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Mojigen and Sujigen – Writing letters and numbers with servos using a time axis

Created by Yuichiro Katsumoto, Mojigen and Sujigen is a collection of servo motors, connected together to write a letter by the means of manipulating the axis of the motor.

“A number or letter is a two-dimensional symbol. Also, it is a static image. But we cannot write a letter without moving our bodies and spending time. Thus, we can consider that each number or letter potentially has a time axis.” – Yuichiro Katsumoto

In the first example (below) the motors are connected to each other where each motor can rotate the next one along. The rotation is doubled with each motor but as demonstrated and calculated, with the correct number of rotations letters can be created when viewed from below.

The second example (below) includes eight servo motors in alignment with each having another servo connected in its reach. By manipulating the position of each pendulum-like arm, and using spring which connects each arm to the one adjacent.

Mojigen and Sujigen are also referred to as “One-Stroke” in English and “一筆” in Chinese.

The research is supported by the National Research Foundation of the government of Singapore under a funding initiative from the Interactive Digital Media Programme Office.

Project Page | Yuichiro Katsumoto

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