Member Submissions is a generative artwork created by Swiss art collective Fragmentin in collaboration with artist Lauren Huret. This work is commissioned for the virtual space of the Jeu de Paume and is broadcast alongside the exhibition “Le Supermarché des images” from February 13 to June 7, 2020. Visitors to this website will be able to […]


Here is another use case of my Click Canvas project. Can an interactive wall that was intentional to be used for creativity being used for an interactive exercise game? This project was being developed to be exhibit in Bhiraj tower (luxury office rental in Bangkok) Christmas exhibition as a thank you gift for the rental. […]

Vim by ONUT – Raising awareness about violence against women in the digital space

ONUT are Alix Martínez and Juan Real. Two Spanish multimedia artists and residents in London since 2012. With more than twenty years of experience in digital design, technology and innovation, ONUT is their vehicle to express reflections of the world we are living in while generating (self) reflection and critical thinking through art.Bringing alternative perspectives […]


NØ SCHOOL NEVERS – JUNE 29TH TO JULY 11TH 2020 is a unique international summer school, held in Nevers, in Burgundy, aimed at students, artists, designers, makers, hackers, activists and educators who wish to further their skills and engage in critical research around the social and environmental impacts of information and communication technologies. During 2 […]

EPPD #112019 – Studio NOWHERE

The Experimental Prototype of Project Droid (EPPD_#112019) is an evolving concept developed by Studio NOWHERE, in order to discuss the relationship between man, machine and nature. Based off of one of the Studio’s early research projects, the EPPD_#112019 began with the investigation into a structure of a mechanical limb, using pneumatic devices and studio-made air […]

NIKE LeBron 17 Interactive Basketball Trial – Studio NOWHERE

Client:Nike         Design & Developed: Studio NOWHERE We supported Nike to create a highly digitalized basketball court in its offline store where users could complete challenges and view their performance. The challenge was to strike balance between a highly professional, authentic experience and the intuitiveness and accessibility to users. We consulted basketball coaches […]

Loud Matter – Utilising classic animation techniques in a custom-made performative instrument

Loud Matter is a new audiovisual live performance that unites live created stop motion animation, drums, live code & 8 bit chiptune music. Using stop motion technique to animate physical materials, a classic animation technique born in the 1920´s that evolved throughout the century used for creating animated tv series and films before CGI largely took over as […]

FILE 2020 – Open Call

Registrations are opened to the 21st edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival, from October 15, 2019 to January 14, 2020. Since 2000 FILE is a non-profit cultural organization that has been promoting exhibitions, workshops and gatherings that seek to investigate the appropriations of the technologic media in artistic accomplishments. With annual exhibitions in São, in addition to participations […]