Senior Creative Technologist at Gallagher & Associates

Company: Gallagher & Associates

Location: New York City
Type: Full-Time
Category: Technologist


Gallagher & Associates (G&A) is an internationally recognized interdisciplinary design studio with offices in Washington, D.C., New York, Portland and Singapore. For over 20 years, we bring transformative experiences to life.

We are seeking a Senior Creative Technologist who will push the limits of immersive tech to create impactful experiences for millions of visitors in the world’s premiere museums and cultural centers. This person is a resourceful maker and developer who will work with various designers and technical trades through all phases of a project. They possess a strong, demonstrated expertise using both hardware and software to educate and tell a story in traditional and non-traditional ways. This person will report to the Technical Director. It is on-site only in midtown Manhattan.


● Passionate. Unrelenting interest in all aspects of interactive experiences and storytelling.
● Collaborative. Values a merging of creative, technical, and content expertise.
● Flexible. Can work across languages and frameworks to pick the right tools for the job.
● Adaptive. Receptive and resourceful toward changes in a project’s creative or technical scope.
● Thoughtful. Able to see the “big picture” from interaction strategy, to resources/skill sets, to content pipeline, to asset production, to installation hurdles.


● Create interactives using a confluence of hardware and software
● Develop rapid prototypes for concept validation and client presentations
● Create intelligent, thoughtful application design/architectures with a strong focus on public presentation, rigorous usage and longevity
● Brainstorm new applications with the team, considering technical risks, recent trends, innovations, and news in the technology world.
● Create tools and efficiencies for the tech team and art/content production pipelines
● Help to guide the team’s user experience and visual design process, researching new paths, raising concerns, and educating stakeholders


● 5+ years experience developing stable, reliable software and interactive experiences for high-traffic/high-exposure environments
● 5+ years experience developing and shipping real-time graphics and interactive software applications using several of the following: C++ for OpenGL via OpenFramework; Cinder or other toolkits; Unity and C#, or Unreal Engine; ThreeJS or other WebGL, HTML5 canvas; Shader programming via GLSL, HLSL, Unity ShaderLab
● Demonstrated experience working with emerging technologies (VR, AR, Kinect, Leap Motion, projection mapping, computer vision) and various user interface and hardware configurations (e.g. DMX, RFID, IR-based touch and gestural interaction)
● Understanding of the software development lifecycle and QA practices
● Experience with web/cloud services, REST APIs, IPC, and data driven applications
● Experience with Git in a multiple-developer collaborative workflow
● Team player with outstanding analytical, written, and verbal communication abilities
● Able to work on multiple projects under tight deadlines
● Basic understanding of electronic systems and AV industry standards


● Background in graphic design, motion design, data visualization, and/or user experience design
● Strong interest in educational tools, open source software, STEM and Maker communities
● Experience with Linux and general Unix computing
● Experience with Python for CV, back-end, data processing, or machine learning
● Expertise in physical computing, electronics, and hardware prototyping
● Experience with modern web technologies especially Webpack, React, and/or ElectronJS
● Experience deploying permanently installed interactive works

Benefits Include:
Competitive Salary, Vacation, Sick and Personal Holiday, Company Paid Holidays, Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA), Employee Referral Bonus Program, Medical & Dental Plan, Summer Fridays and more…

It is an exciting time to join the G&A team and we have the core values to prove it — Excellence, Impact, Integrity & Balance shape our future and are designed and defined to help our team understand the link between strategy and culture. These values explain how the day-to-day translates into supporting aligned efforts and goals across the board. Join us as we continue to develop our culture together, to fit our style and your success!

We will synthesize the digital and physical worlds in innovative ways like no one else.

We integrate our diverse capabilities in order to deliver unrivaled experiences.

OUR VALUES & WAYS OF WORKING @ the Director Level:

We are committed to creating our best work:
● Build consensus while inspiring a ‘think outside the box’ mentality
● Give clear direction for team and cross-functional collaboration
● Motivate and empower team members to work together interactively
● In shaping working teams, ensure we are all balancing respect for tradition and G&A’s legacy with an imperative to innovate and continuously raise the bar on the quality of our work

We create a culture of curiosity and learning:
● Foster an environment in which team members feel safe taking risks
● Encourage others to ‘think outside the box’ by stepping outside the box yourself
● Be the team coach for new ideas; help team members turn ideas into action
● Celebrate short-term wins as progress toward achieving long-term goals

Always be proactive:
● Be clear about internal and external expectations
● Conduct team meetings at the right time (when you must collaborate)

We are true ambassadors:
● Ensure positive impact with clients; set the team up for success


We are locally and globally conscious:
● Say no to plastic and use less paper around the office
● Bring a new perspective to our clients – think sustainability where it counts

Inclusion brings us together:
● Ensure team work is aligned to client and company mission, vision and priorities; refine as necessary
● Create team innovation time to come up with new ideas and projects


Trust and respect is a must:
● Provide an inclusive environment in which others can talk and act without fear or repercussion
● Lead with transparency
● Constructively influence others

We have open lines of communication:
● Expose team members to opportunities for interacting with others, especially leadership
● Maintain an “open door” for your team’s questions, concerns, escalations, etc.


Adaptability is key:
● Be a great leader, absorb frustration, don’t propel it
● Stay abreast of company and industry trends
● Anticipate change and manage resistance; communicate the rationale for the change, explain the ‘why’ and the ‘what’
● Demonstrate and facilitate innovative change

Work-Life blend for success:
● Hold regular team conversations and celebrations

How To Apply:

Qualified candidates, please submit a letter of interest, PDF of resume, and github or code samples to

Candidates must be legally authorized to work in the U.S.A. and live in or be willing to relocate to the New York City area.