CAN at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” (11/12 October 2014)

Later this week CreativeApplications.Net is joining the Moscow-based sound, art and technology community MIGZ for yet another edition of the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” festival with the co-curated educational programme taking place on the 11th and 12th of October at the Digital October Centre and the Media Cube, both located at the heart of Moscow.

The aim of the programme is to expose the latest wave of accomplishments and trends noticeable on the multimedia/technology/light design scene. By bringing together artists, creative professionals, light designers, online content creators, journalists and innovators from both abroad and the region, the programme continues to offer great insight into different facets of the multimedia practice, focused on education and practical application of technology. This year the programme is expanding to include participation by representatives of other festivals around the world as well as highly acclaimed educational institutions.

Participants include Michael Badics (Ars Electronica), Jin Yo Mok, Ralph Larmann, Pixmob, Markus Heckmann (Derivative/TouchDesigner), Alexander Scholz (HOLO/CAN), Joreg (vvvv), Foreigners, Radugadesign, Russian Visual Artists, Jakob Bak (CIID, Copenhagen), Arseny Mesheryakov (HSE Design School), Dmitry Karpov (British High School of Design), Chris Bird (d3), Dmitry Morozov aka :: vtol ::, in[visible] studio – Vadim Epstein and Antokhio, Andrea Cuius, Patrick Woodroffe, Bibi, Travesías de Luz, Christoph Luckeneder, Vasily Sazonov, Patrice Bouqueniaux, Ruslan Semenov, Els I.R.L. Vermang – LAb[au], Christopher Bauder (WHITEvoid), Shane Walter – onedotzero, Sila Sveta , Anna Titovets (Intektra), FreezeLight, Electroboutique and many others.

In addition to many talks, panel discussion and product demonstrations, there will also be workshops providing hands on experience and skills working with some of the most exciting tools and techniques. Workshops include Synthesis, Light & Code (CIID), Synthesis of Realtime Graphics with vvvv and Custom dx11 Shaders (Joreg, STAIN), Automate and Synchronize your World with TouchDesigner  (Markus Heckmann (Derivative), Dmitry Napolnov (Sila Sveta)), Introduction to d3 Technologies (Chris Bird (d3) and Russian Visual Artists), Cinder and Light (Andrea Cuius), Drawing with Light and Lasers (Studio In[visible]), and Building and controlling light devices with Pure Data (Dmitry Morozov aka :: vtol ::).

For more information and how to register (free), visit




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