À Louer / For Rent – Shopfront installation by Niklas Roy

When Niklas Roy was invited to show My Little Piece of Privacy at Sherbrooke’s Media Art Biennia lÉspace [IM] Média, he decided that he had to modify it slightly. Surrounded by many abandoned shop fronts, his installation was to set up in one of them and as nobody likes to stroll in roads with empty shop windows he wanted help this retail space find a new tenant.


Created by James Alliban, Nova is an experimental study of the slit-scan technique with a particular focus on emphasising its spacial and temporal properties.

Earlier this year, Resonate festival was the host to Transcranial, a CAN initiated project bringing Klaus Obermaier, Daito Manabe and Kyle McDonald to Belgrade for two weeks to work on a new performance piece, creating a bridge between three festivals in Europe.

In the recent months Mark Wheeler has been working on a series of visual sound experiments by creating openFrameworks apps that you can ‘play’ visually, generating animations from MIDI data….

Created by Kyle McDonald, “Sharing Faces” uses a megapixel surveillance camera and custom software to match the face locations of the persons looking at the screen. As the person moves, new images are pulled from the database matching the new location and create a mirror-like image of yourself using the images of others.

An abstract representation of this landscape is created from a matrix of 529 acrylic pipes piercing the ceiling between the first and the second floor, creating organic rock-like formations on the first floor reflected as an ocean surface on the second.

Generative Scarves for iOS includes a procedural algorithm commonly used to digitally generate patterns of the natural world, sampled into a bespoke application and used to create unique print for an individual scarf.

Every once in a while a project comes along that will change how we think, discuss and produce digital art. Four+ years in development, FRAMED* will not just be a canvas, but a platform and a community hub for the art of our generation.

Created by Ed Burton, Icon do better takes on a smart social twist of classic game combined with icon making.

Play the World invites visitors to perform with a keyboard that finds samples with the same note in near realtime from web radio stations around the world.

In the former building of the Newspaper BN De Stem, the installation created by Tim Knapen & indianen, allows visitors to collaboratively create mini publications.

Created by the panGenerator collective, Macrofilm is a permanent interactive installation for The Museum of The History of Polish Jews that combines traditional, tangible experience of browsing through old archives with subtly augmented digital experience.

Wake Up With the World is a an iOS application that turns your wake up alarm into musical collaborative experience. When you wake your GPS coordinates are translated into musical notes and combined with those of every other person waking up at the same moment as you.

Fractal Film includes a very precisely choreographed scene, shot in very high definition (5K) at eight different angles, shown always differently using custom based software that chooses rules at random and follows them.

Project explores narratives through colour, line, and form found in geographic satellite imagery. Utilising Google Earth together with custom software, the final install spans over 27 HD screens pointing locations of the films that have been produced by IFP.

425 hanging pendants located in the new HQ of the Center for Strategic and International Studies visualise global data.

Machine that uses Arduino controlled ball dispensers, motorised rotating steel plates and LED lights to create a nexus between electronic music and a sound responsive mechanical object.

Kinematics is a system for 3D printing that creates complex, foldable forms composed of articulated modules. The system provides a way to turn any three-dimensional shape into a flexible structure using 3D printing.

The Raspberry Pi is a very exciting low cost computing platform aimed at the educational market. It offers reasonable performance in a small package at a price of $25, making it very attractive for creative computing projects. Here we show you how to run openFrameworks on the Raspberry Pi.

John Lennon: The Bermuda Tapes in an interactive Album App that tells the story of John Lennon’s life changing journey sailing through a mid-Atlantic storm to Bermuda in June 1980, the creative discovery during his time on the island and the artistic collaboration from abroad with wife Yoko Ono at home in New York.

inFORM is a Dynamic Shape Display that can render 3D content physically, so users can interact with digital information in a tangible way.

Developed by the italian interaction designer at Fabrica, Angelo Semeraro, ‘Sadly by your side’ is a music album where each song can be endlessly transformed depending on the images you focus on with your camera.

Looking at a Horse is about the context and experience of viewing art, it changes its appearance depending on where it is located and who is viewing it.

The Lego calendar is a wall mounted time planner made entirely of Lego, but if you take a photo of it with a smartphone, and thanks to openFrameworks and openCV all of the events and timings are synchronised to an online, digital calendar.

The software created was a gesture-based, “keyframeless” animation system, which uses soft-body dynamics to create motion in the same way you would with puppets – by literally grabbing bits of the 3D mesh and pulling it around with the mouse, and recording live.

Unsigned Mirror is an application for Mac and Windows that allows you to create a slit-scan image by dragging an image to the mirror object in the window.

Kenichi Yoneda aka Kynd shows latest watercolour experiments at the recent openFrameworks Developer Conference held at YCAM as a part of the Yagamuchi Mini Market Faire.

This project, a collaboration between Dentsu, Honda Motor and Rhizomatiks brings back Senna’s engine sound from that lap 24 years ago in the form of an installation set on the original Suzuka circuit that uses light and sound.

Students at the RCA show a prototype for digital interface built into a custom dining table that shows players which foods to eat and when. The game detects whether they’ve eaten the correct food by measuring the food’s resistance on the fork.

When Niklas Roy was invited to show My Little Piece of Privacy at Sherbrooke’s Media Art Biennia lÉspace [IM] Média, he decided that he had to modify it slightly. Surrounded by many abandoned shop fronts, his installation was to set up in one of them and as nobody likes to stroll in roads with empty shop windows he wanted help this retail space find a new tenant.

Study of real-time 3D Internet is an experiment that explores interaction on the web from the 3rd point perspective. As the user navigates the internet, he/she can project beyond the two dimensional screen into three-dimensional environment recorded by the Kinect.


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