[Sinusoidal Noise] – A study of movement in sinusoidal chaos

Sinusoidal Noise is a modular light installation that uses random oscillating patterns to create a larger sense of movement. The work comprises 98 pixels each of which fades on and off at a unique frequency. These slow, detuned oscillations create the illusion of shapes emerging, where light appears to pass between pixels as they move […]

21/07/2020 in Member Submissions&Objects

Laser Microphone – Hear The Secret Sounds Of The Natural World

At every moment, we are surrounded by thousands of sounds too quiet to hear: bubbles in water, the movement of an insect’s legs, sand falling in an hourglass. Objects oscillating with undetectable amplitudes are creating symphonies all around us that we are deaf to. How can we tune into the secret sonic landscapes of the […]

07/05/2020 in Member Submissions