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PERACH – Understanding ourselves and our surroundings

‘PERACH’ is a biofeedback art installation that allows visitors to ‘feel’ the interior electrical happenings of their plants. Perach consists of a multi-sensor IoT device along with a web platform that provides visitors with the ability to hear, and visually perceive the changes taking place inside plants.

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Join NFT-art movement with Glitché

Since the time of the first publication on the Creative Applications, Glitché app has topped App Store charts in 116 countries and become not only just a photo editor, but one of the most advanced NFT-art tools for iPhone. Today we’ve had the biggest update with a lot of new functions like live datamoshing, new…

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The Fragility of Complexity

Kinetic sculpture composed of hammers and light bulbs invites the viewer to contemplate this delicate balance of complex fragility.

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The Lost Passage

The Lost Passage is an interactive experience for the web that creates a new digital home for an extinct species called passenger pigeon. It’s a digitally crafted world of a swarm of artificial pigeons, which seem to be inhabiting a sublime yet destitute memory of a lost landscape.

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B612 | Data Real-time Interactive Imaging Installation

Curated by Art ZHIYI, “Chant of the Present Imagery” is an exhibition organized for the 10th anniversary of Taikoo Hui Guangzhou. With an emphasis on data visualization and local links in artistic expression, this exhibition creates a space and time experiment and delivers a multi-dimensional experience.

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Material Sequencer – Physical materiality of sound

‘Material Sequencer’ is an 8-step electromechanical sequencer, designed to emphasise the physical materiality of sound and sound production. The simple usb-powered sound-sculpture takes the sequencing process outside the black box and into the acoustic realm, flaunting its materiality and physicality.

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36,000 Feet – Matthieu Cherubini

‘36,000 Feet’ is a game where you are playing as a flight passenger coming back from its holidays. You are currently flying over Afghanistan…

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Latentscape – Franz Rosati

Created by Franz Rosati, ‘Latentscape’ depicts exploration of virtual landscapes and territories, supported by music generated by machine learning tools trained on traditional, folk and pop music with no temporal and cultural limitations.

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GAME OVER. Patchlab Digital Art Festival 2021

The Patchlab Digital Art Festival kicks off on October 8th. The jubilee, tenth edition under the title GAME OVER will last three days, and the events will take place in parallel, stationary in Krakow and online.

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Is This the Middle East? – The archive of faux relics and counterfactual places

Created by Rayane Jemaa, the project investigates representation and counterfactual histories of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) in a selection of video games.

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State-of-the-art of live media performance – part 1#

The first post of a series on the state-of-the-art of live media performance curated by Federica Patti, focus on live stream. With three live shows to see and follow here.

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Created by Ignacio Pérez (ECAL MID), is a critical tool that questions our models of manufacturing and consumption, exploiting the control of creation algorithms in order to interrogate current patterns of design, production and legislation.

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Drift – Search engines through the lens of evolution

This online exhibition lets you discover the intricate strata of code and network that operate to deliver the content of an online search. Drift reveals how these strata continuously evolve, even behind what seems a very well known, stable, familiar web site.

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Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID

Fantastic Smartphones, alternative accessories, interactive installations and machine performances highlight the excesses relating to our use of these devices. By imagining innovative ways of interacting with our smartphones or by delegating our repetitive actions to machines, this exhibition takes a critical look at a society that has become addicted to an object that seems to have become indispensable : the “smart” phone.

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Inside Inside – Remixing video games and cinema with ML

Created by Douglas Edric Stanley, Inside Inside is an interactive installation remixing video games and cinema. In between, a neural network creates associations from its artificial understanding of the two, generating a film in real-time from gameplay using images from the history of cinema.

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Overflow (2021) – A real-time data sculpture that bridges people and places

Overflow is a site-specific kinetic and generative sound sculpture driven by real-time traffic cameras that monitor the Sunshine Skyway Bridge, a famous cable-stayed bridge spanning the Lower Tampa Bay connecting St. Petersburg to Terra Ceia, Florida USA.

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Clockwise (2021) – Exploring the subdivision of space and time

Clockwise (2021) is a generative and experimental audiovisual piece that explores the concept of space-time, Zeno’s paradoxes related to the infinite subdivision of the units of measurement of space and time, and their experimental abstract audiovisual representations.

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Best Practices in Contemporary Dance

Best Practices in Contemporary Dance is a queer form of conversation between technology and bodies. Since April 2020, the beginning of 1st COVID-Lockdown, Jorge Guevara and Naoto Hieda meet weekly online to #practice for an hour: to distort and alter videos of themselves and each other, namely, in the pixel space. They do not define…

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Far Away, a kinetic and lighting journey by Chevalvert

‘Far Away’ looks like a space exploration scene, materialized by 12 Sentinels in rotation, scanning the ground for a sign, a movement, a resource. These Sentinels, half scanners, half gyroscopes, activate under our eyes, in a cyclic ballet, minimal and mesmerizing

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Open Call: The International Projection Mapping Competition in Tokyo!

An international competition that competes for the best in the world with projection mapping video from 1 min to 1 min 59 sec, “1minute Projection Mapping Competition” will be held in December 2021. This time, it will be held at “Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery” in Tokyo! The theme for the competition is “希望 / HOPE”,…

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Infinity – New malleable subject matter by UE

Ending tonight, after a week of live streaming, is the latest in the series of artworks by Universal Everything (UE) that feature 3D humans shrouded in digital costumes. Titled ‘Infinity’, the new work is a live stream, always reshaping and evolving from one character to the next, generating an average of 3,180 unique characters per hour with a total of 50,000+ variations over the last week, stream live on YouTube, only for a few more hours!

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On contemporary shamanism and avatar – Choy Ka Fai invites us to expand ourselves

In perceiving established cultural and historical rituals through the lens of contemporary technology, Choy Ka Fai opens up a liminal space in which dance transcends colonial resistance, power and fantasy.

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Call for Submissions: CURRENTS Festival 2022

CURRENTS New Media is now accepting submissions for our 2022 art and technology festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.

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Cryptid – Animatronic light sculpture by Michael Candy

Created by Michael Candy, ‘Cryptid’ is an animatronic light sculpture that uses 18 linear actuators and open source Phoenix hexapod code to walk through a space. As human and robotic, natural and synthetic are increasingly amalgamated, the projects questions whether machines could be considered a subspecies.

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KHM Netze Open and KH門 Festival

The Academy of Media Arts Cologne (KHM) hosts an annual diploma exhibition KHM Open from 21st to 25th July 2021 in various locations in Cologne as well as online. In addition to diploma works, there are interventions in hybrid forms, led by students and seminars at KHM. “Netze Open” is an online exhibition platform by…

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Technological Arts Preservation Book Published

Sakıp Sabancı Museum digitalSSM Archive and Research Space published the first ebook for its project Technological Arts Preservation. The book edited by Sabancı University’s faculty members Selçuk Artut and Cemal Yılmaz, as well as Osman Serhat Karaman, the director of digitalSSM, offers international content on its subject matter. Focusing on art produced with the help…

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Machine drawn digital artworks based on nature itself. Originally created for the 1st Antarctic Biennale “Levitate” is an artwork visualising and interpreting natural phenomenons and systems, capturing the beauty and complexity of nature. Visual data captured around the globe forms the inspiration and foundation of each unique artwork. “Levitate” is a symbiosis between computer and…

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Four Transitions – The (unstoppable) passing of time on the half a century of technological advancement

Created by Jürg Lehni for the collection of HeK – House of electronic Arts in Basel, ‘Four Transitions’ is an artwork about the passing of time. Together, four displays work in tandem to unveil the current time, with each unit taking one minute to compose one numeral, deploying visual compositions and choreographies that correspond to the nature and character of each technology.

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Perpetual Beta [encounters in open space] – Exhibition & Weekly Events

From June 4th to July 4th, The Grey Space embarks on a large-scale experiment entitled Perpetual Beta. In close collaboration with a group of makers and the public, a new form of presentation is explored based on the principles of open source. The result is an exhibition of work-in-progress, where the public is invited to take a look, participate and contribute.

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RGBFAQ – From Bell Labs to synthetic datasets and the new ‘technical debt’

Latest in the series of video essays by an artist and researcher Alan Warburton, is ‘RGBFAQ’, tracing the trajectory of computer graphics from WW2 to Bell Labs in the 1960s, from the visual effects studios of the 1990s to the GPU-assisted algorithms of the latest machine learning models.

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Kykeon – a virtual reality trilogy that aims to expand audience perceptions through shamanism, dance and data

Kykeon is an immersive experience that intersects contemporary dance, art and VR technology to offer glimpses of a hidden world––through the eyes of a shaman.

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Algorithmic Cinema in “Incomplete” – Music Video by Dalena Tran & Ash Koosha

Created by media artist and creative director Dalena Tran, Incomplete is an algorithmically visualized music video for UK musician Ash Koosha’s track from his 2018 album Aktual.

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During the lockdown, I invited outdoor weather data to an indoor isolated space, trying to create a mimic creature that could visualise the wind and keep me accompanied. Scale: 30 x 30 x 100 cmMaterial: plant. Devil’s ivy, wind data during the lockdown, robotic armYear: 2020 Project Page | Hua Zhang

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CURRENTS New Media 2021 Festival

CURRENTS New Media, Santa Fe’s annual art and technology festival, is back this summer with a hybrid exhibition of online and in-person work June 18th – 27th, 2021.

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FORMS – String Quartet

Created by Playmodes, ‘FORMS – String Quartet’ is a live multimedia performance for a string quartet, electronic music and panoramic visuals, in the field of visual sonification. The project originates from a real-time visual music score generator created by Playmodes, that is designed with a set of rules using graphic generation, driven by randomness and probability.

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Remote Materialities – Future scenographies of our coexistence with robotic devices

Created by the students at the Zurich University of the Arts, ‘Remote Materialities’ module and to be presented at the upcoming Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, ‘Remote Materialities’ explores the future scenographies of our coexistence with robotic devices.

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Him & Her (Interconnection)

A series of three pictures exploring tension and harmony. Each unique edition was created using algorithms, calculating each pixel in relation to the next one. An interplay between tension and harmony, opposing each other in the first two editions and finally merging into a beautiful complexity in the third artwork “Interconnection”. Available as exclusive NFTs…

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Up and down the Metaverse – Rhizomatiks on synchronicity and multilevel experiences

In today’s mercurial, complex, and ambiguous world, our bodies oscillate between the virtual and the real more than ever. The world-famous collective Rhizomatiks is testing the web, presenting performances and experimental online-based systems, and approaching these situations from a variety of angles.

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Field of Sounds – a Wireless Multichannel Sound System

Field of Sounds is a pioneering audio technology designed by London-based studio Kai Lab. It is a wireless multichannel sound system that allows spatialised and perfectly synchronous audio playback. The unique system presents an enormous range of compositional and curatorial possibilities for sound designers, allowing for the presentation of three-dimensional sound works in any setting,…

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Wireless Fidelity Workshop

How to materialize invisible data, inherent to wireless communication protocols? Author: Béatrice Lartigue, Lab212Commissioned by: ISDAT, Toulouse, FRACourse: Master DesignTopic: WiFi, “Wireless Fidelity” refers to a set of communication protocols used for wireless data transmission within a computer network. “Wireless communication is thus invading our functional space. Some people speak of an ambient network, like…

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Found In Translation – Experiencing the process of machine translation

Found in Translation is an interactive, immersive installation where using their own spoken sentences, visitors viscerally experience the process of machine translation. Visualizations show how the machine learning model clusters words from different languages by semantic similarity, and translations are presented typographically and auditorily across 24 languages.

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Down to Earth – A Kinetic Audio Visual Installation by RAW

Down to Earth is an installation that uses electronics as its form of expression. No matter how loud we get to pronounce that mother earth is crying, we are going down the hill with no brakes at all. Despite all the ignorance, moreover, we neglect the case of projecting a future with the scarcity of…

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Augmented Shadow: Inside – Joon Moon

“Augmented Shadow”, devised by Joon Moon, refers to a device and experience that implements a form of augmented reality using shadows. This device creates an alternate reality by superimposing virtual shadows on the actual shadows of objects according to the angle of the lighting device that the audience controls.

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XXI Century Herbario Novo – Artificial Botany by fuse*

‘Artificial Botany’ by fuse* is an ongoing project which explores the latent expressive capacity of botanical illustrations through the use of machine learning algorithms.

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FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO – March 29, 30 and 31, 2021

The FILEALIVE / ARQUIVOVIVO online meetings, to be held on March 29, 30 and 31, 2021, will include professionals and researchers dedicated to the areas of digital memory, cultural heritage preservation and information technology, present in six round tables, presenting case studies, examples of archives and conservation strategies for organizations that aim the free dissemination…

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Shining the web – Hiroaki Umeda online performance

Reckoning with quantum physics, Japanese avant-garde art scene “maestro” Hiroaki Umeda hypostatizes that these batches of abstract information are merely human belief system: “When one has confidence in an object’s factuality they name it as real, and when this confidence is slightly undermined they rename it as virtual” he stated.

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SOLE – Artificial sun by Quiet Ensemble

Created by Quiet Ensemble, ‘SOLE’ is a 360 degree video-mapping that, thanks to the use of 49 video projectors, simulates the movement of the sun around the inside the hall of the Salone degli Incanti in Trieste.

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Living In the Gap: In Conversation with Peter Burr

Spanning physical and virtual space, Peter Burr’s exhibition, Responsive Eye, examines contemporary life in the grid. Taking cues from minimalism and op art, the work pushes the limits of a viewer’s perception and awareness, thrusting them into that gap between what is seen and what is felt. In this interview by Daniel Glendening, Burr digs into history, things that are not there, and what it means to be fleshy bodies gathering in digital space.

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A Natural History of Networks / SoftMachine – A speculation about a heterogeneous technological culture

‘A Natural History of Networks / SoftMachine’ is an electrochemical algorithmic performance that probes an alternative computational and technological material regime.

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J A D U 3.0 — Musical Holograms is now available for iOS and Android

We made a bunch of new holograms exploring photorealistic virtual humans with fully 3D volumetric video performance capture — Including Lil Nas X and Palaye Royale We also expanded the capabilities of the camera with some new functionalities and filters to support creators with the first iteration of tools they might need We finally released our first Augmented Reality Experience…

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Crystalline Unclear: sonified quartz and critiques of machine learning

Crystallography is the process of shining a light through a crystalline material to reveal the qualities of its inner structure through its diffraction pattern. By sonifying diffraction data from a piece of quartz – a key substance within the electronics industry since the 1930s – Crystalline Unclear creates a temporal experience of something that usually…

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