Staff Creative Technologist at Shopify

Company: Shopify

Location: Remote
Type: Full-Time
Category: Technologist


Shopify has redefined commerce by raising the standard for how companies of all sizes sell their products and services. To help power more than 1.7 million merchants in more than 175 different countries, Shopify is on a fast-moving mission to make the best products for merchants, buyers, and partners around the world.

Job Description

Shopify merchants use insights and analytics to engage with the performance of their business and decide on the best path forward. Making sense of all the available data is one of their biggest challenges. The Commerce Intelligence team empowers merchants to make great decisions so that they can reach their business goals faster.

We’re looking for a Staff Creative Technologist who is passionate about analytics and data visualization. You’ll be collaborating with product managers, product researchers and designers, engineers and data scientists to solve analytics problems like:

  • Making complex business-related data approachable and helping our merchants uncover hidden business opportunities through interactive insights, dashboards, and reports;
  • Leveraging Shopify data to build powerful, creative data experiences.
  • This is a highly collaborative environment, and you can expect to work alongside a diverse team of technical and creative individuals, a wide variety of projects utilizing a combination of emerging technologies.


  • Drive innovation that enhances and enlivens what is possible in data visualization and analytics experiences
  • Lead development of exciting data experiences, while pushing the limits of technology
  • Develop interactive prototypes in order to conceptualize and develop innovative approaches
  • Research and develop new ideas and techniques as well as coordinate the pixel-perfect implementation of experience design
  • Contribute to and evolve analytics language design conventions, guidelines, and best practices that have a wide reach
  • Develop scalable analytics components and systems

You should have experience with:

  • Design/development disciplines (data visualization, motion graphics and interactive experiences, explorations in 3D, creative coding).
  • Computer graphics (Metal/OpenGL/WebGL), 3D Graphics libraries (e.g. Three.js, BabylonJS, A-Frame, or Regl) and data visualization libraries (e.g. D3).
  • Modern frameworks and proficiency in at least one major language and library or framework (e.g. JavaScript and React).
  • Figma, motion graphics and 3D software (After Effects, Maya, Blender).
  • Building analytics products such as dashboards, metrics, and workflows that power the domain of business intelligence shown in a portfolio of real-world projects.
  • Crafting and communicating thoughtful user experiences.
  • Maximizing performance of user interface code by minimizing re-rendering, DOM inputs/outputs, and using techniques to maintain high frame rates.
  • Working with the latest web standards in HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Working with pre-processing frameworks such as Sass or Less, and type systems such as TypeScript and flow.

How To Apply:

Please apply at the following link:

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