Blair Neal

Blair Neal is a video artist interested in the interaction between visuals and sound, and how we interact with them. Currently a Creative Technologist at Fake Love in NYC ( ). @laserpilot

Guide to Projectors for Interactive Installations

Video projectors are one of the most important tools for creators of interactive installations. The information for projectors is available on various websites, but this 2 part guide will focus on their use in production and interactive environments.

14/04/2014 in Featured&Members&Tutorials

Guide to Camera Types for Interactive Installations

Choosing the right type of camera for your interactive installation is one of the most important technical choices you can make in your initial planning phases. Making the incorrect choice can really impact how well your installation reacts to its victims and it can also impact its ability to perform robustly in a large amount of environments.

19/02/2013 in Members&Tutorials