Poetry in Motion – St Marie φ Walker’s Reflective Sculptures

Language is fluid and so is a well-engineered machine, so why not combine those truths? That is the thinking at play within St Marie φ Walker’s Reflective Sculptures: A Critique of Binary Beliefs, a pair of wall-mounted kinetic sculptures produced as part of the artist duo’s recent MFA show within the University of Waterloo’s Fine Arts program. These large wooden devices are each etched with a simple proverb: ‘being is made’ and ‘I believe what I believe’. While didactic and a bit banal in isolation, these words are brought to life through motion; large pendulums emblazoned with the word ‘meaning’ and the phrase ‘I perceive’ slowly swing back and forth, running interference on each statement’s meaning. ‘Being is made’ flips back and forth from ‘being is meaning’ to ‘meaning is made’ while ‘I believe what I believe’ oscillates between ‘I believe what I perceive’ and ‘I perceive what I believe’.

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