Jason Van Cleave and Andreas Müller

In March 2013, Jason and Andreas held a workshop at the Resonate 2013 festival where participants had a look at how to set up a comfortable work environment, the particulars of running openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi and went through some examples that play to the strengths of the Raspberry Pi. The purpose of this guide is to gain familiarity with the Raspberry Pi, a bit of Linux and a head start in programming for one of the most exciting computing platforms out there. http://jvcleave.com http://www.nanikawa.com

How to use openFrameworks on the RaspberryPi – Tutorial

The Raspberry Pi is a very exciting low cost computing platform aimed at the educational market. It offers reasonable performance in a small package at a price of $25, making it very attractive for creative computing projects. Here we show you how to run openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi.

21/11/2013 in Featured&Members&openFrameworks&Tutorials