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Anti AI AI  – NN wearable for recognising synthetic voice

Created by the R&D team at the creative technology agency DT, Anti AI AI is a wearable  neural network prototype designed to notify the wearer when a synthetic voice is detected in the environment. The device also provides a thermoelectric feedback to the wearer when the voice they are hearing was synthesised.

The post-truth era is just getting started. Near the end of 2017 we’ll be consuming content synthesised to mimic real people. Leaving us in a sea of disinformation powered by AI and machine learning. The media, giant tech corporations and citizens already struggle to discern fact from fiction. And as this technology is democratised it will be even more prevalent.

To make this work the team developed a custom circuit board using the tiny Simblee BLE Arduino chip, and custom iOS app that streams audio to a Tensorflow application running a neural net trained on synthetic voices.

We wanted the device to give the wearer a unique sensation that matched what they were experiencing when a synthetic voice is detected. Common feedback mechanisms use light, sound or vibration to alert users. By using a 4x4mm thermoelectric Peltier plate we were able to create a noticeable chill on the skin near the back of the neck without drawing too much current.

To tie the hardware together the team developed several independent components. Their Tensorflow neural network formed the backbone of the system, remotely classifying audio data being streamed in via a phone. All training was done in an offline step prior to running their classifier. The iPhone app provided the glue between our IOT wearable and the neural network.

This project is a work in progress. In just 5 days they created a functional prototype and when the circuit boards arrive from the manufacturer they’ll bring it all together as a wearable device and continue to improve their neural net with more synthetic content as it is released.

Project Page | R&D at DT

↑ Anti AI AI cooling element – Peltier Module 3.96mm x 3.96mm x 2.40mm

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