Dylan Schenker

A freelance writer and researcher in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Elektra XX – Transcending the Machinic Body

In Elektra’s 20th year common themes from throughout the history of the festival of machinic bodies and digital transcendence are explored in depth and pushed to their extremes.

04/07/2019 in Events

Searching for the Smart City’s blind spots – resistance, respite, and “New Romance”

Showcasing three film collaborations by Liam Young and Tim Maughan, “New Romance: Love Stories from the Machine City” is an exhibition currently showing at the Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery (Columbia GSAPP) about finding respite and cultivating resistance in the smart city.

15/05/2017 in Members&Review

Evidentiary Realism – Revealing the aesthetics of investigation

“Evidentiary Realism” is an exhibition that delves into the aesthetics of sites of inaccessibility, incarceration, and intrigue. CAN’s NYC correspondent Dylan Schenker ponders the Paolo Cirio-curated show, which emerges from the collaboration of NOME and the Fridman Gallery.

16/03/2017 in Members&Review

Tense Relations: human vs. machine art and aesthetics at BIAN

CAN contributor Dylan Schenker considers AUTOMATA (“art made by machines for machines”) and the uneasy relation between human and machine aesthetics at the third edition of Montreal’s BIAN digital art biennale.

17/06/2016 in Review

Everything & More & More – Marina Zurkow and Rachel Rose

A consideration of systems and scale in Marina Zurkow’s “MORE&MORE (the invisible oceans)” and Rachel Rose’s “Everything & More,” exhibitions recently mounted at (respectively) bitforms and the Whitney Museum for American Art in NYC.

14/03/2016 in Events&Members

Voice Array and Last Breath by Rafeal Lozano-Hemmer

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28/09/2012 in Events&Members&Objects&Review

Miebach and Posavec – Data, Visualization, Poetry and Sculpture

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10/08/2012 in Events&Featured&Members&Theory