Archive of all projects published in the year 2022

Entry is Open! 1minute Projection Mapping Competition in TOKYO 2022!

~Entry for participating creators is now open!~ 1minute Projection Mapping in TOKYO will be held again this year. This is an international competition planned by Projection Mapping Association of Japan for competing projection mapping works of 1 minute to 1 minute and 59 seconds. Creators from all over the world are invited to submit their…

Symphony in Acid – Typography, sound and (the limits of) language

Created as a collaboration between Max Cooper (Music) and Ksawery Komputery (video), ‘Symphony in Acid’ is a (generative) music video that maps every sound to the writings of Ludwig Wittgenstein with references to the combination of orchestral-like synths with 303-like synthesis of acid house.

Phases [An Exhibition By Kai Lab]

Dates | 19th – 28th May, 2022Times | 12noon – 7pmLocation | Espacio Gallery, 159 Bethnal Green Rd, London E2 7DGTickets | timed entry by donation – BOOK HEREContact | insta: @kai.lab_ / / Repeating cycles shape our behaviour and environment. From the rotation of the Earth, to the beat of the heart, much of what…

Returning the Gaze – Perpetual (male)surveillance

Created by Behnaz Farahi, ‘Returning the Gaze’ explores the complicity of the fashion industry with female objectification and sexual harassment. Comprised of a female model wearing a spacesuit-like outfit and accompanied by four robotic arms, the gaze of the model is directed back at the viewer.

Another Moon – Kimchi and Chips

Created by Kimchi and Chips, ‘Another Moon’ is a large-scale outdoor apparition that creates a technically sublime second moon in the sky. 40 towers collect the sun’s energy during the day and project that light back into the sky at night, creating a second moon overhead.

Below Threshold

The human breath not only helps maintain life, but also carries a conversation, both in its assistance in the verbal conversation but in the chemical composition and interaction with nature. It is an ever-changing matrix with infinite components that maintains an intriguing complexity. “Below Threshold” is an installation that translates the natural landscape into a…

Amelia and the Machine – Choreography with autonomous moving systems

First in a series of investigations of creative human-robot teams led by Dr. Kate Sicchio (choreography) and Dr. Patrick Martin (robotics). It explores gestures of the robot arm as a starting point for a duet. Interacting through mimicry, timings and spatial patterns, this piece examines choreography beyond our own human bodies and how we begin to dance with machines.

#NaotoHieda – live-coding on a construction banner

#NaotoHieda is an artwork around a computer program and a body. A screenshot of a performance using the artist’s body and a custom-made web editor for live-coding is printed as a large construction banner. Currently, it is on view at a group exhibition at Pola Museum Annex in Tokyo, Japan from February 11 to March 13, 2022.

SMOG SEASON-Air Pollution Data

SMOG SEASON is a workpiece that pulled PM 2.5 data to satirically compare the bad effect of cigarette smoke on the human body with current Bangkok air pollution by expressing through pictures and warnings of a cigarette label.

Rejected By My Own Robot — A Disobedient Kissing Machine

“Rejected By My Own Robot” is a disobedient kissing robot which is activated when the user approaches. The mechanical lips will extend towards the user as they inch closer. But the kiss will never be consummated: move too quickly or get too close and the lips will quickly retract, ultimately rejecting the user every time.…

‘Curves to marble’ – generative token inspired by marble print

‘Curves to marble’ is a generative token replicating the traditional pattern-making technique of Marbling. This amazing technique is said to have originated almost 900 years ago in Japan. The beautiful thing about this token is that all the patterns are unique and it is almost impossible to duplicate one. The video below explains well – Inspired…

Alternate Teaser to ROUTES ( Depthkit Version )

While working on ROUTES: A Multi-Perspective Exploration of Traditional Dance in Singapore, we were exploring volumetric film making to be applied to our physical holographic video installation. As we were uncertain if the pandemic situation will cancel the whole physical experience or not. So having a “Digitized” version of the dances in volumetric data, we…

Sleep Like Mountains – (Re-)discovering bodies in landscapes

reated by Lotta Stöver, “Sleep Like Mountains” enacts a process of digital embedding and embodying. The installation measures the topography of a human body and compares it to geodata sets of Earth, searching for a most similar location, where the topography of the human body and Earth elevate and digitally situate in similar ways.

Sol – An apparatus that depicts pathways of the sun

Sol is a custom made apparatus that can depict any position and any trajectory of the sun. Since the sun’s path changes every day, the exact path it takes through the sky depends not only on the date but also on the geographical location of the observer. Sol reveals the different pathways the sun takes from anywhere in the world.

The March – Aleksiej Cecocho

The March is a study of the relative presentation of events by the media that forms post-truth. Every screen becomes another television channel presenting the behavior of a set of points in a different way. And the viewer becomes involved in the events, whether they want it or not. Their role in them depends on…

Floating Codes – The (spatial) topology of an artificial neural network

‘Floating Codes’ is a site-specific light and sound installation that explores the inner workings and hidden aesthetics of artificial neural networks – the fundamental building blocks of machine learning systems or artificial intelligence. The exhibition space itself becomes a neural network that processes information, its constantly alternating environment (light conditions/day-night cycle) including the presence of the visitors.

Colormatrics – Sonification-driven audiovisual works

Colormatrics is a set of three sonification-driven audiovisual works specially designed for the Cube at the Moss Arts Center. Based on my line-by-line image scanning method and additive synthesis techniques. Colormatrics converts generative visual patterns into sound and visualizes the sonification process in real time. Colormatrics_01 creates ambient- or pad-like sounds fitting in with the immersive atmosphere…