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The Accidental News Explorer [iPhone]

Created and designed by Brendan Dawes and published by CreativeApplications.Net, The Accidental News Explorer is a new type of news app that celebrates serendipity and chance encounters. Start by searching for a subject. Once you’ve browsed the suggested articles taken from hundreds of news sources, tap the “related topics” button to discover connected topics, which in turn lead to more articles. Each article leads to new things; the more curious you are, the longer your journey will be. What will you discover?

You may start with Art, discover Jasper Johns and see news related to similar artists or read about the Museum of modern art. Alternatively you may search for Obama, discover Larry Elder’s article, find related Afghanistan issues and read about Efron (see video).

The Accidental News Explorer is powered by Daylife.

• Optimised for iPhone 4 Retina display
• Instapaper integration – save articles for reading later
• Easily email article links
• Copy links so you can share articles

Ever since his first experiences with the humble ZX81 back in the early eighties, Brendan Dawes has continued to explore the interplay of people, code, design and art both in his role leading the team at mN and on, a personal space where he publishes random thoughts, toys and projects created from an eclectic mix of digital and analog objects. Find out more….

The Accidental News Explorer is available for $1.99 and has already reached top 20 apps in the news section of the AppStore.


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