HOLO – Final days on Kickstarter – Digital Gifts and More!

Over the last 4 weeks you’ve served us a potent cocktail of enthusiasm, affirmation and disbelief. Each morning we woke up to surpassed expectations. When the 456th pledge pushed us over the 100% mark only five days into our campaign – the news broke in the middle of Monday night’s editorial meeting – we still hadn’t quite processed the wonderful wave of encouragement and support. When you’re working in the dark for 18 months your goal can seem fuzzy and out of reach at times. The fact that you’ve given HOLO a green light so early in our campaign is a wonderful endorsement of what this magazine is, as well as our work at CreativeApplications.Net. We want to use this first campaign update to thank all our backers for their trust, passion and support – your pledge means the world to us. We also want to thank our outstanding campaign partners for their efforts as well as all the people who promoted and continue to promote our campaign.

There is however a little less than 2 days left and this is our final opportunity to reach out to you again, for the final time, in hope that by helping us more you will enable us to make HOLO the best magazine it can be!

We appreciate every cent that has been already donated and in return we would like to offer even more for your support. Here is whats new!

HOLO Digital Gift Bundle included in all $30+ pledges

Given it is the holiday season and that it was your generosity that helped us surpass our funding goals so quickly, we felt compelled to provide you all a thank you gift. We are proud to announce the HOLO Digital Gift Bundle, a collection of experimental software that all donors who have pledged $30 or more will receive access to over the coming weeks and months. This is an exciting selection of tools, games and experiments by acclaimed artists including: Amit Pitaru and Zach Lieberman, Josh Nimoy, Joanie Lemercier, Theo Watson, Andreas Zecher & Martin Straka, N O R M A L S and Kim Assendorf & Joern Roeder.

The Mapping Toolkit by AntiVj

The Mapping Toolkit is a collection of patches for v4 designed by AntiVJ’s Joanie Lemercier to make projection mapping easier and improvisational. It provides alternative workflows for 2D distortion, 3D model warping and transforms, UV mapped video textures, integration of 3D scanned objects and 3D camera and projector calibration. HOLO donors will receive a download link to a preview version of this forthcoming software before the end of December.


Josh Nimoy Experiments Folder

The prolific and erudite software artist Josh Nimoy has agreed to provide access to his creative coding ‘experiments’ folder for HOLO supporters. This access will be provided over the coming months and is a unique opportunity to get a window into Josh’s thinking and working process.



Andreas Zecher and Martin Straka (Spaces of Play) are working on a new musical puzzle game called Tracks (due this spring) and have agreed to provide a beta version of this project for HOLO supporters.


GML Viewer.app

Theo Watson’s new project Every GML is an interactive visualization of 40,000+ GML (Graffiti Markup Language) tags. The software showcases the material recorded in GML and allows viewers to browse and explore connections within the archive. This project will be shown in 2013 at Eyebeam’s FAT GOLD exhibition and beta access will only be available exclusively to HOLO supporters.


Excerpt of the upcoming graphic novel release by N O R M A L S (PDF)

N O R M A L S is currently working on a graphic novel exploring the fallout of the “networked me-fest” of digital culture – clearly this is publishing initiative after our own heart. HOLO supporters will receive a PDF preview of this evocative exploration of the near future.


The Sound of Yahoo.app

In 2011 Kim Asendorf and Joern Roeder created The Sound of Yahoo, a retro, lo-fi synthesizer and loop sequencer that uses Yahoo search results and related data to generate audio mayhem. HOLO supporters will receive a link to download this software early next year.



Rhonda is a 3D drawing tool originally developed by Amit Pitaru in 2003 currently in development together with Zach Lieberman. HOLO supporters will have a chance to experience an early release version of this amazing software before anyone else.

HOLO and CAN T-Shirts by studio Moniker

We’ve been big fans of the design practice of Jonathan Puckey for years and we couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Puckey’s studio Moniker (an Amsterdam-based partnership between Puckey, Luna Maurer, Edo Paulus & Roel Wouters) will be collaborating with us to design our limited edition T-shirts. Moniker’s interest in rule-based design (see their Conditional Manifesto) and unique blend of algorithmic thinking and printed output makes them a perfect match with us. They will explore the graphic language of their recent experiments with ‘packing problems’ (see poster above) to develop the designs of both our HOLO and CAN limited edition t-shirts.


New Tier – Birthday Poster by studio Moniker

We’re also proud to announce we are now offering Moniker’s Birthday Posters amongst our gifts. For $350 you’ll get a custom poster that documents all the dates of your birthday in graphically ordered Roman numerals and a year subscription to HOLO. These posters normally retail for much more so this is a great opportunity to score a unique print experiment and support our venture.


New TouchDesigner Licenses

The eight TouchDesigner 088 ‘commercial’ licenses we had available went very quickly. We have attained more licenses and are now offering a ‘commercial’ TouchDesigner license, a year HOLO subscription and special recognition in our first issue for $500 (which is a steal given the software alone retails for $600 USD).


CAN Membership included with all $30+ pledges

As a thank you for supporting HOLO, all donations greater than $30 will receive a year long membership to CAN. This membership will provide ad-free viewing of CAN as well as access to forthcoming ‘members only’ posts and much more. Read about CAN memberships here.


Of course, there is also a range of amazing 3D prints, laser drawings and electronic devices produced by Marius Watz, Eno Henze, Zimoun and Matthew Plummer-Fernandez available for more generous donors. This is an extremely rare opportunity to pick up affordable work by key artists in the HOLO universe AND support our project.

We’re thrilled to have sold almost 750+ copies of HOLO 1 – thanks to each and every one of you for believing in this project. With 2+ days remaining, there is still more to achieve – please help us spread the word about HOLO as each donation will help us to make this magazine even better.

– Alex, Greg, Filip, Sherry & Chris