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[iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,684 15/11/2008,10 Must Have Tools for Remember The Milk on the Desktop [WebApp],,,iOS Linux Mac Members WebApp Windows ,1837 17/11/2008,PASY02 [iPhone],,,iOS Members Sound ,415 18/11/2008,AirPaint [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,632 23/11/2008,Stompem [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,806 26/11/2008,For All Seasons [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,454 02/12/2008,Traffic Jam 2 [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,349 04/12/2008,Camera Art [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,429 05/12/2008,Outpost [iPhone] Preview,,,iOS Members ,681 08/12/2008,Cooliris [Mac, Windows, iPhone],,,iOS Mac Members Windows ,516 11/12/2008,Retro Defense [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,994 12/12/2008,Flickr App Spectacular [Images],,,iOS Linux Mac MaxMSP Members Processing WebApp Windows ,381 13/12/2008,Red Sky [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,575 17/12/2008,TiltShift [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1039 19/12/2008,Rotorumpus [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,402 26/12/2008,Jaadu VNC [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,657 30/12/2008,10 Most Creative iPhone Apps of 2008 [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,677 02/01/2009,Crayon Physics Deluxe [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,483 04/01/2009,Edge [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,379 05/01/2009,Passage [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,471 12/01/2009,SandScapes [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,510 13/01/2009,10 Creative Ways to Use the Accelerometer [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,2292 14/01/2009,QuadCamera [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,961 16/01/2009,ToyCamera [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,749 19/01/2009,NANO [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,423 24/01/2009,Jetset: A Game for Airports [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,369 25/01/2009,1pxClock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,640 25/01/2009,QuadAnimator [Flash, iPhone],,,Flash iOS Members ,304 26/01/2009,BuddyFeed [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,340 27/01/2009,Obscura [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,513 31/01/2009,iAttractor [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,689 03/02/2009,Analytics App [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,625 06/02/2009,Tags [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,595 11/02/2009,One Rule [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,584 13/02/2009,KERN [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,728 21/02/2009,geoDefense [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,750 25/02/2009,Sweep Man [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,350 01/03/2009,Top 10 Retro Classics for the iPhone [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,515 13/03/2009,Eliss [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,928 16/03/2009,synthPond [iPhone, MaxMSP],,,iOS MaxMSP Members openFrameworks Sound ,772 20/03/2009,Grid Pattern Clock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,573 20/03/2009,pigru [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,482 22/03/2009,Color Time [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,449 24/03/2009,iOSC [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,556 02/04/2009,Colorstrology [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1024 03/04/2009,Horror Vacui [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,554 05/04/2009,Pulse+ [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,340 10/04/2009,Iso [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,364 15/04/2009,Fat Tag [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,600 16/04/2009,Giant Metal Robot [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,442 20/04/2009,3D Me [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,561 24/04/2009,Cs133 [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,327 27/04/2009,AskNumen [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,575 28/04/2009,lilt line [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,512 29/04/2009,BLOCLOCK [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,479 30/04/2009,Press Check [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,780 04/05/2009,Little Bugger – Preview [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,430 05/05/2009,A Prism for Interface Design [Theory],,,Featured iOS Members Theory ,574 07/05/2009,Unfolding Space [iPhone, Environment],,,Environment iOS Members ,448 11/05/2009,BlackHoles [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,859 12/05/2009,R133 [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,521 16/05/2009,Guru Meditation [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,547 22/05/2009,Automaton [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,506 22/05/2009,Type Drawing [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,769 23/05/2009,D0TS:Echoplex [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,440 26/05/2009,8Bitone [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,705 01/06/2009,Hotdog Panic [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,306 01/06/2009,Typography [iPhone],,,iOS Members WebApp ,464 02/06/2009,PhiLia 01 [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,444 03/06/2009,Bitmask [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,558 06/06/2009,QlockTwo [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,801 09/06/2009,Movosity [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,609 20/06/2009,Commodore 64 [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,541 21/06/2009,Reflect [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,550 22/06/2009,W@TCH / Be@rbrick [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,445 24/06/2009,GravSynth [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,431 26/06/2009,32×32 [iPhone] – Preview,,,iOS Members ,1420 28/06/2009,Brave Man [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,490 29/06/2009,MSA Remote [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,532 01/07/2009,Clock01 – 06 [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,785 04/07/2009,TouchOSC Editor [iPhone, Mac, Windows],,,iOS Mac Members Windows ,1056 05/07/2009,Face It [iPhone] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members ,573 06/07/2009,Surfacer [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,647 06/07/2009,clockVetica [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,372 06/07/2009,Sound Scope Space [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,708 08/07/2009,Bit Sound [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,866 10/07/2009,Dropular [iPhone, WebApp],,,iOS Members WebApp ,1678 13/07/2009,Buamai [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,670 14/07/2009,XPilot [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,507 15/07/2009,Solid Dots [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,793 16/07/2009,Dopplr [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,475 17/07/2009,Space Invaders Infinity Gene [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,351 20/07/2009,Tonetable [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,645 24/07/2009,WhatTheFont [iPhone, WebApp],,,iOS Members ,459 25/07/2009,SculptMaster 3D [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,561 27/07/2009,WireDraw [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,332 27/07/2009,Fluid Motion Painter [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,330 28/07/2009,Space Invaders Infinity Gene [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,614 29/07/2009,Zio [iPhone] – in Development,,,iOS Members ,475 30/07/2009,WriteRoom Now with WebApp Sync [iPhone, WebApp],,,iOS Members WebApp ,804 30/07/2009,Let It Sleep [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,474 04/08/2009,8Bitone [iPhone] – Closer Look,,,iOS Members ,495 05/08/2009,Box Clock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,296 07/08/2009,Mujik [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,1007 10/08/2009,itch [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,533 10/08/2009,Jasuto [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,265 11/08/2009,Chase The Dot Insane [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,276 13/08/2009,Unify [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,1557 14/08/2009,Spoke [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,429 15/08/2009,DotEditor [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,715 16/08/2009,TiltShift Generator [iPhone] – Preview,,,iOS Members ,1659 17/08/2009,Sonar Ruler [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,550 18/08/2009,Stay [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,792 20/08/2009,iMandalArt [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,789 24/08/2009,iFound [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,784 25/08/2009,colorDial + timeDial [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,314 27/08/2009,Musophobia [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,420 29/08/2009,DopplerPad [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,299 30/08/2009,MultiVid [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,901 04/09/2009,FlipTime [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,563 05/09/2009,Levers + Acrobots by Vectorpark [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,801 06/09/2009,Color Stream [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,521 08/09/2009,Euphonics [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,284 08/09/2009,Records [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,964 09/09/2009,The Death Of Bunny Munro [iPhone, Books],,,Inspiration iOS Members ,270 11/09/2009,Edge Touch [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,652 11/09/2009,Japan Flights [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,407 13/09/2009,Ekibo [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,258 18/09/2009,Fozwot [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,556 18/09/2009,Panelfly [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,453 18/09/2009,ZXGamer [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,511 19/09/2009,Am I a hero? [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,285 23/09/2009,Clock Apps by Kenichi Onodera [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,423 24/09/2009,It’s about the .™ [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,595 24/09/2009,MinMe [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,455 26/09/2009,Squareball [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,403 02/10/2009,.™ Videos [Inspiration, iPhone],,,Inspiration iOS Members ,622 02/10/2009,Tentacle [iPhone, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,359 03/10/2009,Museum of the Phantom City [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,579 04/10/2009,Power Pill [iPhone, News],,,iOS Members ,803 04/10/2009,Apple and Monster [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,355 05/10/2009,Physical Sequencer aka Thump [oF, Sound, iPhone],,,Environment iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,467 05/10/2009,Canabalt [iPhone, Games, Flash],,,Flash Games iOS Members ,486 10/10/2009,2010 IGF Mobile, Call For Submissions [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,285 11/10/2009,Exquisite Clock [Objects, iPhone],,,iOS Members Objects ,723 12/10/2009,Star6 [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,274 13/10/2009,Piyo Blocks [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1184 16/10/2009,Mr Bounce [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,509 19/10/2009,Mobile Runner [openFrameworks, iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,521 21/10/2009,NNN Mono and Powon [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,424 22/10/2009,Coloroll [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,432 23/10/2009,Zoomica [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,365 24/10/2009,Noby Noby Boy [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,989 28/10/2009,Daisyphone [iPhone, Java, Sound],,,iOS Java Members Sound ,372 29/10/2009,RockBand Robot [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members Sound ,379 01/11/2009,Vellum [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,472 02/11/2009,SunVox [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,551 05/11/2009,Slice [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,362 05/11/2009,Minima [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,460 07/11/2009,iSensorii [iPhone, MaxMSP],,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,434 08/11/2009,Dr. Mandala [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,296 13/11/2009,iPod Touch Cluster [iPhone, News],,,iOS Members News ,483 13/11/2009,Auditorium [iPhone, Sound, Games],,,Games iOS Members Sound ,557 14/11/2009,Distill [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,392 17/11/2009,Pocketball [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,419 18/11/2009,Sweet New Toy [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,547 20/11/2009,MinMe [iPhone, Games] – 60 New Levels,,,iOS Members ,328 21/11/2009,Rollycorder [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,344 23/11/2009,Satromizer [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1029 27/11/2009,Gloaming [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,553 30/11/2009,Launchball [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,455 01/12/2009,Arcs 21 [iPhone, Processing, oF],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Processing ,743 06/12/2009,Coming… [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,513 07/12/2009,Zio [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1151 08/12/2009,Chromixa [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,746 09/12/2009,TweakyBeat [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,336 10/12/2009,ShapeSeq [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,602 12/12/2009,rycylinder / ryclock / rydigital [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,477 15/12/2009,VernX [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,293 17/12/2009,StiloPhone [iPhone, Sound, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,428 18/12/2009,The Font Game [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,518 19/12/2009,IsoWords [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,371 20/12/2009,All Fridges Are Psychotic [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,450 21/12/2009,Minipops [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,986 23/12/2009,15 Best and Must Have iPhone Apps of 2009 [iPhone],,,Featured iOS Members ,758 24/12/2009,Clock11+12 [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,580 26/12/2009,Gliss [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,530 27/12/2009,DaylightCal [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,662 29/12/2009,NUI Framework – ObjectiveC Alternatives [iPhone, C++],,,c++ iOS Members ,531 30/12/2009,Goldfish Music Box [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,582 30/12/2009,Hipstamatic [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,773 02/01/2010,Ants Clock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,587 02/01/2010,Turn Around [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,396 04/01/2010,Graffiti Analysis 2.0 + DustTag [Mac, iPhone, oF],,,iOS Linux Mac Members openFrameworks Windows ,931 05/01/2010,Cloudie [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,434 06/01/2010,DropBlocs [iPhone, openFrameworks, Games],,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,457 06/01/2010,N [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1037 08/01/2010,FatTag Deluxe Katsu Edition [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,885 08/01/2010,Fat Tag Deluxe Meet Projector [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,400 10/01/2010,Grid [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,596 11/01/2010,Bitboxland [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,619 13/01/2010,…™ [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members ,438 13/01/2010,Time as Color and Place [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,344 14/01/2010,Pachube [WebApp, iPhone, Android],,,Android Environment iOS Members ,554 15/01/2010,Untitled [iPhone, Games, oF] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,264 19/01/2010,AMG: Ambient Music Generator [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,576 22/01/2010,Little Bugger [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,377 22/01/2010,AsciiMe [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,976 23/01/2010,…™ [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,365 25/01/2010,Simple Metronome [iPhone, Flash],,,Flash iOS Members ,467 25/01/2010,How It Is [iPhone, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,329 27/01/2010,V Z F [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,418 28/01/2010,What the iPad Means to Developers [News, iPhone],,,Featured iOS Members News ,406 30/01/2010,WooMachine [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,261 30/01/2010,Weather Monitor [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,854 03/02/2010,Vanitas [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,804 03/02/2010,AddLib [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,529 06/02/2010,ProLoop [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,1116 09/02/2010,c74 [MaxMSP, iPhone],,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,1079 10/02/2010,Iconclock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,568 11/02/2010,iProcessing [iPhone, Processing],,,iOS Members Processing ,1205 11/02/2010,Buddha Machine [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,469 12/02/2010,hms [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,770 14/02/2010,Absorb [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,428 16/02/2010,Colorbind [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,748 16/02/2010,Noby Noby Boy [iPhone] – Latest,,,Games iOS Members ,427 17/02/2010,Nanoloop [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,1065 17/02/2010,1:2-tone [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,874 17/02/2010,Luminair [iPhone, QuarzComposer],,,iOS Members Quarz Composer ,747 18/02/2010,Noby Noby Boy [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,877 19/02/2010,Flourish [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,484 22/02/2010,KulerClock [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,541 23/02/2010,Mimeo [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members ,506 25/02/2010,It’s About Time – Volume 1 [iPhone],,,Featured iOS Members ,722 26/02/2010,Yoshihiro Shindo [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,385 27/02/2010,Büro Destruct Designer [iPhone, Air],,,Flash iOS Members ,447 01/03/2010,Glory Math [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,587 02/03/2010,Bit Pilot [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,iOS Members ,626 03/03/2010,PRTCL [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,1136 04/03/2010,abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,531 05/03/2010,Record Makers [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1235 09/03/2010,The Graveyard [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,876 10/03/2010,Colorendar [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,488 11/03/2010,Sword & Sworcery [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members ,918 12/03/2010,Babel Tower [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,366 15/03/2010,Sampletoy [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,530 16/03/2010,KaleidoVid [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,395 18/03/2010,iJumpman [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,464 21/03/2010,Niji [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,287 24/03/2010,muBlip [Sound, iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members Sound ,246 25/03/2010,harmonious. [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,758 27/03/2010,AsciiLife [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,659 29/03/2010,Sonic Wire [iPhone, Sound] – Preview,,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,514 30/03/2010,rain. [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,477 02/04/2010,15 Great Apps for Your New iPad [iPad],,,Games iOS Members ,630 06/04/2010,Spirits [iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members ,701 07/04/2010,Soundrop [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,1180 09/04/2010,CAN at Flashbelt 2010 + Contest [Events],,,CAN Events Events Flash iOS openFrameworks ,344 13/04/2010,Kontrol [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,439 16/04/2010,piezopop [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,280 17/04/2010,Pew! [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,332 18/04/2010,Neven Mrgan’s Curious Incident [Games, iPhone, iPad],,,Featured Games iOS Members ,472 22/04/2010,Faust [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,813 24/04/2010,Creative Review Annual 2010 [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,384 26/04/2010,Castle Bash [iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,706 29/04/2010,eBoy FixPix [iPhone] – Preview,,,iOS Members ,903 30/04/2010,Squiggle [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,652 02/05/2010,Begotten [iPhone, Mobilizing, c++],,,c++ iOS Members ,458 03/05/2010,SKTCH [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,934 07/05/2010,Star Ship [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,391 08/05/2010,Monster’s Valley [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,388 08/05/2010,Phaidon Design Classics [iPad],,,iOS Members ,565 10/05/2010,Physical Touchscreen Knobs [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,1565 11/05/2010,Circuit Synth [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,689 11/05/2010,Synk [iPhone, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,374 13/05/2010,Poodle Invasion [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,360 13/05/2010,Kometen [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,379 15/05/2010,Chromocam Dots [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,428 16/05/2010,Inkstrumental [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,391 19/05/2010,iPad Controlled Blimp [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,293 19/05/2010,Scott Snibbe [Profile, iPhone, iPad, oF],,,Featured iOS Members openFrameworks Profile ,817 21/05/2010,Radiobones [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,648 22/05/2010,Helvetinote [iPad],,,iOS Members ,579 23/05/2010,PhiLia02 [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,369 26/05/2010,Dmitry Fyodorov – Shapeless [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,451 27/05/2010,It’s About Time – Volume 2 [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,940 29/05/2010,PhoneBook Ride! Ride! [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1255 02/06/2010,LiveView [iPhone, iPad, Mac],,,iOS Mac Members ,516 05/06/2010,AI Controller [iPad],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,420 05/06/2010,The Pirata Boat Race [iPhone, Flash, Games],,,Flash Games iOS Members ,662 06/06/2010,Supernova [iPad],,,iOS Members ,704 10/06/2010,Dynamic Mesh Triangulation + UI [Cinder, iPad],,,c++ Cinder iOS Members ,661 20/06/2010,Granimator – Japan Packs [iPad, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,342 21/06/2010,RetroScreen [iPhone, iPad],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,440 30/06/2010,G [iPad, iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,645 04/07/2010,Vortex.A [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,799 05/07/2010,Neography [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,680 06/07/2010,Hook Champ + Super QuickHook [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,503 07/07/2010,Floating Forecaster [MaxMSP, iPhone],,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,593 08/07/2010,Calcopac [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,385 09/07/2010,Space Invaders Infinity Gene 3.0 [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,719 11/07/2010,Osmos [iPad, iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,518 13/07/2010,Rot.Sketch [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,513 13/07/2010,PopClock [iPad, iPhone],,,iOS Members ,585 15/07/2010,Sound Yeah [iPad, Sound, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,741 16/07/2010,N3-D Demo [openFrameworks, MaxMSP, Objects],,,iOS MaxMSP Members Objects openFrameworks ,1551 23/07/2010,Pocket Worlds [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,438 02/08/2010,Vellum [iPad],,,iOS Members ,617 04/08/2010,SoundyThingie [iPad, oF, Mac, Windows],,,iOS Mac Members openFrameworks Windows ,821 05/08/2010,Shot Shot Shoot [iPad, Games, oF],,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,430 05/08/2010,Sonic Wire Sculptor [iPad, oF] – Preview,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,701 06/08/2010,Kunst Bauen [iPad, iPhone, oF, Mac],,,iOS Mac Members openFrameworks ,316 10/08/2010,The Incident [iPhone, iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,740 11/08/2010,Numen Camera [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,743 15/08/2010,Visual Music Collaborative 2010 [Events],,,Events iOS Members openFrameworks Processing ,338 17/08/2010,(I) Pawn [Games, iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,820 18/08/2010,SoundGyro [iPhone, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,563 19/08/2010,asdfbmp [iPhone, oF, CANApps],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,776 23/08/2010,The Accidental News Explorer [iPhone],,,CANApps iOS ,530 26/08/2010,iBiennale [iPad, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,244 29/08/2010,Radarhead 19 [iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,412 30/08/2010,Fracture [iPhone],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,538 01/09/2010,We Sliders [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,384 05/09/2010,Unidades [iPhone, iPad, Processing],,,iOS Members Processing ,337 09/09/2010,Nlug [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,625 14/09/2010,myFry [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,3123 15/09/2010,Making Future Magic [iPad],,,iOS Members ,652 19/09/2010, [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members Processing ,412 20/09/2010,Kinetic [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,912 21/09/2010,Horizons [iPhone, iPad, oF],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,530 23/09/2010,GD3D [iPhone, oF, WebApp],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks WebApp ,930 01/10/2010,Quadratime [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,391 04/10/2010,150 Promocodes! [iPhone, iPad, Giveaway],,,iOS Members ,801 05/10/2010,All Apps.CAN Free Today [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,546 06/10/2010,Brion Gysin: Dream Machine [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1037 08/10/2010,Reactable Mobile [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,576 12/10/2010,Biolab Disaster – Impact [Games, iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,423 15/10/2010,DoflBall [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,387 21/10/2010,Poolga Collection 1 [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,502 25/10/2010,Tap Numen [iPhone, iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,346 25/10/2010,wiresq [iPhone, openFrameworks, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,459 26/10/2010,Halcyon [iPad, Games, oF] – Preview,,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,510 28/10/2010,The Muybridgizer [iPhone, oF, Events],,,Events iOS Members openFrameworks ,392 31/10/2010,Spirits [iPad, iPhone, Games] – Preview,,,Featured Games iOS Members ,1144 02/11/2010,Konkreet Performer [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,511 03/11/2010,Today I Die [iPhone, Games, Flash],,,Flash Games iOS Members ,553 04/11/2010,Beautiful Modeler [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,661 08/11/2010,Thicket [iPad, iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1041 11/11/2010,Camera Apps [iPhone, Tutorial, openFrameworks],,,iOS Mac Members openFrameworks Tutorials ,803 11/11/2010,Edge [iPad, iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,760 12/11/2010,Palm Top Theater – Peppers Ghost [iPhone, Events],,,Events iOS Members ,1659 16/11/2010,3 Degrees of Wikipedia [iPhone],,,Games iOS Members ,478 21/11/2010,modAxis [Sound, iPhone, iPad, oF],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,619 24/11/2010,Visualator [Flash, iPhone, iPad],,,Flash iOS Members ,744 29/11/2010,Horror Vacui 2 [iPhone, iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,614 01/12/2010,sir Sampleton [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,652 03/12/2010,Satromizer OS [iPad],,,iOS Members ,1555 12/12/2010,Pulsate [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,740 17/12/2010,Kinetic Pavilion [iPad, Processing, Scripts],,,iOS Members Scripts ,756 19/12/2010,Strange Rain [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,919 20/12/2010,Exile [iPad],,,iOS Members ,531 21/12/2010,Random Word Machine [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,646 22/12/2010,Voidie [iPhone, iPad, oF],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,420 27/12/2010,PulsART. [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,869 01/01/2011,RUNXT Life [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,344 03/01/2011,Yellow Tail [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Windows ,696 04/01/2011,Daytum [iPhone, WebApp],,,iOS Members WebApp ,512 13/01/2011,Triangle Draw [iPad],,,iOS Members ,712 16/01/2011,Hunters’ Moon [iPad],,,iOS Members ,494 18/01/2011,Link [openFrameworks, iPad, Flash, vvvv],,,Flash iOS Members openFrameworks vvvv ,1271 20/01/2011,McSweeney’s [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,368 21/01/2011,Echoism [iPhone, WebApp],,,iOS Members WebApp ,1282 28/01/2011,www [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,352 07/02/2011,Music Boxel [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,629 08/02/2011,Konkreet Performer [iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,2212 17/02/2011,Pennant [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,435 04/03/2011,Ghostgarden [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,590 08/03/2011,Situationist [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,653 14/03/2011,The Lake [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,524 24/03/2011,Sword & Sworcery EP [Games],,,Games iOS Members ,1200 11/04/2011,rgb petri [Processing, iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members Processing ,564 18/04/2011,Barcodas [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,762 20/04/2011,360frames times infinity [Cinder, iPhone],,,Cinder iOS Members ,382 25/04/2011,NodeBeat [iPhone, iPad, oF, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,803 26/04/2011,Bla Bla Bla [iPhone, oF, Processing, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Processing Sound ,1141 29/04/2011,Richti-Areal [MaxMSP, iPad],,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,608 30/04/2011,KAIST Mobile Phone Orchestra [iPhone, Processing, Sound],,,iOS Members Processing Sound ,318 01/05/2011,Dance Writer [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,481 02/05/2011,Planetary [Cinder, iPad],,,Cinder iOS Members ,752 03/05/2011,Pulsus [iPad, Games, Sound],,,Games iOS Members Sound ,860 03/05/2011,OscilloScoop [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,628 05/05/2011,OpenPaths [WebApp, iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members WebApp ,518 08/05/2011,MotionBeam [iPod Touch, c++, Games],,,c++ Games iOS Members ,787 11/05/2011,Extending the Touchscreen [oF, Arduino, iPad, iPhone],,,Arduino iOS Members openFrameworks ,969 12/05/2011,Simon Faithfull’s Limbo [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,443 17/05/2011,WURM [iPad, iPhone],,,iOS Members ,712 29/05/2011,Text2Image [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,625 31/05/2011,OpenSceneGraph and cefix [c++, iPad],,,c++ iOS Members Other ,466 05/06/2011,Re_Find [iPhone, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,280 07/06/2011,Squeal [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,560 07/06/2011, [WebApp, Javascript, iPad, iPhone],,,iOS Javascript Members Scripts WebApp ,831 15/06/2011,Bit Pilot [Mac, Games, iPhone, iPad, oF],,,Games iOS Mac Members openFrameworks ,337 17/06/2011,Op de Beeck [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,502 20/06/2011,CamBox [iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,768 21/06/2011,FluidAutomata [iPhone, iPad],,,iOS Members ,687 01/07/2011,Directors Showcase, Cannes [openFrameworks, Cinder, Kinect, iPad],,,Cinder iOS Members openFrameworks ,609 10/07/2011,Grid [iPhone, iPad, oF, Processing],,,iOS Linux Mac Members openFrameworks Processing Windows ,1311 11/07/2011,+loop [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,480 11/07/2011,field [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,533 14/07/2011,PixelWave [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,565 19/07/2011,Björk – Biophilia [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,1071 19/07/2011,sktch 2.0 [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,1590 04/08/2011,Circlo [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,498 05/08/2011,Flowerium [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,704 10/08/2011,Composite [iPad, openFrameworks],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,465 11/08/2011,Visual Editions [Profile, iPad],,,c++ iOS Members Processing Profile ,906 12/08/2011,Björk – Biophilia – Virus [iPhone, iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,763 23/08/2011,Donut [Sound, iPad],,,iOS Members Sound ,445 24/08/2011,Faraway [iPhone, iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,687 25/08/2011,SpringMesh [iPhone, iPad, openFrameworks],,,CANApps iOS openFrameworks ,988 30/08/2011,The Infinite Adventure Machine [MaxMSP, iPad],,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,715 09/09/2011,Architecture in your Hand [iPhone, Android],,,Android iOS Members ,434 14/09/2011,Last Clock [iPad],,,iOS Members ,2643 25/09/2011,Space Colonization [Cinder, Plask, Javascript, iPad],,,Cinder iOS Javascript Members Other ,389 26/09/2011,Nabit [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,1257 03/10/2011,Rorschach Cards and Balloon [iPad],,,iOS Members ,539 09/10/2011,Suwappu Prototype [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,602 14/10/2011,SideBySide [c++, Mobile, Mac, Games],,,c++ Games iOS Mac Members ,726 10/11/2011,The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading [Books, iPad],,,iOS Members News ,469 16/11/2011,SpellTower [iPad, Games, openFrameworks],,,Featured Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,774 17/11/2011,Lost in Lace [iPhone, openFrameworks, Events],,,Events iOS Members openFrameworks ,585 21/11/2011,QDD [iPhone, Sound, Games],,,Games iOS Members Sound ,470 07/12/2011,Photo/Nykto [iPad, openFrameworks, Games],,,Games iOS Members openFrameworks ,571 09/12/2011,Solyaris [iPad, Cinder],,,Cinder iOS Members ,649 12/12/2011,AntiMap [oF, Android, iPhone, Javascript, Processing],,,Android iOS Javascript Mac Members openFrameworks Processing ,799 16/12/2011,Windosill [iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,641 18/12/2011,Stilla [iPhone],,,iOS Members ,646 21/12/2011,Best iPhone and iPad Projects of 2011,,,Featured iOS Members News ,820 19/01/2012,Configuration Space [iPad],,,iOS Members ,437 19/01/2012,WaveShaper [iPad, openFrameworks, Sound],,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,401 24/01/2012,Mini-Composer [iPad, iPhone, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,618 26/01/2012,MotionPhone – Network-enabled Communication with Colors, Shapes, and Movement [iPad],,,iOS Members ,835 27/01/2012,An Interview with Bowyer – UIDesign + Funware + Luxury [Theory, iPad, Interview],,,Featured iOS Members Theory ,711 30/01/2012,Orphion – Musical instrument for iPad [iPad, Sound],,,iOS Members Sound ,837 03/02/2012,Flight of the Fireflies – “Atmospheric journey through places and emotions” [iPad, Games],,,Games iOS Members ,502 09/02/2012,Van Gogh’s Starry Night Interactive by Petros Vrellis [openFrameworks, iPad],,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,2305 14/02/2012,Eufloria – Intergalactic guerrilla gardening for the iPad [Games],,,Games iOS Members ,505 23/02/2012,Circadia by Kurt Bieg – A constellation of colours seeking a rhythm – iOS,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,501 27/02/2012,pxl by Rainer Kohlberger – Playfully abstract compositions for your iOS device,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,727 28/02/2012, for iPhone – Visual Blog Reader → Visual CMS,,,Featured iOS Members ,6842 29/02/2012,The Grix by eBoy – New kind of pixel editor for the iPhone,,,iOS Members ,839 07/03/2012,Numby by Pitaru and Paterson – Learning counting in weird and wonky ways,,,iOS ,630 12/04/2012,Fish – A tap essay for iPhone by Robin Sloan,,,iOS Members ,566 18/04/2012,Curious iPhones by InteractiveLab – Arduino, Processing, CIDetector iOS,,,Arduino iOS Members Processing ,783 27/04/2012,Konfetti for iPad – Playful mirror image using OpenSceneGraph – Stephan Huber,,,iOS Members Other ,483 02/05/2012,‘Feel Me’ by Marco Triverio – Digital touch and new channels for bit-intimacy,,,iOS Members ,1038 16/05/2012,DMesh – Delaunay your photos directly on the iPhone,,,Cinder iOS Members ,776 29/05/2012,InstaCRT – A “real world” iPhone filter for photos,,,iOS Members Quarz Composer ,667 06/06/2012,“The Infinite Music Machine” for iPad – Zone out and drift away…,,,iOS Members Sound ,624 07/06/2012,unVerse – Created by Ian Snyder and ported to iOS by Lucky Frame,,,Flash iOS Members openFrameworks ,726 21/06/2012,Soundstory: 10:00pm – An interactive musical vignette by Matthew LoPresti,,,Games iOS Members ,420 29/06/2012,Quadrotors at the Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors Showcase 2012 by MLF – Details,,,Events Featured iOS Members openFrameworks Other ,993 18/07/2012,Little Boxes – Music box for the iPad by Joelle Aeschlimann (ECAL),,,Featured Flash iOS Members Objects ,1185 19/07/2012,Passion Pit: Gossamer – New interactive music app by Scott Snibbe Studio,,,iOS Members ,729 24/07/2012,‘Sona’ by Ruslan Gaynutdinov – A game of sound networks (ECAL),,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,634 30/07/2012,Sum05 by Lia – Generative experience for iPhone and iPad,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,554 14/08/2012,#CPHsignals – Connecting Copenhagen neighbourhoods using morse code,,,Arduino iOS Javascript Members WebApp ,658 22/08/2012,DScan – Slit-Scanning for the iPhone,,,iOS Members ,763 13/09/2012,“Hana” by Andreas Müller allows iOS devices to dream about flowers,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,389 14/09/2012,Visua Musio by WOW – Music compositions using geometric shapes,,,iOS Kids Members openFrameworks ,803 19/09/2012,C4 – New creative-coding framework for the iOS,,,iOS Members Other ,679 25/09/2012,Lygia Clark’s “Livro-Obra” (1983) for the iPad,,,iOS Members ,814 08/10/2012,ARART – New stories with AR,,,iOS Members ,1120 09/10/2012,PlayART for iPad – Uniting classic art and children’s creativity,,,iOS Kids Members ,533 15/10/2012,Rubans for iPad + New version of Cinder / Cocoa Touch wrapper,,,Cinder iOS Members ,365 16/10/2012,OKO – Interactive journey through NASA image database,,,Games iOS Members ,845 18/10/2012,NOthings for iPhone – “Game of life through abstract imagery”,,,iOS Members ,447 08/11/2012,Sketching Dynamic Geometry on the iPad,,,iOS Members ,807 08/11/2012,Rymdkapsel – New game by Martin ‘grapefrukt‘ Jonasson,,,Android Games iOS Members ,558 13/11/2012,Samplr for iPad – Music at your fingertips,,,iOS Members Sound ,541 22/11/2012,The Three Little Pigs and Cinderella – Interactive storytelling by Nosy Crow,,,iOS Kids Members ,897 10/12/2012,Energy Flow – Non-linear film experience by FIELD for the iOS and Android,,,Android iOS Members ,1393 13/12/2012,REWORK (Philip Glass Remixed) by Snibbe Studio,,,Cinder iOS Members ,793 11/01/2013,Second Surface – Multi-user spatial collaboration system,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,930 11/01/2013,Integrating native UIKit to your existing OpenFrameworks iOS project,,,iOS Members openFrameworks Tutorials ,822 17/01/2013,Deko – Generative Wallpapers for iOS,,,iOS Members ,666 15/02/2013,Starlay for iPad – Éditions Volumiques in collaboration with David Calvo,,,iOS Members ,549 15/04/2013,‘Pixel is Data’ by Matthieu Savary reorders pixels in your photos,,,Cinder iOS Members ,972 16/04/2013,Drawnimal – Expanding iOS device by using simple tools like pen and paper,,,iOS Kids Members ,742 18/04/2013,Glitché – Distort your photos using computer errors and bugs,,,Featured iOS Members ,1492 22/05/2013,Swipin’ Safari for iOS – Virtual safari across an infinite painting,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,628 28/05/2013,Word Shift – Tile-swapping word game by David Wicks,,,Cinder Games iOS Members ,645 16/07/2013,DIRTI for iPad – Tapioca interface for iOS,,,Cinder iOS Kids Members ,808 23/07/2013,Season in Review – iPad as Interactive Data Sculpture,,,iOS Members ,1316 04/08/2013,Blinkdrink – iPhone as a sound-reactive drink coaster?,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,863 09/08/2013,Loop – Hand-drawn animation tool for your iPad by Universal Everything,,,iOS Members ,1346 23/08/2013,Blackbar – A sci-fi story of a dystopian future told as a word puzzle,,,iOS Members ,829 30/08/2013,MovesMapper – Processing sketch for rendering location and activity,,,iOS Members Processing ,996 10/09/2013,‘Second Moon’ by Katie Paterson now on a journey around the Earth,,,iOS Members ,935 14/10/2013,Sadly by your side – A music album and a processing/remixing tool by Angelo Semeraro,,,iOS Members openFrameworks Sound ,746 31/10/2013,Drei – Game about logic, skill and collaboration for the iPad,,,iOS Members Unity ,899 17/12/2013,Re-move and by Lia for the iOS,,,iOS Members ,727 16/01/2014,577Rhea – Stochastic exploration space game by André Sier,,,Games iOS Members ,806 10/02/2014,Eliss Infinity – The pinnacle of iOS gaming returns,,,Games iOS Members ,699 13/02/2014,Crowdpilot for iOS – Crowdsource your conversations,,,iOS Members ,876 14/04/2014,Wake Up With the World – Collaborative, musical, waking experience,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,659 16/04/2014,Nid & Sancy – The Cut up Jeans Technique iOS app,,,Cinder iOS Members ,736 24/04/2014,KARMA – A/V iPad Experience by Óscar Monzón and Espadaysantacruz Studio,,,iOS Members ,1003 13/05/2014,Sablo for iOS – Exploring the nebulous boundary between order and chaos,,,iOS Members ,901 16/05/2014,PhonoPaper for iOS/Android – Graphical sound generator and writer,,,Android iOS Members ,1600 05/06/2014,He Liked Thick Word Soup – Software experiment about text, space and time,,,Android Cinder iOS Members ,1057 10/06/2014,Patatap – Portable animation and sound kit by jonobr1 and Lullatone,,,iOS Javascript Members ,1352 21/07/2014,Icon do better – Exploring emergent property of exchanging symbols,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,740 21/07/2014,FRAMED* – Canvas for the art of our generation,,,iOS Javascript Objects openFrameworks Processing ,1867 01/08/2014,Generative Scarves – Procedural algorithm to wearable pattern,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,1062 29/09/2014,MIKMA – From human scale to the zero point of space,,¬photo_RaphaelleMueller-9-640x400.jpg,iOS Members ,987 20/01/2015,pplkpr – App to analyze, manage and optimize your social life,,,iOS Members ,1586 02/02/2015,Plug & Play – “Nothing less than love”,,,iOS Members Unity ,1444 12/02/2015,Metamorphabet – Animated alphabet for iOS by Vectorpark,,,iOS Kids Members ,1285 16/02/2015,ERIS—2000: Fictional scientific instrument for complex systems,,,iOS MaxMSP Members ,651 14/04/2015,PhotoBooth – ECAL students explore selfie and 3.0 style photography,,,iOS Members ,1455 05/05/2015,LandWaves – Raw sonification of a 1D reaction diffusion system for iOS,,,iOS Members ,938 12/05/2015,Darkball – Learning about brain functions that predict the future,,,iOS Members ,743 24/08/2015,The Architecture of Radio – Visualizing the invisible architecture of networks,,,iOS Members Three Js ,2443 08/09/2015,Camera Restricta – A disobedient tool for taking unique photographs,,,iOS Members Objects ,1242 08/12/2015,The Reality Editor – Networking functional relationships between physical objects,,,Arduino iOS Members ,875 09/02/2016,Follower – Attention, surveillance and physicality of social media,,,iOS Members ,1052 10/02/2016,A P P A R E L – Clothing in the age of data accumulation and machine learning,,,iOS Members openFrameworks ,1296 08/03/2016,Creative-coding on iOS with C4 – Tutorial,,,iOS Members Tutorials ,1980 29/09/2016,Deltu by Alexia Léchot – iPad as a ‘mirror interface’ between humans and robots,,,Arduino iOS Members Robotics ,1525 29/11/2016,ZERO to Z – Puzzle game for iOS that uses natural growth phenomena,,,iOS Members ,635 14/03/2017,Seaquence – Growin’ groove in a Petri dish,,,Cinder iOS Members ,920 13/04/2017,Call for Submissions: ZKM’s AppArtAward 2017 for iOS and Android,,,Android iOS News Sponsored ,796 26/05/2017,Anti AI AI  – NN wearable for recognising synthetic voice,,,Arduino iOS Members ,1503 20/07/2017,SHIFT – A roadmap to economically distributed automation,,,Environment iOS Members Processing ,698 18/10/2017,Atlås – Guided, generative and conversational music experience for iOS,,,iOS Javascript Processing ,1123 01/11/2017,Bleep Space – iOS Sequencer Toy and Tabletop Arcade,,,Arduino iOS openFrameworks Sound ,1696 19/01/2018,Die With Me – The chat app for when you have less than 5% battery,,,Android iOS Javascript Members ,1055 21/06/2019,SFPC Spring 2019 Student Showcase,,,Arduino iOS Javascript MaxMSP Members openFrameworks Python WebApp ,1835 30/06/2020,Looom – Flipbook animation app for the iPad, reimagined,,,iOS ,2172 07/09/2021,Fantastic Smartphones – ECAL MID,,,Arduino Education Events iOS Objects Robotics ,4197