24h Sunrise/Sunset – The beauty of unsecured CCTV cameras

For some time Dries Depoorter has been exploring themes of privacy, artificial intelligence, surveillance & social media in his work, creating interactive installations, apps and games that question our relationship to and with technology.

His latest work, ’24h Sunrise/Sunset’ is an attempt to show that ‘unsecured CCTV cameras can also show something beautiful‘ – an installation that displays a realtime sunset and sunrise somewhere happening in the world with the use of CCTV.

Created using Raspberry Pi 3B+, Arduino Nano Every , custom PCB, power supply’s, VFD displays, lasercut metal and LEDs. Software includes Python 3 & Firebase realtime databases.

Currently on display at Window of the World at St.Moritz till 18.10.2020.

Project Page | Dries Depoorter


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