portera – Magnificent forest by Alexander Letcius and Bulat Sharipov

Saint-Petersburg based Alexander Letcius and Bulat Sharipov create a magnificent virtual forest, illuminated by luminous flying creatures that react to visitors’ position.

Tori Foster, Cadence, 2014

Cadence – Tori Foster’s Eternal Rush Hour

Keeping in line with her prolonged interest in representing urban flows, Tori Foster’s Cadence transforms vehicular activity into a four-minute loop of flowing streams of animated electromagnetic flip-discs.


KARMA – A/V iPad Experience by Óscar Monzón and Espadaysantacruz Studio

Conceived by Spanish photographer Óscar Monzón and developed by Espadaysantacruz Studio, KARMA is an interactive audiovisual experience designed for the iPad integrating photos, video and music created by Óscar Monzón.


36 ventilators whirl 4.7m3 of packing chips – Zimoun unleashes a plastic storm

Opening this Saturday (April 26) and presented by the Art Museum of Lugano in Switzerland, 36 ventilators, 4.7m³ packing chips is the new installation by Zimoun, swiss born and Bern based artists known for his architecturally-minded platforms of sound.


It Only Happens All of the Time – Sonic Environment by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon

Constructed by Jacqueline Kiyomi Gordon within San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (YBCA) new exhibition series Control: Technology in Culture, It Only Happens All of the Time is an installation that shapes sound, movement, and perception.


T • E • T • H • E • R

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SimpSymm – Complex procedural geometry for 3d printing

Christoph Bader & Dominik Kolb (deskriptiv) are currently working on an algorithm as an application that produces procedural sculptures for 3D printing.


Squarepusher x Z-Machines – The making of stupendous music machines

Some seven months ago Squarepusher and WARP records released a video titled Z-Machines, comprised of hand built robots showcasing the stupendous chops of the robot guitarist, drummer and keyboard player.


Alpha-ville LIVE @ Kings Place [Herman Kolgen: Inject & Dust] 18.05.2014

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Nid & Sancy – The Cut up Jeans Technique iOS app

The Cut up Jeans Technique is an iOS app that plays the new album as long as you shake your device. All animations are interactive and real-time making use of OpenGL, GLSL and Cinder libs


Macrofilm – A Tangible Narrative Ribbon by panGenerator

Created by the panGenerator collective, Macrofilm is a permanent interactive installation for The Museum of The History of Polish Jews that combines traditional, tangible experience of browsing through old archives with subtly augmented digital experience.


Murmuration by @flight404

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OPEN CALL: Collaborative Residency with Eyebeam | The White Building

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Wake Up With the World – Collaborative, musical, waking experience

Wake Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake up alarm into musical collaborative experience. When you wake your GPS coordinates are translated into musical notes and combined with those of every other person waking up at the same moment as you.


Bears on Stairs

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MediaLab-Prado faces closure

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Bot & Dolly and the Rise of Creative Robots

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etcpp – Drawing animation using a pen plotter and granular matter

Created by Lafkon, etcpp is an animation created using Processing and a Pen Plotter where animation frames are drawn into various granular matter.


RIOT – Game that tells the story of conflict and social unrest

RIOT by Leonard Mechiari is a game designed as a riot simulator to tell the story of conflict and social unrest, soon available for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and OUYA.


12 – Sound sequencer comprised of 12 digitally controlled music boxes

12 is a sound machine comprised of 12 custom built music boxes with specially tuned lamellae controlled by on/off switches and knobs.


Aerosol – Transferring a virtual particle system into the physical

Aerosol explores what happens when we reverse the common process of transferring physical systems into virtual ones. In this project 16 servo motors control the undulated landscape setting iron balls in continuous motion.


CONSTI2GO – Print copies of the US Constitution on the press of a button

Created by Thibault Brevet, CONSTI2GO is a portable device that allows, on the press of a button, to print copies of the US Constitution by hijacking the existing network of standard receipt printers.


Scent Rhythm – The smell of time by Aisen Caro Chacin

Scent Rhythm is a timekeeping device that maps relational olfactory sequences to the body’s circadian cycle.


Flying the world’s fastest plane: Behind the stick of the SR-71

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May The Force Be With You – Teo Park

Created by Seoul based artists Teo Park, “May the Force be With You” is a kinetic installation that invites visitors to interact with an interactive water tank. The tank uses gravitational force driven by the position of the viewer’s hand movement.


The Card Players – Playing cards as a method for designing and developing games

Over the past few months, in preparation for their Book of Eniarof crowdfunding campaign, tutors and students at HEAD have been exploring the use of playing cards as a method for designing and developing games, concepts, attractions, and playful art objects of various ilk…



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DARPA Tried to Build Skynet in the 1980s

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Character Mirror – Be the character from David OReilly’s ‘The External World’

Oculus Rift experiment by David OReilly allowing you to see your reflection as a virtual character from his multi-award winning short, The External World


Space Replay – Delayed echo of human activity

Space Replay is a hovering object that explores and manipulates transitional public spaces by constantly recording and replaying their ambient sounds.


Fractal Film – Exploring concepts of generative art with the language of cinema

Fractal Film includes a very precisely choreographed scene, shot in very high definition (5K) at eight different angles, shown always differently using custom based software that chooses rules at random and follows them.


Comme des Organismes by Zeitguised

“The motion triptych shows an interpretation of what the initial concepts would have looked liked if they were not realised as a line of runway clothes but spontaneously realized themselves as autonomous life forms.”


Touchplotter – 30 year old pen plotter controlled using iPad

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Project Tango – Machine vision eyes and spatially aware brains

Google’s got a new consumer hardware initiative is a mobile phone with machine vision eyes, ultra-fast inner-ears and spatially aware brains. And around that 5″ Android reference hardware, could this be all your AR Kickstarters come true?


Walter Murch: From The Godfather to the God Particle

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ART+COM sues Google

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Contact by Felix Faire – Turns any hard surface into an interface

Contact is an acoustic research project that turns any hard surface into an interface. The installation uses contact microphones, passive sonar and waveform analysis to recognise information of touches, ie where a surface has been hit or how a hand has made contact.


Filament Sculptures by Lia – 3D printing by printhead movement

Lia has been interested in the possibilities of the process involved by defining the location of the printhead, the speed of the movement and the amount of filament that should be extruded.


Historical.Pathologies // Future.Morphologies

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“Make a game or a teaching tool to help understand binary numbers” SFPC

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Ototo Board by Dentaku – Kickstarter

Ototo is an initiative by London based Dentaku to bring the all-in-one musical invention kit to everyone. The kit allows you to make an instrument any way you want. Please support this project on Kickstarter!


Therefore I Am – Fictional instrument to explore prenatal diagnostics

“Therefore I Am” is a project exploring prenatal diagnostics – the measurement of a human before birth and consequences and ethics as scientists encode our DNA further and further.


10 kg From the New Factory | Sebastian Schmieg + Johannes P Osterhoff

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Crowdpilot for iOS – Crowdsource your conversations

Created by Lauren McCarthy, Crowdpilot lets you crowdsource your conversations by bringing a group of your friends or strangers along to listen.


Teary Filter by Shohei Fujimoto

This experiment by Shohei Fujimoto lets you “tear” the area captured below the floating window on the Desktop.


Choreographed Typography by Hyun Ju Song and Mi Lyoung Bae

The Moment is an exploration of language, how the meaning is formed from words using choreographed typography.


Radiohead: Polyfauna – An immersive, expansive world of primitive life

Created as a collaboration between between Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood and Universal Everything, Polyfauna is a living, breathing, growing touchscreen environment, born from abstraction of the studio sessions from King of Limbs and the organic drawings of Stanley Donwood.


Swarm Synthesizer by Cyrill Studer and Lazar Jeremic

Visual instrument by Cyrill Studer and Lazar Jeremic for creating and controlling organically moving particles with a swarm behaviour.


Power of One #Point – Refracting laser light installation by Shohei Fujimoto

Created by Shohei Fujimoto, Power of One #Point is an installation exploring input and output using laser and reflecting mirrors.


Walking City – Evolving video sculpture by Universal Everything

Referencing the work of Archigram, Universal Everything continue to explore body and movement with the latest evolving video sculpture titled “Walking City”.


Eliss Infinity – The pinnacle of iOS gaming returns

Eliss by Steph Thirion gets an update. Not revolutionary, nor a re-write, simply perfect – just as the first release was.


Diegetic icons for phenomena that almost exist

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Colorimetry in Motion – Study of colour by Nicolas Ménard

Back in 2012 Nicolas Ménard created a project at the intersection between graphic design and visual arts. The original idea was to design a book on the topic of colour, with a random process that generated abstract forms.


Electronic lace, Algae and Swarms using XRVG by Julien Léonard

Created by Julien Léonard, the following are what he refers to as a combination of electronic lace, algae to Indian plankton. These are also results of XRVG, a vector graphic programming environment based on the Ruby language.



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Your Line or Mine – Crowd sourced animations at the Stedelijk Museum

‘Your Line or Mine’ is an interactive installation in the Stedelijk Museum comprised of three continually changing crowd sourced animations drawn entirely by the museum’s visitors.


The Color Project at IFP Media Center by MPC New York

Project explores narratives through colour, line, and form found in geographic satellite imagery. Utilising Google Earth together with custom software, the final install spans over 27 HD screens pointing locations of the films that have been produced by IFP.


Theometrica – Generative sound synthesis instrument inspired by acupuncture

Inspired by acupuncture, this sculptural instrument is designed to control sound elements in real time by fixing specific pins into a spinning disk.


The Aether Project / Transmutating the Real and the Ethereal

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577Rhea – Stochastic exploration space game by André Sier

Part game, part visual experiment, 577Rhea is the latest from André Sier. You are your planet’s last hope and you have to time-travel through blackholes with primordial essences to prevent the inevitable collapse of your home.


Donato Sansone’s PORTRAIT / Final

Some two months ago we wrote about the grotesque, dream-Like video portraits by Donato Sansone. The latest (final) piece, a much longer one, includes new experiments utilising this fantastic technique.


Left Field Labs interpret traditional music box using 3d printing and WebGL

Music Drop is an interpretation of traditional hand cranked music box with the ability for the user to create their own custom tune.


ECAS Residency CFP

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Interactive visualization of the Portuguese governments and companies

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MirrorFugue – Music collaboration across space and time

‘MirrorFugue’ by Xiao Xiao at the MIT Media Lab explores music collaboration across space and time using a set of interfaces for piano to visualise gesture of a performance.



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Morphogenetic Creations by Andy Lomas

Morphogenetic Creations is a collection of works that explore the nature of complex forms that can be produced by digital simulation of growth systems.


Influenced By Google « DressLab

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CSIS Data Chandelier by SOSO Limited

425 hanging pendants located in the new HQ of the Center for Strategic and International Studies visualise global data.


Tobystereo / Wikipedia Worldmap

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Pro-Folio – Online portfolios from fictional artists and designers

Pro-Folio is a portfolio website that can generate up to 690,903,803 trillion portfolios of fictional artists and designers with unique name and work combinations.


Chronomorphologic Modeling by Madeline Gannon

Through generative fabrication and computational design, this project aims to reconnect digital and physical contexts through a custom designed “chronomorphologic modeling” environment.


code:e by RMBit for Media Arts Festival / Hangzhou

Composed using Processing, the piece is a hybrid between realtime debug-view and animation. Camera orbits about Engine cylinders dispersed in three-dimensional space.


Three-Dimensional Mid-Air Acoustic Manipulation …

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