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OPENRNDR – Open source framework for creative coding for Kotlin

OPENRNDR is an open source creative code framework for Kotlin / Java 8+ that simplifies writing real-time interactive software. First developed in 2010 at LUSTlab under the name RNDR, the idea was to create an in-house framework that was versatile enough to sketch in, but at the same time be robust enough to deliver production-quality interactive media installations. It takes the creative mind set of a designer or artist, and combines that with the power of IT-grade software.

When LUST closed doors in 2017, the newly formed studio RNDR continued development and changed the name to OPENRNDR, a precursor to its goal to distribute the software under an open source license. They translated the framework from Java 8 to Kotlin, created the guide, and developed the API documentation and launched the framework officially this month.

The framework fully embraces its existing infrastructure of (open source) libraries, editors, debuggers and build tools. It is designed and developed for prototyping as well as the development of robust performant visual and interactive applications. It is not an application, it is a collection of software components that aid the creation of applications.

The fastest way to learn is to head direct to the tutorials and get started. All examples can be downloaded and changed, so you can get a feel of how OPENRNDR is set up. There is also the guide which contains an extensive description on how to install, use and run OPENRNDR. It shows you how to set up your projects and what hard-and software is required next to an in-depth overview of its drawing functions and transformations, integration with video and sound, interaction and animation. If you are interested in enhancing or adding services on top of OPENRNDR, see API documentation. Furthermore, the team published a few case studies on Medium including some examples in progress.

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Edwin Jakobs (partner at RNDR) initiated and maintained the framework and is till date the lead developer. Project was made possible with the support from Creative Industry Fund.  If you are interested in supporting the project, please help by donating via Paypal, or becoming a patron on Patreon.

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