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ChineseWhispers – Inaccurately transmitted gossip

Created by Saurabh DattaChineseWhispers is an installation comprised of four head figures performing “Chinese Whispers” – a sequence of repetitions of a story, each one differing slightly from the original, so that the final telling bears only a scant resemblance to the original.

Today our lives: online, physical and in other dimensions, depends so much on reinterpretation and transfer of data through multitude of channels. Observing people in real life talking and meaning separate things, one may wonder, what if this wasn’t intentional or a human nature of nurture; but rather a natural result of natural fatigue and decay. A rigor that even human-non-alike machines also seem to perform.

By embracing electronic noise or as it naturally occurs in an un-engineered process, the process corrupts the initial message being spoken over multitudes of iteration of message repetitions. The result is something else, hard to understand and impossible to encrypt.

Hardware includes Arduino, fixed voltage power supplies, metal geared servo motors, relays, record and replay modules, amplifiers, speakers, electret mics, custom stainless steel frame, custom designed and milled cast iron rotation bases, collapsible mounts, custom 3D printed parts and readymade makeup doll heads. Software includes Arduino interpreted embedded C.

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