Resonate 2013 – The Best Kind of Noise

In less than 3 days Resonate 2013 Festival kicks off in Belgrade and we have been making final preparations to greet over 1200 visitors from all over the world. This should also explain the lack of posts on CAN in the last few days and also the next few days. In case you missed info about Resonate, it is a collaboration between Magnetic Field B, Dom Omladine in Belgrade and CreativeApplications.Net. We are bringing to Belgrade over 75 artists, thinkers, writers and performers to participate in 16 workshops, over 40 talks, screenings and performances.

Some of the participants include Casey Reas, Joachim Sauter (ART+COM), Zimoun, Klaus Obermaier, Moritz Stefaner, Zach Gage, Tale of Tales, Golan Levin, Ivan Poupyrev, Raquel Meyers, Anthony Dunne (RCA), Cohen van Balen, Karsten Schmidt, Spaces of Play, Memo Akten, Andreas Müller (Nanikawa), James Bridle, Liam Young, Kyle McDonald, Peter Kirn, Studio NAND, onedotzero and many others. Likewise the CAN/HOLO team will be at resonate too including Greg J Smith, Alexander Scholz and Sherry Kennedy.

We will also be talking about hires and realtime, from generative design to manufacturing, Plask and WebGL, Unity as a Tool for Non-Games, Generative Design, Datatainment, Large Scale Projection Mapping, Urban Prototyping and hold discussion panels about Tools or Instruments, Surveillance and Transparency, Coding Narratives, Interaction and Performance and Design Fiction: Provocations & Pedagogy. onedotzero will be screening a special version of their programme/selection for Resonate festival as well as hold participating artists panel discussion.

The night programme features Pantha du Prince, Mouse on Mars, Dj DinkyValensMonosaccharideMarko NasticJan Nemecek and we’ve also teamed up with a number of bars and clubs in Belgrade to celebrate the opening of the festival meaning not one party but many.

If you are not able to come to resonate this year, we suggest you follow updates on our Twitter or Facebook. All talks are being recorded so the same as last year you will have a chance to watch to them later. Of course you will be missing much and if you are one of the lucky ones making your way now to Belgrade, we wish you a good trip. We are (almost) ready!

CAN is back next week so in the meantime, check: | resonate on Facebook | resonate on Twitter | Full Programme of Resonate 2013

Resonate is supported by MailChimp, Ministry of Culture and Information in Serbia, Hi-ReS!, AudiovisualAcademy, Dom Omladine Belgrade, RedBull, Macola, Orion Telekom, The Studio for Creative Inquiry, Nexus Productions and Antipod.

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