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Daha Uzak – Music album website by Yerçekimi

For the release of their second album “Daha Uzak” (Further Away), Yerçekimi (Gravity), a band from İstanbul, wanted to enhance the hypnotic and ritualistic aspects of their music with visuals that would stay coherent throughout the whole album. They felt that satellite images of alien-like landscapes from around the world matched the overall atmosphere of the music perfectly. Thus, they created a website where slowly panning maps and simple procedural animations for the lyrics would accompany the music.

For each song, maps are randomly picked from a prepared list of locations and lyrics animate randomly from a set of styles. This provides the listener/viewer with a different experience in each visit. Specific javascript libraries used throughout the project were Mapbox gl js for maps and Howler.js for audio playback.

Project PageEmre Aypar

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    mapbox link is broken. next to it great article.

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