Sales Agent / Project Manager at Futura Epsis 1

Company: Futura Epsis 1

Location: Hamburg, Germany
Type: Freelance
Category: Producer


Futura Epsis 1, the studio of German artist, designer and developer A. Rothaug is looking for a sales agent with project managing skills.

Your main role will be to identify and acquire possible customers, brands and venues to allow FE1 to focus and be present 100% on the creation side. You will contribute in scheduling tasks, calculating budgets and coordinate production and deployment as well as taking care of the general communication with involved parties.

From immersive video-walls, interactive environments, augmented- and mixed realities down to mobile apps. You’ll bring together the FE1 design and development with clients, organisations and people who share our values and are keen on creating memorable interactions between their brand and audience.

Holistic spacial experiences for showrooms, trade shows, events and retail. Inspiring visuals and contemporary art pieces. Experiences that blur the boundaries between art, design and technology, the biological and the digital.

Who is FE1:

Futura Epsis 1 creates applications and interactive environments for large brands, full-service design agencies, art curators, labels and musicians. Continuously exploring new types of dynamically generated visuals in the area of tension between the human body, nature and computers.

Exhibited next to the forbidden city in Beijing China, the Kremlin in Moscow and across Shakespeares Hamlets castle in Denmark.

Published from Bloomsbury and Computer Arts to Wired the 1986 born German artist A. Rothaug explores visual aesthetics, transforming data like light, sound or movement into artificial systems that produce stunning experiences and cutting edge graphics.

Having worked together worldwide with golden record artists, top 100 rated agencies and indie-clients alike for over a decade FE1 stands for quality content, passionate love for detail and a drive for innovation between philosophy and physics, nature and technology.


• Excellent communication, organisational and sales skills.
• Some knowledge of art, design and/or technology. Bonus if you have worked in a similar position as a producer, curator, or some other organisational role.
• Fluent in English. German and additional languages for international communication are a plus.
• Keen on creating outstanding experiences.


Compensation is initially based on a provisional basis with an option to become a partner, depending on success and commitment.

How To Apply:

Please send a resume or CV and portfolio link (if applicable) to, along with en excerpt of your thoughts on why and how you could be the ideal fit for the role.

FE1 is committed to providing equal employment opportunities to all without regard to race, ethnicity, color, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, or genetics. People from groups underrepresented in the arts or tech fields are especially encouraged to apply.