Senior Designer (New Media Design) at RHO

Company: RHO

Location: Shanghai
Type: Full-Time
Category: Producer


For this current position, RHO is looking for a new media designer (interactive visuals, media design, motion graphics) with an extensive experience on a national or international level. The successful candidate needs to have a concrete understanding and hands-on skills in developing large multimedia and interactive media projects, from concept to final implementation.

In more details concerning the requirements needed, please see below:

Working experience:
+5 years of multimedia design experience. Professional experience on a national and/or international scale; preferably having finished large-scale projects locally (China/Shanghai).

Education background:
Bachelor’s degree (or above) on Art, Digital Media, or Multimedia Design majors. Abroad study or working experience is preferred.

Bilingual (Chinese and English).

Software Skills:
Be familiar with multimedia design software such as:
– Adobe Suite CC: Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro
– 3D Design: Cinema 4D, Blender, Maya, Rhino (Grasshopper / Houdini a big plus)
– Game Engines: Unity, Unreal
– Other Interactivity Frameworks: TouchDesigner, Node, VVVV, Processing/P5.js, Three.js etc.
– Coding Literacy: JavaScript, Python, C# etc.

Be familiar with general technical concepts related with new media projects:
– Projection Mapping: Hardware, Software, Production Setup/Requirements
– Server–Client based projects: Web systems
– New Media Installations: Sensors (i.e. motion capture), input and output configurations
– New Media Content Creation: Generative Design, Hybrid Art/Design
– Motion Graphics: AudioVisual Narratives Creation, Storyboards, Preproduction/Design, Production
– Sound Design: Editing, Proposing, Generating Soundscapes

Responsibility and work scope:
The successful candidate needs to:
– Be able to conduct independently the design of large-scale multimedia projects (media façade, interactive visual spaces, creation of engaging multimedia content) from concept to final implementation.
– Demonstrate strong creative and presentation skills, supported by story-telling abilities (concept visualization and pitching, story board design, motion graphics design, etc.).
– Be familiar with the development of pre-production material that is effectively communicated to the production company/team.
– Have strong skills and experience on the practical implementation of the projects, including technical abilities that assist in realizing the projects in the most effective way.
– Be responsible for the communication and follow-up coordination with peers: customer(s), the relevant consultant team(s), as well as the main project director and development team(s). The communication needs to be efficient and include professional planning and execution (reports, drawings, documentation, feedback, and so on).
– Have excellent presentation skills and ensure that all relevant content is always properly disseminated successfully to all peers .
– Demonstrate strong leadership skills and capable of communicating with all associated teams with professionalism and high-level efficiency.

Salary will be discussed based on the candidate’s working experience – approximately 20K to 30K RMB per month (2,830 to 4,400 USD) before tax.

Time Frame & Duration:
The position is currently open, and the successful candidate may start immediately. The duration of the contract will be adjusted according to business demands.

How To Apply:

Send your resume (CV) with a link to your portfolio in the following email address:
Ping Zhu (Studio Director)