Out Now: HOLO 1 – CAN’s very own magazine!

Stop the presses! After more than a year of work, the first issue
of HOLO is finally headed around the world.

Dedicated to chronicling ‘emerging trajectories in art, science, and technology’, the first issue of HOLO weighs in at a hefty 226 pages and not only profiles the “faces, personalities and anecdotes behind important work” but catalyzes some timely conversations as well. Two weeks ago we previewed advance copies of the magazine at the Resonate festival in Belgrade and the response was electric—now we’d like to share the good news with you.

→ Note: for an in-depth overview of HOLO 1’s content, please see our preview.

 ↑ All photos by Bene Brandhofer

“If art wasn’t strange to people and it made sense,
then there wouldn’t be much point in it.”

Semiconductor (UK), artist researchers, HOLO 1


“Fiction and science can be productive bedfellows when they
oscillate within a single studio.”

Philip Beesley (CA), experimental architect, HOLO 1

“Above all, we are obgliged to take a ’seat at the table’ to help set—and
not simply be victim to—technological agendas.”

Golan Levin (US), media artist, HOLO 1


226 pages of premium print (plus a 20 page extra booklet and a fold-out timeline) all perfect bound and cast in dashing Reflex Blue

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“18 months of blood, sweat, and tears” – A recap.

If the numerous HOLO progress reports here on CAN or on Kickstarter are any indication, the story behind this magazine is as rich and colorful as some of its content. Here’s a brief milestone-by-milestone summary:

November 2012: “What if CAN was a magazine?” Four years into beat-reporting innovation here at CreativeApplications.Net we felt the need to ‘slow down’. “We love the immediacy of the web. But while speed is great for skimming and sharing, it’s an unsatisfying, exhausting environment for telling extensive, more involved stories. The ideas that drive practices are not fast! Neither are broader shifts in discourse, methods, and aesthetics.” (CAN’s Filip Visnjic). Increasingly conscious about an “entire world of tangental narratives” that falls between the cracks of day-to-day coverage, we decided to step away from the screen, into the artist’s studio and document our findings in a printed magazine. To get it published we asked our online readers for help. On November 15th, the HOLO Kickstarter campaign went live.

December 2012: “You did it!” Thanks to 944 generous backers, the fundraising campaign was a roaring success! Much to our surprise, we hit our funding goal within only five days and closed at more than 200%. This is largely due to the support of artists and designers from the CAN cosmos such as Marius Watz, Eno Henze, Zimoun, and others who contributed specially commissioned artworks, related publications, and a subsequent ‘digital gift bundle’—thanks guys!

Spring 2013: “Almost There!” In March (knee-deep in editorial production) our team briefly left the busy Toronto and London studios to present CAN and HOLO at Resonate festival in Belgrade and soon after at the 14th edition of Elektra 14 in Montréal. Around the same time we reported back about editorial progress here on CAN. As HOLO was quickly growing in scope, scale, and ambition, our timeline began to stretch as well. In June we opened the CAN shop, a hub for the magazine and other exclusive and limited-edition goods.

December 2013: “A First Look” After a long and grueling fall, we reemerged with a super-detailed preview of HOLO 1 here on CAN. But a few more months of tuning and polish were needed before HOLO was ready to ship.

Spring 2014: “Out Now!” Then finally in April, two metric tons of HOLO were headed around the world  … <story continues at the top of this post>


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