HOLO 1 – “The magazine I always wanted to read!”

With HOLO 1 being in the world for a little more than two months,
the conversations about the first issue of CAN’s 226-page periodical are
beginning to shift. Instead of saying “Congratulations!” (or “Finally!”)
people now ask “How’s the magazine doing?”


The short answer: from scores of pictures posted online documenting the magazine’s arrival around the world, to glowing reviews, to stockists putting HOLO alongside big name publications, to more than a hundred people joining us in celebration in New York City – we couldn’t be happier with how HOLO has been received! The long answer goes something like this:

“HOLO is the magazine I always wanted to read!”

While holding HOLO 1 in our hands the first time in early April was incredibly rewarding, nothing beats seeing it pop up all over the world! Ever since shipping began we’ve closely monitored the waves of magazine arrivals with the same excitement as our recipients. From throughout Europe and North America, to Korea and Japan, to as far as Chile, South Africa or New Zealand – our collection of ‘HOLO moments’ spans continents and is growing everyday. Thank you, each and every one of you, who took to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram – please keep the pictures coming.


“An incredibly strong first issue!”

While praise from readers and prominent voices from within the community ranks highest, it’s nice to see that HOLO turned heads in broader design and publishing circles as well. Here’s what some media art luminaries, design journalists and fellow magazine enthusiasts had to say:

“HOLO is an extraordinary object and record. It’s an essential document for the present and I suspect it will be even more valuable in the future as an archive of this moment.”

Casey Reas over email (June 4, 2014)

“Big, beautiful, conceptually ambitious … an incredibly strong first issue!”

– Steven Watson, STACK magazines that matter (May 27, 2014)

“The magazine is ambitious, elegantly curated, impeccably illustrated and intelligent.
It also manages to convey a feeling of warmth.”

– Régine Debatty, We Make Money Not Art (May 2, 2014)

“A jealousy inducing package of craft, design and knowledge that is engaging,
entertaining and informative. To call it a magazine does not do it justice … the future
of art, science and technology is print – the future is HOLO!”

– Shane Walter, OneDotZero (June 5, 2014)

“The first issue of HOLO has arrived, tele-beamed straight from the not so distant future, and it’s a fantastic document of all things manifest in the post-machine age.”

– Madeleine Morley, It’s Nice That (May 19, 2014)

 ↑ Photos by Daniel Dorsa and Nelson Wong

Hello World, hello New York!

Watching people enthuse over HOLO on the web is great, getting some of them in a room is better. On May 23rd, we invited Kickstarter backers, HOLO readers, artists and friends to join us at Eyebeam in New York City to raise a glass in celebration of our inaugural issue. Despite torrential rain and flash flood warnings more than a hundred people filled Eyebeam’s magazine-laden gallery space with energy and lively conversation – thanks to everyone that came out. We are indebted to the generous support of Eyebeam’s Patricia Jones, Roddy Schrock and Genoa Mungin as well as our wonderful ITP volunteers Fletcher Bach, Michelle Chandra and Ziv Schneider. It turns out that our get-together was one of the final events in Eyebeam’s Chelsea home of 15+ years and we are proud that HOLO could be part of that legacy.

Our visit to New York also provided a rare opportunity for our entire team to convene outside of a festival. Locked inside a Brooklyn loft for days, we were busy outlining the contours of the next issue and plotting the magazine’s future. Now back in our separate studios in Toronto, Berlin and London, full-on editorial development has begun. While HOLO 2 is still several months away, we have exciting things in the works that will not only sustain your interest, but expand on some of the conversations we started in HOLO 1. Stay tuned to our social media channels (Twitter / Facebook) and the HOLO space here on CAN for news.


+ + + In Other News + + +

Interview: HOLO’s Creative Director Alexander Scholz talked breakthroughs, detours and Berlin skylines with Jemery Leslie of magCulture as part of the #AtWorkWith series. Read the conversation here.

HOLO Encounters: As part of the joint 15th anniversary of Montréal’s ELEKTRA and MUTEK festival EM15, HOLO’s Editor-in-Chief Greg J. Smith hosted two interview sessions with revered AV collaborators Alain Thibault and Matthew Biederman as well as Paul Prudence during EM15’s daytime program

Stockists: We’re thrilled to see HOLO appear on the shelves of selected magazine and art book shops. Find our inaugural issue next to other great magazines here: doyoureadme?! (Berlin), DAM Gallery (Berlin), Art Metropole (Toronto) and Libraire Formats (Montréal)

Toronto launch: HOLO is coming home! On June 25th, we invite our Toronto backers, readers and friends to celebrate our inaugural issue at InterAccess, the indefatigable electronic art catalyst and proud HOLO 1 partner.

Web 2.0: Have you noticed? HOLO’s website received an update. Now boasting full screen photography and artist quotes, holo-magazine.com captures our first issue a little better than our previous placeholder.



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