Rosi Grillmair

Rosi Grillmair (1991, Austria) is a mediator and creator of digital arts. She is mainly working with real-time processing, data visualisation and generative graphics using community driven coding tools like Processing and vvvv. Her works were exhibited at Ars Electronica, Medialab Prado, amberfestival Istanbul and TADAEX Tehran. She worked for festivals like Ars Electronica, NODE Forum for Digital Arts and UNPAINTED media art fair. Currently, she is also involved in the planning of TADAEX 2016 after she was invited as an artist for the 2015 edition. Since then she curated a show presenting the master's course Interface Cultures which combines interaction technology and digital art at Mohsen Gallery/Tehran. From September 2016 she will be based in Tehran to dig deeper into the Iranian art scene. She and Amir Bastan are planning to found CREATIVE CODING TEHRAN.

Digital Art of Tehran – TADAEX06

In a little over a week, the 6th edition of TADAEX festival (Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition) takes place at Mohsen Gallery in Tehran, Iran. It’s a strong manifestation of the digital scene in Tehran and the people who make it possible, it features Iranian digital artists as well as far reaching international network of collaborators thanks to an ongoing residency program with NODE Forum for Digital Arts.

14/09/2016 in Events&Members