Archive of all projects published in the year 2023

Equilibrium Morphologies – Responsive Modeling Framework for the Form-Finding of Membrane Structures

‘Equilibrium Morphologies’, a project developed by Fabian Eidner and Alina Turean at the Institute for Computational Design and Construction (ICD/University of Stuttgart), investigates how complex articulated membrane structures can be erected and tensioned through emergent behaviors of interacting forces and explore multiple states of equilibrium. The structural capacities of membranes unfold in the state of…

Adnose – Anosmia and (ML) smell prediction

dnose is an interactive sculpture in the shape of a nose created at NYU, Tisch School of the Arts ITP (Interactive Telecommunications Program) which combines image recognition and machine learning using a Raspberry Pi to predict the smell of any object placed underneath it.


Elisava has partnered with the creative research lab IAM to launch a new Master in Design for Responsible Artificial Intelligence, a part-time and low residency programme that brings together designers, strategists, trend researchers, futurists, new media artists, cultural producers, journalists and creative technologists to tackle precisely these kinds of questions.

Evolution – Animate and the inanimate

“Evolution” is an immersive audio-visual installation and performance that celebrates the vitality of inorganic materials. The project takes its inspiration from the physics phenomenon of Cymatics, which has demonstrated that certain substances can autonomously form complex patterns in response to vibrations.

Animas – Music co-creation with AI

Anima is an interactive installation that facilitates a musical jam session between humans and machines. Operating much like a sequencer, Anima uses open-source AI algorithms to generate musical sequences.

Space Odyssey – Azure Kinect & TouchDesigner Powered Interactive Projection

Commissioned by GOFY, Hologrix’s Space Odyssey is an interactive installation that takes audiences on an immersive journey through outer space. We created three real-time generative scenes using TouchDesigner software and projected onto a 12-meter-wide canvas on the façade of a building. The installation uses Microsoft’s Azure Kinect device to track motion data of participants as…

Vague Boundaries – Particles, lines, and waves

Created by Jonghong Park, Vague Boundaries explores ‘boundaries’ between matter and phenomena. The custom made machine draws straight lines continuously on the paper by snapping the thread with the mechanism of the chalk line tool.