NODE Forum for Digital Arts 2015

The biennial festival NODE – Forum for Digital Arts, is back next year taking place between April 27th until May 3rd 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Since 2008, NODE has been the annual gathering for coders, digital artists and creatives in the digital media scene. Rooted in the vvvv community, NODE features over 30 different hands-on vvvv-workshops, talks and panel discussions facilitating knowledge sharing and exchange. NODE Forum is a unique week-long rush of theoretical and practical workshops and lectures, exhibitions and artist presentations.

Featuring both CAN and HOLO, NODE presents the work of artists, scientists, theorists, practitioners and thanks to the new location partner Mousonturm, NODE is extending the performance and exhibition program considerably in 2015.

The leitmotif of this fourth edition will be discussed under the title “Wrapped in Code – The Future of the Informed Body”. The aim is to shed light on the relationship between the human body and technology in times of an ongoing disembodiment and virtualization on the one hand and the gradual physical incorporation of algorithms and tools on the other. NODE will address the integral role of the body in processes of perception and interaction; as location of implicit knowledge; and as a tool we constantly try to extend and optimize.

Apart from inviting proposals, NODE15 is also calling out for financial support for their talks and arts program. In a crowdfunding campaign, NODE is preselling Lecture Day Passes and, for the first time, specific Weekpasses for the evening non-workshop program (performances, exhibition, lecture day, artist talks etc.) meant for those who do not want to attend vvvv-workshops. So, if you want to help making the program even more diverse and exciting, support NODE in a competition for additional funds by preordering a ticket or goody on

NODE15 Lecture Day Pass NODE15 Weekpass Evenings | NODE15
April 27th until May 3rd 2015
Frankfurt, Germany

NODE13_Artwork & Photo by Robert MathyNODE13_vvvv2NODE13_JohnPowers_Credit_Jeanne_Vogt