Created by Sam Conran at the RCA/Design Interactions, the Kabbalistic Synthesizer is a is a musical synthesiser that operates using waveforms generated by the Earths magnetic field, noise via magnetic storms of Jupiter and keyboard via cosmic rays.

Over the past few months, in preparation for their Book of Eniarof crowdfunding campaign, tutors and students at HEAD have been exploring the use of playing cards as a method for designing and developing games, concepts, attractions, and playful art objects of various ilk…

CAN goes in-depth with the Paris-based ‘anticipatory’ design studio N O R M A L S to learn about their forthcoming dark, dense, and dizzying graphic novel series. Working process, representational techniques (that bridge illustration and code), and a critical reading of contemporary design fiction.

Project explores the relationship between landscape, agriculture and digital fabrication by intercepting the process of precision farming by generative design.

Visual programming languages, languages that create programs by the manipulation of graphical elements, as opposed to specifying lines of text, have seen an increased popularity in recent years both in audio and video synthesis..