CAN at the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” (5/6 October 2013)

Curated in collaboration with the Moscow-based sound, art and technology community MIGZ and organised by the Government of Moscow, we are pleased to announce the Educational Programme for the Moscow International Festival “Circle of Lights” taking place 5th and 6th October in the Digital October Centre at the Red October district.

Our aim is to expose the latest wave of accomplishments and trends noticeable on the multimedia/technology/light design scene. By bringing together artists, creative professionals, light designers, online content creators, journalists and innovators from both abroad and the region, the programme is designed to create a platform for networking, information and mutual support that would represent the beginning of a long-standing international cooperation with far-reaching consequences both for the internal development of the media/technology industry and for the image that the region is known for around the world.

The programme is designed to gradually become a an ongoing project by including semi-permanent or permanent programs aimed at empowering local practitioners and funding organisations to take advantage of the global movement towards digitalization, electronic networking and digital marketing. Putting Moscow-based creatives and intellectuals alongside their counterparts from different countries worldwide and providing a meaningful context in which they can work together to fulfill common objectives and overcome shared challenges.

The visitors will be offered a great insight into different facets of the multimedia practice, focused on education and practical application, sparking interest for the underlying topics of the event and preparing the audience for innovative practices characteristic for the scene.

The programme is comprised of Presentations/Talks, Project Q&As, Panel Discussions, Workshops, Screenings and the participants include:

International: Klaus Obermaier (Exile), Alexandros Tsolakis (United Visual Artists), Andreas Muller (Nanikawa), Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips), Peter Kirn (Create Digital Motion), Roberto Fazio (Roberto Fazio), Keri Elmsly (Elmsly), Patrice Bouqueniaux (ETC), Pierre-Yves Toulot (CosmoAV), Ralph Larmann (Ralph Larmann Company), Edouard Moreau (Strelka Institute) and Filip Visnjic (Creative Applications Network).

Russia: Dmitry Napolnov and Alexander Us (Sila Sveta), Alexandra Gavrilova (Stain), Ivan Nefedkin (Radugadesign), Maxim Kozlov (Interactive Lab). Ekaterina Bazilevskaya (Look At Media), Ruslan Semenov (ETC Russia), Vadim Epstein and Anton Kalabuhov (In[Visible]), Elena Salakhetdinova (Lexus), Anton Kuklin and Kristina Vdovina (Alfa Bank), Oliver Rademacher (Marketing Director, BMW Group Russia), Anna Antonova (Managing partner, LOUDER agency), Alexey Zagrebelny (, Ivan Polissky and Nikolay Polissky (Nikola Lenivets Art Park) and Vlad Severtsev (Russian Visual Artists)

United Visual Artists
United Visual Artists

Panel Discussions

Shaping the future – Light as an expressive artistic medium

Elliot Woods (Kimchi and Chips), Andreas Muller (Nanikawa), Alexandra Gavrilova (Stain), Filip Visnjic (moderator)
World leading artists in the field discuss tools and technologies, their development, artistic and social implications. Likewise, part of the discussion will focus on how to develop and nurture of collaboration – highly characteristic of the medium.

Producing and Commissioning Public Art Projects

Klaus Obermaier (Exile), Keri Elmsly (Elmsly), Ivan Polissky and Nikolay Polissky (Nikola Lenivets Art Park), TBC (moderator)
This panel discussion will attempt to address the challenges of working with both state funding organisation and brands in commissioning and producing public art projects. From understanding cultural value to engaging the public, the panel of speakers with extensive portfolio of work will discuss the opportunities of working with artists pushing the boundaries.

Transforming Urban Space – Meaningful Interventions

Edouard Moreau (Urban Development Consultant for Strelka Institute), Vlad Severtsev (Russian Visual Artists), Ralph Larmann (Ralph Larmann Company), Peter Kirn (moderator)
Public space has a long history and since historically has always played an integral in formulating interactions between citizens it is increasingly being overpopulated by advertising in the form of billboards or brand interventions. This panel will try to address how to develop and integrate into urban fabrics in a meaningful and engaging way and avoid noise and cliches.

Brand Engagement and New Interactive Technologies

Maxim Kozlov (Interactive Lab), Anton Kuklin and Kristina Vdovina (Alfa BankAlfa Show 4D), Oliver Rademacher (Marketing Director, BMW Group Russia), Anna Antonova (Managing partner,LOUDER agency),  Elena Salakhetdinova (Lexus), Alexey Zagrebelny ( (chair)
Brands are increasingly recognising the value of “interactive” to raise brand awareness. From trade shows to public spaces, the range of both opportunities and commissions is overwhelming. This panel will address and discuss some of the opportunities and challenges in both commissioning, developing and communicating messages to the public through the use of interactive technologies.

3D Interactive Projection Mapping with Unity3d - Roberto Fazio
3D Interactive Projection Mapping with Unity3d – Roberto Fazio

Project Talks

Alexander Us and Denis Bashev – Sila Sveta (55 Zelenograd)

zeleno_posterSila Sveta was found in 2008. Since then the team has created and implemented more than 160 mapping and video projection projects for Russian and International markets.  Sila Sveta Studio is engaged in the development and implementation of: video mapping shows, interactive shows, stages for music artists, video installations for clubs and restaurants and video effects for film and TV. They are based in Moscow and operate internationally.

Alexander Us and Denis Bashev will present the work for 55 Zelenograd and offer audience unique opportunity to not only get insight but also ask questions about the project.

Patrice Bouqueniaux and Ruslan Semenov – ETC, Pierre-Yves Toulot – Cosmo AV (From Olympic Games to Light Festival. Global international projects of ETC)


ETC was formed by a group of people who shared an exciting new idea: realising large-scale image projections. This passion developed into a structured company, recognised the world over and, since 2002, part of the INEO group of companies, a subsidiary of GDF-SUEZ. Today ETC is the result of a long journey of professionalization, research, development and, above all, the innovation of technical expertise showcased at the most ambitious projects.

The Cosmo AV team conceive, stage and direct giant video projections for live entertainment, big events, shows and corporate. Cosmo is specialist in image creation and video set designing for large format projections. Their agency works all around the world.

Patrice, Ruslan and Pierre-Yves will reveal details of global international projects of ETC.

Ivan Nefedkin – Raduga Design (One Year to the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi)

vimeoRaduga Design – design studio specialises in the creation of unusual advertising, using the latest technology. They connect three areas: innovation, hardware and video design and their company provides a full range of services, from concept to actual implementation and management of the idea, presentations and exhibitions.

Ivan from Raduga Design will discuss the amazing project “One year to the XXII Olympic Winter Games” ceremony, collaboration and ideas that drove the project success.

Vlad Severtsev – Russian Visual Artists (BBC Radio One’s Big Weekend)

bbc1Russian Visual Artists (RVA) is a creative team of young talented designers, programmers and artists which was founded in 2009 in Moscow. Today, we are one of the leading teams in Russia engaged in visual and multimedia arts. They actively implement interactive solutions and latest technology in their projects, which touch upon various areas ranging from art installations and innovative stage space designs to monumental advertising solutions and light designs at cultural events.

Vlad Severtsev from RVA will present the latest work for BBC Radio 1, from technical details, production to execution for one of the most important music festivals in Europe, BBC Radio 1’s BIG WEEKEND. On the same stage were Calvin Harris, Vampire Weekend, Thirty Seconds to Mars, Conor Maynard, Paramore, Biffy Clyro, Bruno Mars and others.

Andreas Muller – Nanikawa (Hyundai i40 Light Reveal)

Hyundai_UnderLights1Andreas’ early career included working as Rich Media Director at the world renowned design studio Hi-ReS! for 5 years before founding Nanikawa together with Hi-ReS! founder Florian Schmitt, to create a company focused on up and coming technology. On top of his contributions to various award winning projects while at Hi-ReS!, in 2005 he was awarded the prestigious Tokyo Type Directors Club Grand Prix for his piece “For All Seasons”, the first and (so far) only interactive piece to receive the Grand Prix.

In this project talk Andreas will discuss the project for the Hyundai i40, which was revealed at the Geneva Motorshow. Users could connect through Facebook to directly participate in the live light reveal and animate light over the car and change views. This is of course sent directly to the warehouse where the car is located and video feedback shown back to the users on the site.

Elliot Woods – Kimchi and Chips (Assembly)

Assembly-by-Kimchi-and-Chips-08-xElliot Woods is a digital media artist, technologist, curator, educator from Manchester UK. He creates provocations towards future interactions between humans and socio-visual design technologies (principally projectors, cameras and graphical computation). Towards this goal, Elliot co-founded Kimchi and Chips, an experimental art / design / technology studio based in Seoul. He is known for transforming a tree into an addressable array of voxels and for throwing augmented fireballs.

He is a curator of the ScreenLab Residency and ScreenLab Conference programmes, which develop digital media arts practice, and encourage the dialogue between digital and contemporary art cultures.

In addition to hosting a workshop at the festival, Elliot will discuss latest work in this project talk and introduce latest technologies associated with both mapping and engaging the public in intelligent light installations. From building objects “in the air” to “physical pixels” visitors will be introduced to the ideas surrounding digital light within the physical space and the production of “volumetric imagery”.

Vadim Epstein and Anton Kalabukhov – In[Visible] (Kazantip Festival – 11 Years of Video Evolution)

kazantipin[visible] studio is visual art and production company located in Moscow. Founders and main creative partners of the Studio have worked in visual media industry for 10-15 years and got acknowledged as leading Russian visual artists (VJs). Studio has been formed in 2009 as a reasonable step from personal affairs to more scaled projects, blending and combining all kinds of modern visual hi-tech creativity. Over 4 years of Studio existence made it recognized locally and abroad, well deserving it’s status of a leader in high tech visuals in Russia.

In this project talk Vadim Epstein and Anton Kalabukhov will discuss the work produced for Kazantip Festival.

Nanikawa - Kasabian Tour 2011
Nanikawa – Kasabian Tour 2011


Peter Kirn (Create Digital Media)

Peter is an audiovisual artist, journalist, and technologist. Classically trained in composition and piano, he now focuses on live electronic performance. He is the founder of CDM (, a widely-read daily site that explores creative technology, and has contributed to Macworld, Popular Science, De:Bug, Keyboard, and others. He teaches and develops open creative tools, including co-creating the open source MeeBlip synthesizer. Born in Kentucky, he is now based in Berlin. Peter is also a PhD Candidate in Music Composition at The City University of New York Graduate Center.

Alexandros Tsolakis (United Visual Artists)

Established in 2003, United Visual Artists are an art and design practice based in London. UVA produce work at the intersection of sculpture, architecture, live performance, moving image and digital installation. UVA’s team members come from many disciplines including fine art, architecture, communication design, moving image, computer science and engineering. The cross-pollination of diverse skills inspires new fields of exploration, which is core to their ethos. Pushing the boundaries of research, software and engineering with every project, UVA’s work aims above all to be meaningful and engaging.

UVA’s work has been exhibited at institutions including the V&A, the Royal Academy of Art, the South Bank Centre, the Wellcome Collection, Opera North Leeds, Durham Cathedral and The British Library. Their artworks have also toured internationally to cities including Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Yamaguchi, Taipei, Hong Kong, Melbourne and Barcelona. UVA also have large scale permanent art works in Toronto and Istanbul.

Ekaterina Bazilevskaya (Look At Media)

Chief Commercial Officer / Creative Director, co-founder / Look At Media

Previously Katya Bazilevskaya was a Head of Analytics at Kislorod – a communication planning intelligence unit, a part of Publicis Groupe Media Russia and Leo Burnett Group Moscow. Katya was in charge of trend watching, analytics and communication strategy development for such clients as Coca-Cola, P&G, MARS, Phillip Morris, EFES, Levi’s, Volvo and etc. In 2007 she left the network to start up an independent digital media company and creative agency.

Look At Media today is both one of the most successful digital media companies in Russia with over 4 000 000 readers per month and an award winning creative agency. In 2012 Look At Media won GOLD CANNES LION in Mobile for the campaign called ‘Parking Douche’ and was named both ‘The agency of the year’ and ‘The best independent agency’ at Golden Drum.

Keri Elmsly

Keri Elmsly specialises in developing and producing ambitious visual arts & design projects. She produce extraordinary and bold projects for a remarkable range of renowned UK and international contemporary artists and commissioners. From site specific, interactive and large scale installations, touring shows and commercial projects to developing permanent public art commissions and artist-led collaborative projects and interventions.

The company she founded after 15 years of experience working directly for and with artists, her experience encompasses managing relationships with commissioners and curators, securing opportunities and project development through to final delivery and project legacy.

Her projects are supported by an established international network of artists, architects, coders, designers, engineers, makers, fabricators, technicians and suppliers.

Keri has delivered projects for the clients including Ars Electronica, Linz, Coachella Festival, Federation Square, La Gaité Lyrique, Mayor of London, National Maritime Museum – London,

The British Council, The Royal Academy of Arts, The Victoria & Albert Museum, Yamaguchi Centre for Arts & Media, Yota Space, Russia and others.

Klaus Obermaier

Since more than two decades media-artist, director/choreographer and composer Klaus Obermaier creates innovative works in the area of performing arts, music, theatre and new media, highly acclaimed by critics and audience.

His inter-media performances and artworks are shown at festivals and theaters throughout Europe, Asia, North and South America and Australia. He worked with dancers of the Nederlands Dans Theater, Chris Haring, Robert Tannion (DV8), Desireé Kongerød (S.O.A.P. Dance Theatre Frankfurt) … He composed for ensembles like Kronos Quartet, German Chamber Philharmonics, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Balanescu Quartet, among others.

Since 2006 he is visiting professor at the University IUAV of Venice teaching directing and new media. Also since 2006 he is jury member of the international choreography competition ‘no ballet’ in Ludwigshafen/Rhein, Germany. In 2005 and 2008 he taught as an adjunct professor for composition at the Webster University Vienna. In 2010 and 2011 he held courses for choreography and new media at the Accademia Nazionale di Danza di Roma. He gives lectures at international universities and institutions.

Raduga Design (One Year to the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi) Ivan Nefedkin
Raduga Design (One Year to the XXII Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi) Ivan Nefedkin


Participation at workshops is per application only. To apply, please visit this link. Spaces are limited and please not the workshop requirements before applying.

DMX/openFrameworks Lighting

Andreas Müller – Nanikawa

1In this workshop participants are going to explore a different output for your software by taking control over various light fixtures. Andreas go through the basics of the DMX, the standard protocol to interact with light fixtures of every shape and size, how a few different types of light fixtures are controlled by it and will write openFrameworks applications that take control of the light environment around them. Participants in the workshop will leave with a better understanding of DMX and it’s interaction light fixtures and some hands on experience gained by creating their own light controlling software.

Workshop Requirements: Laptop with Windows – Visual Studio Free installed or Mac – XCode installed (available from the App Store) or Linux, you need to be able to compile an openFrameworks project. Download openFrameworks here and follow the instructions from the site that are relevant to your system and compile one of the example projects.

Between Input and Output – Data processing and visualization with TouchDesigner 88

Dmitry Napolnov, Denis Akopov – Sila Sveta

screenshotThe workshop is intended for specialist and beginners involved in 3D graphics and video production who want to embrace real-time rendering, multimedia installations production and interactivity. In the workshop a new major release of TouchDesigner (88) will be introduced – a good chance to get familiar with its new features and tools. Besides, participants will develop basic skills in prototyping interactive systems and interfaces.

Topics covered in the workshop: installation prototyping, user interface prototyping, user input devices (traditional and natural), sound visualization, web data processing, scripting in python, real-time render, video mapping elements

Workshop Requirements: Laptop running Windows 7 (8) with a modern game graphic card and TouchDesigner 88 FTE installed. Basic understanding of 3D is a must, skills in any 3D packadge is a plus and scripting in any language is a big plus. Don’t forget your mouse!

Visual Rhythms: Connecting Image to Music and Sound

Peter Kirn – Create Digital Motion

Peter-Kirn-1When light, video, and visuals enter the real-time realm, they take on some of the properties of music. The ability to choreograph visuals as if they were themselves music has had a rich tradition over the past century, one uniquely tied to Russian artists. In this workshop, we will review some of that history for inspiration, then see how to sketch visual and musical connections in free software and protocols. This will include a quick look at some examples in free tools Processing (for creative coding) and Pure Data (for graphical programming), as well as an overview of how these connections can be made using the standards MIDI and OpenSoundControl (OSC) in a variety of tools.

You’ll leave with a sense of how to create sounds and visuals that are connected in performance and installation work. Suitable for designers, musicians, and artists, with or without previous experience in these tools.

Workshop Requirements: Please bring a laptop with OS X, Windows, or (if you’re comfortable with configuring it) Linux. Please install Processing ( and Pure Data ( in advance.

Designing Intelligent Light Structures

Elliot Woods – Kimchi and Chips

2For digital to exist in the real world, it must suffer its rules, and gain its possibilities. In this workshop Elliot Woods will introduce participants in the latest technologies associated with both mapping and engaging the public in intelligent light installations. From building objects “in the air” to “physical pixels” participants will be working on creating emulsion of digital light within the physical space, producing “volumetric imagery”.

Using techniques such as “structured light”, participants will learn how to target a map of light onto complex physical structures.

Workshop Requirements: Laptop (Windows) Preferably less than 4 years old Mac laptops are fine, but you must be running Bootcamp (not Parallels). Please install the latest copy of VVVV and follow the instructions in crack.exe before arriving at the workshop.

Methodologies and Design of 3D Interactive Projection Mapping with Unity3d

Roberto Fazio – Roberto Fazio

33This workshop is intended for video designers, designers, and students who want to learn how to develop professional video mapping projects for events, trade and cultural contexts. During the  workshop, the participants will learn how to realise a 3d interactive projection mapping project. 3D projection mapping is an experimental technique that transforms a surface, as an object or a building, into a screen where to project 3d video contents based on the surface geometry itself. In recent years it has became one of the most innovative and popular approach to video projections in various fields, from entertainment to marketing. During the workshop participants will analyse all the theoretical and practical aspects of mapping project development. The workshop will follow a reverse engineering process focusing on a work realised by Roberto Fazio.

The objectives include to learn all the various aspects/stages of a video mapping project, learn how to elaborate a video mapping project from end to end and finally an overlook of the new possible applications of this technique.

Workshop Requirements: Basic editing video knowledge and familiarity with 3d environments like Cinema4d or similar. It is appreciated though not required previous experience with any programming language or scripting. Laptop with Cinema4d r13, Unity3d 4.0 , Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects. Additional plugins Cinema4d : Transform pluginNitroBake,

Unity3d : MegaFiersSyphon for Unity3d, OSCKinect (you can bring your own) kinect or elementMap or Millumin. The platform used during this workshop will be Mac OSX 10.8 . It is advisable to have appropriate work tools already installed to speed up the set up.

In-Visible (Kazantip Festival - 11 years of video evolution) Vadim Epstein, Anton Kalabukhov
In-Visible (Kazantip Festival – 11 years of video evolution) Vadim Epstein, Anton Kalabukhov


You can register for the event (FREE) including all of the workshops at the following link:

Saturday – Sunday / 5-6 October 2013
Digital October Centre

konferenc_zalmaly_zalkamernie_auditorii (1)

About the Festival

Educational Programme of the Moscow International Festival is organised and supported by the city.

The Circle of Light is a bright event for Russian capital, which is becoming the Moscow Government’s traditional autumn present to the Moscovites and the capital’s guests. The city environment will be filled with the energy of light, each of the five Festival sites will be lighted and united into the light circle. This year, these will include Luzhniki Olympic Complex, Tsaritsyno Park, Bolshoi Theatre, and Manege. In the evening, on each of them all visitors will be able to see video projection programs for free. Viewers will enjoy stunning multimedia and musical shows, light installations, interactive activities, laser and audiovisual shows, presentation of ART VISION contest works and much more – for more information read the “Event Schedule” at the Festival web site at In Digital October Center for two days educational program will be available. The Festival guests will be able to appreciate the works of renowned Russian and foreign artists as well as of young light designers, gain knowledge, attend workshops of leading Russian and foreign light professionals.

The Circle of Light is a unique project enabling everyone to see the new faces of the city’s familiar look, in which light designers and 2D and 3D professionals will use the city’s architectural environment for multimedia and light installations.

This year’s Festival subject is the Light Relay. Right at the time of the event, the Olympic Torch will be delivered to the capital, which will start its grand march over all 83 Russian regions. This is for several decades that the Light Relay has been symbolizing peace, unity, friendship, purity, inspiration, and, above all, light.

For more information about the festival, visit

Visual Rhythms- Connecting Image to Music and Sound - Peter Kirn
Visual Rhythms- Connecting Image to Music and Sound – Peter Kirn