36,000 Feet – Matthieu Cherubini

Created by Matthieu Cherubini, ‘36,000 Feet’ is a game where you are playing as a flight passenger coming back from their holidays. You are currently flying over Afghanistan. Watch blockbusters such as American Sniper on your in-flight entertainment device or speak with other Western passengers to hear their opinions about terrorism and the end of France; whether Obama is Osama and how the West is currently living under a terrible dictatorship.

I am concerned with the indifference we have here in the West. We proclaim that justice is important to us and tweet for a better world, but at the same time we are in a plane 10 kilometres above a war zone, biting into our sandwich and looking forward to our holidays on the other side of the world. I don’t want to criticise with these projects, I’m also an avid video gamer myself, but we shouldn’t take our eyes off what’s really happening in the world.

Matthieu Cherubini for trivadis.com

Made with Unreal Engine 4, MetaHumans and Blender

Project Page | Matthieu Cherubini

Matthieu Cherubini is a designer / technologist from Switzerland based in Beijing. He studied software engineering and media / interaction design at HEAD-Genèva. Before moving to China, he participated in a PhD project in the Design Interactions Department at the Royal College of Art, dedicated to the exploration of the impact of artificial intelligence on our domestic and everyday lives, both in the present and near future. Cherubini continues a similar kind of design research with the collective automato.farm, which he co-founded.