The Generative Gatsby: Jazzed Up Typography

This project is a book that highlights the furious rhythms of the jazz era, produced by generative design where authentic music scores arranged for ‘big band’ were translated in the text composition of carefully selected typefaces by notes parameters.


Lia has been interested in the possibilities of the process involved by defining the location of the printhead, the speed of the movement and the amount of filament that should be extruded.

The Moment is an exploration of language, how the meaning is formed from words using choreographed typography.

Back in 2012 Nicolas Ménard created a project at the intersection between graphic design and visual arts. The original idea was to design a book on the topic of colour, with a random process that generated abstract forms.

Pro-Folio is a portfolio website that can generate up to 690,903,803 trillion portfolios of fictional artists and designers with unique name and work combinations.

Through generative fabrication and computational design, this project aims to reconnect digital and physical contexts through a custom designed “chronomorphologic modeling” environment.

Composed using Processing, the piece is a hybrid between realtime debug-view and animation. Camera orbits about Engine cylinders dispersed in three-dimensional space.

Onformative bring online discussions back into the 4010-Store by developing a data visualisation generated from all their Facebook posts.

Miles has used Processing and Box2D to create an augmented projection on the keyboard. As the user types, the “fleas” swarm around the pressed key, avoiding the letters and moving onto the next.

Category: Members / Processing

Created by the Weimar based collective weAREmedienkuenstler, Rock Paper Scissors is a game played between two computers. Like in the classic game, each computer has its own random algorithm running, choosing one of the three possible items. Connected by an ethernet cable, each computer plays its hand — the winning pc gets a point.

Benedikt Groß is a speculative and computational designer whose work is often featured on here on CAN. We recently interviewed him in order to glean a little insight about Benedikt’s thoughts his recent work, ‘outsider’ cartography, and generative strategies.

Created by London based experimental architecture and design studio Minimaforms, this project is speculative life-like robotic environment that raises questions of how future environments could actively enable new forms of communication with the everyday.

The Well–Sequenced Synthesizer is a series of sequencers created by Luisa Pereira at ITP — physical interfaces to play with musical rules.

Generating Utopia is a realtime visualisation of social location data that explores questions of what human habitats could look like if it was possible to transform them depending on the location-based behaviour of their residents.

Processing sketch by Nicholas Felton for rendering location and activity data from the Moves app for the iOS.

Commissioned by Sonos, Light House is an interactive light and sound installation created by NY’s SoftLab that responds in real-time to Sonos components. The installation is constructed of a grid of 600 fluorescent light tubes at varying heights and lengths to create an interior volume.

The project uses digital practices and processes to blur the lines between photography, data visualization, textile design, and computer science. The result are works that serve not only to render visible the invisible processes mediating everyday experience.

Category: Members / Processing

Currently on show at the ACME. gallery in Los Angeles is a piece by John Carpenter titled trailers_anemone, an interactive installation that explores fluid, undulating trails of light through time and space.

Once we take a step back from our screens and look at exciting new opportunities Leap Motion provides, we may discover and begin to describe new ways of computer-human interaction. Here are our top 10 up-to-date.

Studio Hands use Processing and openFrameworks to send send designs of T-shirts and the bag via sound to be screen-printed.

Getting your Processing programs up and running in Eclipse and showing you how to take advantage of some of its great features, like code auto-completion, code hints, quick fix, great syntax colour themes, among others.

‘Portrait’ is a series of digital portraits representing an identity (or a face) of a movie. Custom software detects faces from every 24 frames of a movie, and creates an average face of all found faces.

Following the recent clashes with 3D printers over IP concerns, Matthew Plummer-Fernandez chose to disguise his latest derivative of Mickey Mouse and to explore this smoothed 3D aesthetic

This project is a book that highlights the furious rhythms of the jazz era, produced by generative design where authentic music scores arranged for ‘big band’ were translated in the text composition of carefully selected typefaces by notes parameters.

After thousands of developers entered the Intel Perceptual Challenge contest by submitting their ideas, 750 have now been selected to receive a camera to continue to the next stage of the competition.

Algorithmically generating 3d printed forms created for the sole purpose of listening to the “ocean”. In this process, the project attempts to address the role of experience in the mediation of the virtual world to the real world and visa versa.

Project explores the relationship between landscape, agriculture and digital fabrication by intercepting the process of precision farming by generative design.

Brendan Dawes visualises six million rows of information for EE’s roll-out of 4G in these 12000 x 23000 px data visualisations created with Processing.

Animalia and Caelum are two projects that take position that our idealisation, romanticism and paradoxical thinking in ecology is holding us back from finding new ways to interact with nature.

Eyes on the Sky is a process-based investigation into generative design and the weather linking 64 public-access web cameras across Europe, recording the colour of the sky and producing a book that collects a week of paintings where cameras paint the weather.

Kinograph is an open source project that makes film digitisation affordable and scaleable. It uses components available on the internet, a few 3D printed parts, and a consumer level camera and it produces high quality video with sound.


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