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Compass – A wearable that senses the magnetic north

Created by Jelle Reith, Compass is a wearable suit designed out of three pieces with each including movable flaps that work together and ‘point’ north. The actuators work using static and electromagnets and they create a perfect loop with the sensor embedded in the suit; they sense magnetic north, and the magnets display this information.

The suit includes about 400 meters of enameled copper wire (0.1 mm), Arduino Nano, 12 sn74hc595n shift registers, 12 ULN2003AN darlington transistor arrays, about 150 neodymium magnet, Gy-273 HMC5883L compass sensor, 7.2 volts 1000mAh LiPo battery, normal copper wire and 3 solder boards. The libraries used include Adafruit_HMC5883_Unified library for sensor and wire library for i2c protocol. The fabric was cut using a laser cutter, which was glued and sewed at places, and finally the case was 3D printed.

Project PageJelle Reith

See also: feelSpace – a project that investigates if the human brain is flexible enough to ‘learn’ a new sense.

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