Numby by Pitaru and Paterson – Learning counting in weird and wonky ways

We dont tend to talk about apps for kids on CAN but here is one that deserves a special mention. Created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson, Numby came from seeing their own kids learn to count. They wanted to explore the simple act of counting from zero to ten in weird and wonky ways. For those that do not know James and Amit, names I have been following for some 10 years or so, belong to the creative code “Flash” generation from the early 2000’s, their work still stands as a milestone for many things done in the creativecode scene today.

Numby is their first collaborative iPad app, but they’ve been making stuff together for a while. Over the years chasing their imaginations has lead them into the strange lands of drawing, music, animation, and even dance projects. Numby is simple, help him count up to 10 and he’ll learn a new song. There’s even a way to make Numby play back the song on his onboard synth. If you pay close attention, you’ll also meet 10 ghosts that live inside Numby’s machine-belly. The duo will continue to teach Numby new tricks and surprise you with updates.

As we’re both coders, we wanted to infuse Numby with a few ideas from our craft. You might notice that Numby counts down to 0 rather than 1 (just like coders do). There’s also light references to Arrays (and even Multi-Dimensional ones).

Here are some previous projects Amit and James have done:
Delight – a short animation that remembers the real meaning of the word ‘delight’ (as sometimes we adults forget!).
Rhonda the 3D drawing tool – See James draw with our special 3D pen and paper.
Smashup the dance project – Don’t worry, we’re not dancing in this clip.

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Platform: iPad
Version: 1.0
Cost: $0.99
Developer: Pitaru Paterson


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