A Natural History of Networks / SoftMachine – A speculation about a heterogeneous technological culture

‘A Natural History of Networks / SoftMachine’ is an electrochemical algorithmic performance that probes an alternative computational and technological material regime.


J A D U 3.0 — Musical Holograms is now available for iOS and Android

We made a bunch of new holograms exploring photorealistic virtual humans with fully 3D volumetric video performance capture — Including Lil Nas X and Palaye Royale We also expanded the capabilities of the camera with some new functionalities and filters to support creators with the first iteration of tools they might need We finally released our first Augmented Reality Experience […]


Crystalline Unclear: sonified quartz and critiques of machine learning

Crystallography is the process of shining a light through a crystalline material to reveal the qualities of its inner structure through its diffraction pattern. By sonifying diffraction data from a piece of quartz – a key substance within the electronics industry since the 1930s – Crystalline Unclear creates a temporal experience of something that usually […]


Announcing Processing Community Day Japan 2021

The Japanese Processing Community is organizing Processing Community Day Japan 2021 (PCD Japan) on February 20th and 21st. PCD is a worldwide movement of Processing to celebrate art, code and diversity, and since 2019, the community organizes PCD Tokyo, this time rebranded as PCD Japan for an inclusive, online event. On 20th, Masaki Yamabe will […]


Above a King, Beneath a Thing

A black mass, resembling a human leg, slowly moves across the floor. The mechanical leg, tethered to a stone by a rope, is quietly driven by wheels and motors. Sensing the tension in the rope, the onboard computer adjusts the motors’ speed to render a circumscribed path. As the leg circles, the stone also turns […]


A Heart from Space – A tool for collective GPS drawing

Created by Jonathan Chomko, and inspired by a conversation with Yo-Yo Ma around a performance of a previous work, ‘A Heart from Space’ is a tool for collective GPS drawing. To draw together, gather a group of of people and visit this website on a mobile phone and the website draws a line between the GPS […]


Icons – Our cultural “imaginarium” of digital gestures

Created by panGenerator, “Icons” is an exhibition exploring our shared cultural “imaginarium” of digital gestures, symbols, and artefacts, dragging them out onto a physical space, enabling audiences a direct, tactile confrontation and – also literally – a different visual perspective.


The Transcriptions of Space – AI assisted visual stimuli

Created by Artem Stepanchuk, ‘The Transcriptions of Space’ is an experimental application (PWA) developed using deep learning algorithms that demonstrates the ability of artificial intelligence to realize the inherent human creativity.


mi/e-metic self – Building a slave to the digital media’s consumer culture

Created by Saurabh Datta, ‘mi/e-metic self’ is an installation that represents a sculptural being, a memetic representation of an evolved us.


[objt]- An alternative lens for browsing news

[objt] is a system that encourages people to browse news with different perspectives. Insight: As journalism became more influential so politicians battled to control it. Journalism nowadays is about power. Power over information, Holding power to account or providing propaganda. It claimed to make and break careers, swing elections and even start wars. Algorithms created […]