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Sleep Like Mountains–
(Re-)discovering bodies in landscapes

Created by Lotta Stöver, “Sleep Like Mountains” enacts a process of digital embedding and embodying. The installation measures the topography of a human body and compares it to geodata sets of Earth, searching for a most similar location, where the topography of the human body and Earth elevate and digitally situate in similar ways. It…

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Sol – An apparatus that depicts pathways of the sun

Sol is a custom made apparatus that can depict any position and any trajectory of the sun. Since the sun’s path changes every day, the exact path it takes through the sky depends not only on the date but also on the geographical location of the observer. Sol reveals the different pathways the sun takes from anywhere in the world.

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The March – Aleksiej Cecocho

The March is a study of the relative presentation of events by the media that forms post-truth. Every screen becomes another television channel presenting the behavior of a set of points in a different way. And the viewer becomes involved in the events, whether they want it or not. Their role in them depends on…

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Floating Codes – The (spatial) topology of an artificial neural network

‘Floating Codes’ is a site-specific light and sound installation that explores the inner workings and hidden aesthetics of artificial neural networks – the fundamental building blocks of machine learning systems or artificial intelligence. The exhibition space itself becomes a neural network that processes information, its constantly alternating environment (light conditions/day-night cycle) including the presence of the visitors.

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Breeze – The decimal place, a construct of nature beyond 0 and 1

‘Breeze’ is a kinetic sculpture that investigates natural and delicate movement using the materiality of papers and a digital system. It consists of 96 note papers in a 6×16 matrix and creates sequential and random movement patterns in the matrix using wind from computer cooling fans.

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Colormatrics – Sonification-driven audiovisual works

Colormatrics is a set of three sonification-driven audiovisual works specially designed for the Cube at the Moss Arts Center. Based on my line-by-line image scanning method and additive synthesis techniques. Colormatrics converts generative visual patterns into sound and visualizes the sonification process in real time. Colormatrics_01 creates ambient- or pad-like sounds fitting in with the immersive atmosphere…

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