Retune Conference – Berlin, 26-28 September 2014

Next month Berlin is once again home to Retune, an annual conference bringing together artists, designers, technologists as well as researchers and scientists to inspire interdisciplinary thinking and making. This annual gathering of international creative minds seeks to explore, shape, and critically question the future of living, working, and expressing with technology. Responding to the theme of ‘inside the mirror’, CAN and HOLO team will be there to present and discuss a diverse range of topics looking at the intersections of art and technology. We aim to reveal some of the driving forces behind our online and offline initiatives and hoping to ignite a critical discussion about the subject. We’ll also have copies of HOLO at the event so if you don’t have one yet, you can pick it up at Retune.

Mirrors allow us to look at the world and ourselves from the outside, enable us to see things otherwise hidden. Giving ust he chance to learn something about us and our environment. Today‘s mirrors are not made of glass and metal but from silicon. The digital world is like a mirror-world, reflecting events, people, connections and places. Our behaviour is being documented by countless data, social network activities, photos, videos and biometric data. Personal and global trends, affectations and reluctances can be analysed. It is easy to fall in love with the wonderland in the mirror and our virtual self that is easy to reshape.Reflections can be distorted, filtered or blurred without us noticing. It looks so familiar but is yet not the same. Finding out more about the mirror is hard because it keeps distracting us with its reflections. It evades observation, showing something else instead of revealing truth about itself and hiding what lies behind. And in the end what the mirror shows and what we see in it is not necessarily the same. — introduction to retune 2014


Speakers include: A Parede, Zach Blas, Cyborgs E.V., Anaisa Franco, Moritz Simon Geist, Jarii Van Gohl, Stefano Mirti, Domenico Quaranta, Random International, Joachim Sauter, Karsten Schmidt, Gabriel Shalom, Karina Smigla-Bobinski, United Visual Artists, Filip Visnjic, Alice Wang.

Workshops: Choreographic Coding Lab (Jeanne Voigt, Florian Jenett) / NETWorkshop – Lightning in the Age of Cloud- Computing (Julian Oliver, Danja Vasiliev) / Introduction to vvvv by and create GPU-based image effects (Anton Mezhiborskiy, joreg) / Let’s get physical with vvvv & draw with your body (Jochen Leinberger, Mark Lukas) / Introduction to openFrameworks (Arturo Castro) / Internet of Things with Arduino Yun (Alessandro Contini) / How Can the Arts Change Informatics Rather Than Informatics Only Changing the Arts? (Prof. Alan Shapiro)

26-28 September 2014
Arena Glashaus Berlin, Eichenstraße 4, 12435 Berlin
Tickets: Student Ticket (60€) / Regular Ticket (80€) / Professional Ticket (120€) / Workshops (€30)