Unreal Optimization Engineer / Technical Artist (Remote) at Vita Motus Design Studio

Company: Vita Motus Design Studio

Location: Los Angeles (Remote)
Type: Freelance
Category: Creative Coder


We’re looking for an experienced, detail-oriented Engineer / Technical Artist with exceptional proficiency in Unreal Engine optimization strategies, prepared to navigate emerging intersections of real-time technology and live music entertainment. Under the responsibility of the Lead Production Designer, and in close collaboration with the project production team, you will provide the technical support and insight to our otherwise mostly design focused group. This individual will support the team in implementing industry standard workflows, assisting us to finalize and ship experiences across platforms.

Samples of recent real-time performance environments:
*Shiba San – DGTL LIB 2020 :
*Tokimonsta – DGTL LIB 2020 :
*Showtime’s The Chi w. Love :

*Brainstorm and implement content optimizations
*Know the best routes to take and how to harness the tools being used most effectively
*Fill in the gaps that the studio may not even know exist, ensuring efficiency on all ends
*Keep UE4 processes streamlined and running seamlessly across shooting, editing and shipping
*Wield strong understandings across areas such as:
*Procedural creation
*Scripts/Pipeline work
*Visual Effects (FX)
*Blueprints, Materials, Level Streaming
*Ability to communicate to C++ programmers to “officially re-write” features to the engine
*Test and prototype new graphics or content creation methods
*Writing in various scripting languages: MAXScript, Python, MATLAB
*Solid understanding of trigonometry and vector math
*Developing content guidelines and workflows to ensure best practices
*Managing source control
*Reducing scene complexity
*Analyzing content using profiling tools and/or spreadsheets to optimize memory/performance
*Adjusting project graphics settings
*Understanding how the various parts of a computer work together to render a scene, from loading the data from
the hard drive to presenting it as an image to the player
*Negotiating between art/code to find best compromise

*College-level (DEC) or other diploma in technical, design, or related field
*5+ years experience as Technical Lead or equivalent at a game design studio
*Good working knowledge of streaming systems and related technologies
*Strong planning and organization skills
*Autonomy, flexibility, resourcefulness, and diplomacy
*Setting clear and reasonable work completion expectations
*Willingness to offer around the clock availability during hard pushes and evening events
*Experience with video codecs, NDI, Twitch, OBS
*Expert proficiency in Unreal

*Project based contracting, part time hourly to start

How To Apply:

Please send a resume and portfolio to